Monday, September 10, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Sunday Night into Monday - Sept. 9-10

Hamsters reminiscing about departed hamsters

The "star-gazing" couple has returned to the Habitrail. And, no. It wasn't like in the years before when someone jetted off to the MTV Awards or Sheryl Crow played in the backyard. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Roaming Hamsters:
  • Before the loving couple (cough) returned, the three in-house hamsters (Jenn, Ian and Dan) reminisced about hamsters who are now gone.
  • When talking about Jodi, the BB voice announced, "Jodi, you have NOT done your Diary Room session today!"
  • When talking about Willie, the BB voice said, "Willie, smoking is NOT permitted anywhere but in the patio area."
  • Apparently the BB voice dude is as bored as the hamsters and feed watchers are. Kudos to him for spicing it up for a moment or two.
  • Ian cleaned the windows in the backyard. The BB voice thanked him very much.
  • Ian said he applied for Survivor and never heard back.
  • Oh, I can't see him doing too well on that show. Can you?
  • They said BB found Joe on YouTube. Dan wondered what search terms they used. Heh.
  • Shane and Danielle returned, bearing cereal boxes.
  • Okay ... two hamsters from the final five met the Fierce Five (from the Olympics).
  • They went to the tour show of Olympians.
  • At least they set up personal visits with the Olympians and hamsters.
  • Both Shane and Danielle were surprised that some people recognized them and called out their names.
  • Of course, with a camera crew filming them, they were noticeable.
  • Ian decided he's going to drink up all his HoH beers.
  • So much for "never drinking again."
  • Danielle told Dan that she would keep him in the house and boot Ian.
  • But we already figured that.
  • She told Ian she would understand if he puts her up instead of Dan.
  • Ian told her that's probably best.
  • NO! No, Ian! It's not best! Put up Dan or you will never make the final two!
  • Even putting up Dan, you'd have to sell Shane on voting him out.
  • TALK to Shane. You each know that Dan wanted the other of you out -- one when he couldn't get the other on the block.
  • Oh, silly hamsters under the Mist ...
  • Danielle thinks she's going to need to take three months off after spending three months in the house.
  • I'd need the rest of my life off.
  • Danielle told Jenn that all their names will be listed in Wikipedia.
  • They already are and some jokesters have already listed Ian as the winner, then as the winner.
  • No. That Dingo did not list herself. It was an unknown jokester.
  • No. It wasn't me. I would have listed Danielle's Picked At Pimple as the winner.
  • Dan, Danielle and Shane took some time to tend to their comp cuts on their hands.
  • We got to see Dan do his, "Peroxide, I hate you" dance once again.
  • Danielle and Shane are in the bed together again. Aww, ain't that just ducky.
  • Quack.
  • Dan told Shane and Danielle that Jenn was kissing up big time while they were gone.
  • They're all in bed now. The PoV meeting will be later today. We will find out if Ian has broken free of the mist.
  • Alas, I don't think he has.  

They returned with cereal, woohoo!

Danielle did look pretty - she needs more natural eyebrows, though


Francien and Gary said...

Good morning Jackie
Thank you for the update. Have a wonderful day. Going back to bed now. Its 3:32 here in Calif.

RJM said...

do the contestants get amount of money for the length of time they are in there. or is second place nothing. and then Americas Player gets $100.000.00? I can't keep up with BB and survivor payment.

monty924 said...

RJM, BB is 500K winner, 50K second and 25K for fan favorite. They all get a stipend depending on how many weeks they last in the house or jury.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Jenn tell Ian that Dan wanted to vote him out and then wanted Shane out. She could try to get an alliance with Shane and Ian.

Terry is a Texan! said...

thanks so much Jackie....I enjoy your updates so much moe than the actual show!
WAKE UP IAN!!! Shane is as dumb as a rock.

RBennie said...

It amazes me that they talk about Jodi so much. How long was she actually in the house? What can they really know about her? I have been trying to hang on to liking Dan, just so I can root for somebody, but he's got this sense of desperation and ruthlessness that is getting more and more distasteful to me. I think I'm back to not caring who wins.

