Sunday, September 09, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - Sept. 9

Messy hamsters!

Gaming-wise, things aren't changing a lot in the house. What else has been happening inside that Big Brother House of Dastardly Dan? Read on ...
  • The big house happening isn't even happening in the house today.
  • Shane won a luxury prize when he won the veto. All he really knows is that it's a trip out, he gets to take someone and the theme is "A Night With the Stars."
  • Um, okay.
  • They could be going to a planetarium for all we know!
  • Of course, his date is the lovely Danielle.
  • With only the three in the house, there's been very little game talk.
  • Ian's done a lot of hammock rocking.
  • I'm waiting for that thing to crash.
  • Jenn went on and on to Dan about her band and stuff.
  • Dan and Jenn both think Shane is lying when he tells them he has no money.
  • I believe Shane. Perhaps not NO money, but just enough to squeak by with a low cost of living in Vermont. He wouldn't be able to afford a room by the week around here.
  • Ian and Jenn talked about their individual experiences in regard to 9/11, possibly smoothing Ian's previous offhand comment about the day (using it as a time measure).
  • After all, he was ten.
  • Ian went think-rocking on the hammock alone in the yard again.
  • The new hammock is now so loud that it's hard to make out his occasional mumbles.
  • He was definitely mentioning Dan and wondering if he could trust him.
  • He was saying something about pawns going home.
  • He was saying he has to win two more vetos.
  • Get to stepping.
  • Open book.
  • It sounds like he might be considering putting Dan up in Jenn's place. But would either Danielle or Shane vote to evict him? All he would need is one and he's the tiebreaker.
  • As I get this posted, the star gazers haven't yet returned. 

Really messy hamsters!

Danielle gets ready to go with Shane to the mystery thingee

He even has the alligator in his mist

The house finally made her go bonkers

Ian even keeps his HoH room bed made


monty924 said...

Ding, ding, ding... I guessed it.

They met the Olympians

Anonymous said...

LAME they met the Fierce Five Gymnast girls

Anonymous said...

And walked away with a box of cereal with the girls faces LOL

PDX Granny said...

Sounds like they're happy about it tho, and had a good time.

monty924 said...

Sounds like one the five didn't know who they were or they weren't impressed, LOL

Patty said...

Kellogg's Tour of Gymnastic Champions performed at Ontario CA at the Citizen's Business Bank Arena.

This is where Shane and Danielle went.

Petals said...

Ugh. No offense to anyone here that loves the Olympians & stuff, but I would be so disappointed if that were MY "prize".
On a "bash Dani" FB page, a thought was floated about how truly delusional is Delusionielle. And they are correct: I remember past seasons where one or 2 HGs (usually female) believed they were going to be so famous, go on all the talk shows, get record deals or magazine covers. It never happened.
For someone like Delusionielle - who clearly is an actress/model/anything wannabe, the real world will be a sad awakening for her. I see porn in her future. Boogie probably "knows people" in that industry. He'll pimp her out.

meb said...

Petals... I'm going to have to put you in the corner again... Talking about poor Delusionielle like that! LOL

Anonymous said...

Girls, yall know she thinks she is her stareing at her self in every mirror inside & outside..she has to pose pushing her little boobies with shoulders oh she loved that attention even laying down on the kitchen bar stool.Omg what a tease...I really think she thinks she looked better than to anyone else nurse danielle..I have 6 nurses in my family why does she think ppl are jealous..danelle if u only knew how the bb viewers felt about u!!now go back to northport ala..we never want to see u on u say...EVer...