Patty said...

I think Ian is on to Dan, but is having a hard time separating what he needs to do and what he want to do.

Does it seem like it to anyone else that Ian being HOH, nobody goes up to talk game with him? If Shane and Jenn and Ian only knew what Dan has promised, they could work together and get Dan and Danielle split up and battle it out to the end. I don't see it happening, but it would be nice.

Big Brother is going all out with being cheap. I noticed Dan's picture frames, they are taped, the hamsters are limited on the liquor, which might be a good thing. The trip out of the house, wow, a far cry from the past. Big Brother has not bothered to host fashion week and give them something new to least they could go back through the items the hamster brought with them and exchange it out without any cost to them.

Big Brother is nearing the end, so we will be able to move on to Survivor to see if we can pick a player we think we like only to find another we love more.

Sharon said...

Patty, I've been noticing the 'cheap' thing as well and mentioned it to my daughter a couple of weeks ago.

Daughter said that even though some things have been "on the cheap" in the house this season, it seems to her that there have been more cash prizes and they've been bigger than in the past.

Since I don't keep track of that stuff (other than noticing no Fashion Week), does anyone else feel my daughter's observation is true?

Anonymous said...

I just don’t understand why these people can’t see that Dan is playing them to the hilt, why is he the only coach that still has one of his players in the house with him, when all of the other coaches have been evicted, which means he's going to get $100k if he takes Danielle to the end and she wins, STUPID. I guess they just don’t see what he's doing if the Jury doesn't vote for him to win he still has that $100K. Well maybe that is negaited because the coaches became players, so I guess he would get the $50K, but he shouldn't get that because he's become a Bully, did you hear him tell Ian " I'll rip your face off if you vote Danielle out or put her up the other night.

Sharon said...

Anon 12:12
The $100K for the coach w/player at the end was before the reset.
Maybe Jackie can answer the question: Did $100k award get eliminated when the coaches entered the game?

Dan is still in the game because he really is that good. He's playing way different than last time, but so did Janelle... just didn't work out for Janelle. Britney tried to tell them all how good and dangerous Dan is... whoosh, right over their heads. If they choose to be that stupid, then they deserve to lose.

However, like a few others here, I think Ian IS on to Dan, but he "hopes" that Dan really will take him to the F2... because Ian "knows" the others would evict him in a heartbeat.

Sharon said...

Thinking about Dan...
It could be that he's playing more desperate/meaner this time because he is married now and wants to put more in their little nest-egg (so to speak).

Doesn't mean we have to like the 'meaner' part, but he's near the end and wants to reach F2 so he'll at least get some of the money.

meb said...

I'm pretty sure the $100K was over once the coaches came into the game as players...

If Ian can only hang in until that final POV, and win it. Remember Jordan... by a fluke, she did win that POV in her season and it's what saved her in the game.

Please...let Ian remain... he so deserves it. I'd even be happy with that Dan/Ian F2. Just as long as Ian is there. Prefer Dan to be gone though...

MY WV is seesme... think it will work if I try a little magic???

Anonymous said...

I recall a week or two ago people were mentioning the DR and producers having a part in this game. Because everyone seems so clueless...regarding Dan...I am beginning to believe it.

OR even better...Dan misting the DR

Holly said...

I can't believe I'm telling you this...but every time I woke up last night (a LOT) I was thinking about Ian making the WISEST choice and back dooring Dan!! I am worried sick that he won't do it!! I just LOVE that kid! He knows that next HOH a QP member is going to have to go...he might as well strike first! Your right's his only chance to make it to the end! I KNOW he is smart enough to figure that out!!

FA said...

Here's a revealing quote from Jokers: "Dan tells Shane that Jenn was kissing up today big time. Shane asks how. Dan says that Jenn was asking tons of personal questions."

Hmmmm, takes one to know one. That is exactly what Dan does to people. Especially his whole schtick with getting Dani and Shane to flirt with each other, egging them on. I personally find it reprehensible. He can say it is a game, but he is playing with people's emotions.

I so wish Ian and Shane and Jenn would talk about Dan. That is all it would take.

Sharon said...

Well, looks like Shane took himself down and Dani is on the block now.
Jenn wondering why Dan didn't go up instead. duh
Lightbulb moment yet Jenn?

RBennie said...

Glad to hear that Shane at least had brains enough to take himself off the block. I know Dan must be kicking himself for letting Danielle convince him to keep Shane last week. So much for his plan of a F3 of him, Danielle and Jenn.

Sharon said...

Of course, this would be a good time to get Dani out, but doubt that will happen.
Dan wants to keep Dan, and Ian wants the QP in the F4.
Jenn asking why not Dan, who has won before and asks Ian if he has a deal with everyone.
Ian tells Jen he wants to break up the couple.
So, unless there's a huge turn of events, it still looks like it's going to be buh-bye Jenn.

Ian and Dan for F2, please!!
The only 2 remaining who know how to play the game.

Holly said...

OMG Poor Ian HAS been misted!! He really does believe the renegades are for real=( *insert Mr. Bill face "OH NO"

FA said...

Sharon, if Ian truly knew how to play this game, Dan would be on the block right now.

At this point, Dan deserves to win, as much as I dislike that. Ian blew it and will forever have to live with this. He will kick himself forever unless he wins the next two POVs.

Anonymous said...

I heard that bully!! Ian don't play his game he does what dan wants..dan has got the other qp ppl fooled!!! They all think he is taking them..Fools wake up u got a brain use it...jenn, knows he can't be trusted..ian, did u not hear brittany, call him judas!! Hello ian he is the one behind voteing her out..& yall all hated frank saying he lied & coudent be trusted..frank,trusted that ppl that swore on the holy bible, wedding ring & grandfathers necklace could be trusted..frank, is a better person than dan, ever was or will can you read the bible & act like a christian..then cuss, lie every hour, bully & backstab...I wouldn't trust him...cause he is that good..he can make u dig your grave & give you the gun to shootyourself...

RBennie said...

I think that Ian believes, as I do, that he can beat Dan in the F2. I also think, that with the way Ian's mind works, that it is important to him to win against who he considers to be the very best player - Dan. Ian is toast if he doesn't win the next 2 POVs. Fortunately for him, the competition is not very stiff.

FA said...

If Jenn were smart, she'd realize that Ian is protecting Dan. Every time Ian talks about "breaking up the couple" why doesn't anyone bring up that Dan/Danielle ARE the couple? The only coach/player pair left. Blinded by the mist.

Jenn knows that Dan wanted to backstab Ian just last week. If she wants to save herself, she should tell him that.

RBennie said...

At this point its far too late for Jenn to save herself. Maybe if she had ratted out Dan before Ian had to replace Shane on the block it would have worked, but now even if she tell Ian, he's not the one who's voting. Shane and Dan are voting and won't keep her over Danielle. Ratting out Dan now might open Ian's eyes, but won't help her a bit.

Sharon said...

RBennie, I agree with everything you said! Ian PREFERS to beat a good player, and that would be Dan. I mean really, would anyone REALLY consider the other 3 "good"?

As far as "Rip your face off" remark, that seems to be the latest verbal thing. I missed when Dan apparently said it, but Ian has also said it (think he was 1st), and he said it again today.

IMO, it doesn't mean much with this crew and strikes me more as one of those old empty threats from kids who yell things like, "I'll knock your block off." lol

I don't take any of that stuff seriously. It would take a Willie-type to really get concerned, and I'm sure the other HG's feel the same way.

FA said...

RBennie, that is mostly true, but if Ian/Jenn/Shane would actually sit down and compare notes, Shane might realize that Dani/Dan are a tighter couple than Dani/Shane. But I don't think Shane is bright enough.

Sharon said...

Anon 3:47
The fact that these people can't see what Dan is doing just shows how bad they really are at this game.

However, I do believe Ian does realize Dan's game, but he wants to finish the game with a strong player, and the only strong player left is Dan. I also think Ian prefers Dan because he is the ONLY person in the house that has actually taken a real interest in him, on any level.

Back to Dan swearing on the Bible.
He only swore on the Bible to Frank that what he was telling Frank about the QP was the truth. And it was the truth. Dan did NOT swear on the Bible when he made the F2 deal with Frank.

Frank was no angel and there were plenty of threats and bullying from him. Also, Frank had every intention of getting Dan out after that F2 deal too.

They all lie. Period.

monty924 said...

Amen, Sharon!! Everything above is 100% spot on correct. Thanks for saying it because I feel like a broken record these days when I say it. :))

Anonymous said...

I would go even further. I think Ian wants to be Dan's friend so much that he is knowingly trading 20% chance of winbbing to keep him. (60 vs 40)

Sharon said...

Monty, you and me both!!
My theory is that the attitude of some is, " I like who I like.. don't confuse me with facts!" LMBO

FA said...

OK let's test the hypothesis that Ian only wants Dan in F2 because Dan is a strong player.

If Ian knew that just last week, Dan was going to put him up and vote him out, would that change Ian's mind about wanting to be in F2 with Dan? Or would he have booted him this week?

If Ian knew, and believed it, and still wanted to be F2 with Dan, then I'll agree that's his reason for taking him.

But I don't think that would be the case.

Anonymous said...

Dan Dan Dan I am sick of hearing about DAN!!! Get the party started and get that dude out!!!!!!

Bring this game back to life.
Turn that mist into hard boiled eggs!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon said...

FA, I think Ian would be more realistic and have a problem with keeping Dan if he knew.
But he doesn't know and, so far, nobody's telling him.
Even if they did tell Ian, it would only matter if Dan didn't win the next HOH or POV... and then only if Shane or Dani would go along booting Dan. Shane probably would, but it's harder to figure what Dani or Ian would do at that point.

monty924 said...

Ian didn't/doesn't know that so it's really a moot point. We will never know until Ian gets out of the house and he's presented with it.

RBennie said...

Am I the only one who thinks that Ian knew very well that he was gone if he didn't win that POV? He played that comp. like a man who was fighting for his life. If Joe or Dan had put as much heart into it as he had, the outcome might have been much different.

monty924 said...

True, RBennie!

Sharon said...

RBennie, very true.
And if Ian figured out that he'd be gone, that should indicates that he doesn't really trust anyone.

~~Silk said...

RBennie, "Am I the only one who thinks that Ian knew very well that he was gone if he didn't win that POV?"

Nope. I think Ian knew, too. If he doesn't at least strongly suspect, he wouldn't be muttering and rocking in the hammock so hard.

[HA! Anti-robot is "12 orcoach"!]

FA said...

I think Ian was hedging his bets by winning veto, but deep in his heart, he thinks Dan really is loyal to their F2. Or rather, he wants to believe it and so he's acting as if it is so. I think that if he knew for certain that Dan was ready to betray him, he'd cut him first.

Sharon said...

FA, exactly right, on all fronts.
Which is why I hope Ian will win HOH or Veto next.

Ian for the Win.
Fingers crossed for Dan 2nd.

FA said...

The thing is, these houseguests have knowledge that most BB hamsters never get, ever, until they are out of the house and see the videos. They KNOW with absolute certainty, that Dan wanted 1) Ian and 2) Shane out and was ready to act on it. Not "just talking" about it, not head-faking anyone, but during the double eviction, was READY to act. That doesn't happen often and those that know it should be ready to use it.

But they're not bright enough.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why Dan wanted to get Ian out over Shane. Shane and Jenn are strictly loyal to Danielle. Ian is the only one who wants to take Dan to the end. Dan has to wonder whether Danielle will pick Shane over him.

Since they haven't had the morph POV yet, it should be the next one. I think Ian should have a good chance of winning that one. Once he gets that veto, he has a good chance of making it to the end.

DanMistOutSpray said...

Dan be gone already.The mist is not working on me. Ian is a stupid genius as my friend would say. Jenn saw what Dan did to Frank so she has nothing to lose by exposing Dan. I'm not sure who danielle is working with the most Dan or Shane. I guess she will ride that pony until they're down to final 3. Shane is so clueless in the game he is a waste of space.