Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Tuesday Into the Evening - Sept. 4

Frank thinks he might stay with a 4-0 vote

"We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Deception Perception:
  • This morning we got a huge dose of The Frank Show. It was a mix of Dick at Night and Boogie Early Morning Talks.
  • He definitely has nagging doubts which crept into his talk now and then.
  • But, then again, he thinks he might be staying with a 4-0 vote?
  • Talk about deceiving yourself indeed.
  • He called everyone "scalliwags."
  • Well, that was different.
  • I give him two points for coming up with that.
  • He's blaming all the game's problems on a "21-year-old kid."
  • I don't know. I think that kid is just as in love with the game and knows as much, if not more, about it than Frank.
  • On and on he went about how Boogie and him would have brought Ian to the final three.
  • I'm not sure Ian wanted to play the game on anyone's coattails.
  • Frank feels he (Frank) deserves to win.
  • He may ... if he can last to the end.
  • If he's in the final two, he'd win based on his gameplay.
  • That's why everyone wants him out sooner rather than later!
  • Danielle is having a severe pimple problem. I'm sure it's devastating. Maybe it's shingles. @@
  • Frank tried to tell Danielle it was he who suggested that Dan try to smooth things over with her from the "you're dead to me in this game" bit.
  • Of course, she knows otherwise. She didn't let on.
  • She can do some things well. She has Frank believing she believes him.
  • "We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves."
  • Perhaps because he wants to believe so badly?
  • I guess it's really hot in L.A. -- they all fussed about the heat.
  • Danielle ran to Dan to report her conversation with Frank.
  • She then, alone in the room, turned to the camera and told us Frank isn't very smart.
  • Dan talked to Frank, once again giving him the impression that they will go to the final two and ride off in the sunset together.
  • Ian got the HoH camera and fun was had by all.
  • When Ian climbed atop the pool table and posed with an empty wine bottle, the BB voice yelled at him for climbing. It should have just told him to get off the pool table NOW.
  • Joe talked to Jenn. He brought up many valid points about how neither side will take them to the final two and they should stick together.
  • He'd like her vote to stay, but will understand if she chose not to.
  • He talked quietly.
  • Yes, Joe.
  • Really.
  • Danielle told Shane it's hard in the house because she's "the only girl."
  • Huh, maybe Jenn isn't in the house after all!
  • Nope. I see her. She's there.
  • Dan managed to break the memory wall. Britney's photo is now all pixalated. He broke an urn thing in the yard the other night.
  • Then the cards came out again.
  • I've been thankful that they're not always playing chess, but now the cards are just as bad.
  • That's where we stand. It looks like a blindside a'comin' for Frank. 

Auditioning to play a dead body on CSI

Ian would love a tie to boot Frank himself

Jenn's still in the house

Ian passed out on the pool table with the wine bottle


monty924 said...

The Ian/Pool Table/Empty Wine Bottle was a big highlight of the picture taking for me. I also liked the creepy sock monkey pics, ala Dan. :)

And, btw... I could not agree more about the chess and the card playing. BB take their cards away from them and just give them their food back. Pretty please!

Sharon said...

Jackie manages to make this boring group seem almost interesting.

If they have to play something, cards are better than chess (watching hours of 'bag's isn't any better).

If BB took their cards away, it would be 2 playing chess, and the rest? Probably sleeping.
Why not... they're putting us to sleep!

Anonymous said...

If Ian wants a tie, Dan (and Jen) should give it to him.

Petals said...

Thanks Jackie!

If Frank were a true FAN of the game, he would be able to admit that Ian has played just as well, if not better, than himself. And Ian did do it alone. Not so, Frank.
And speaking of game play: I consider how well Dani lies to peoples faces NOT as a good gamer, but as an incredibly experienced liar. Big difference. (imo)

Ciao for now. Long day. Must somehow get seen for my terrible, deep, hacking, lost baby sealpup, all-night-long COUGH. *CHAuGH!

RBennie said...

Poor Petals. Hope you feel better soon. Am I the only one who feels like things are going to get even more boring once they finally achieve getting rid of Frank? Who's the common target after that?

Petals said...

RBennie - I hope Dani is the target, but I'm afraid Joe may be next on the hit list. That is why I'd love for him to win HOH.

lynn1 said...

I am worried that Ian is going to be the target.
I wish Ian would consider talking to Jenn and Joe about trying to get rid of Dani.
She is sitting pretty. She is capable of winning comps plus both Dan and Shane will protect her til the bitter end.
Dan mentioned something about being the only coach left and having only one player since week one. He felt this would be the best f2 for him.
Ian really has no one.I know he has deals with the Quack pack and something with Joe which IMHO is worthless.
I really don't want Dani to win but right now she looks golden to me.

monty924 said...

Last night was the ultimate in boring. Dan and Dani playing Rum and Shane and Frank watching. Zzzzz I actually had more fun watching Dan and Ian play chess and Jen and Joe play cornhole in the backyard. At least they were up moving around, lol.

Later when Dani and Dan moved it back to the kicks room, I had to shut it down. She was on one hell of a roll with her retelling of the convo she had with Frank at the hot tub earlier. When she gets that Klingon look in her forehead, it's 'Look Out'! I thouhgt at any moment she was going to say, "and then I grabbed him by the hair of the head, and dragged him through the BY then drowned him in the pool"!! @@

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Oh, and Petals - get to feeling better :(

Petals said...

Monty - LMAO!!!! and thanks :)

Am I remembering correctly that if a coach AND his player are the F2, the coach gets something extra?

Sharon said...

Petals, hope you can get to the doc and feel better soon. That cough sometime hangs on for flippin' ever. :(

Seems like there was an extra award for the coach w/player if they got to the F2. But maybe that "extra" is something that went away when the coaches entered the game? dunno

~~Silk said...

Back when they were just coaches, not players, the coaches couldn't be voted out directly. They just left when they had no more players on their team. So they wouldn't have been one of the "final two". The coaches (one or two of them) would have been just the coach(es) of the last players standing. The coach of the ultimate winner won money.

Now that they are equal players, there's no more formal coach/team relationship, so there's no reward for Dan for getting Dani to the end.

meb said...

Jackie, thanks for keeping the boring fun to read through your posts. I fast forwarded BBAD it was so slow.. like watching grass grow.

Petals, feel better.

Monty... LMBO... Dani does do that doesn't she... I wait for her to add a little tidbit of her own just to make it more interesting. I also want to scream when she starts to say something, gets interrupted, tries to get in again at a pause, gets interrupted again... she could do this numerous times, but ultimately, whatever it was she wanted to say, she is going to say, even tho by that time, it has nothing to do with the conversation at hand. She will NOT be ignored. : )

Also everybody... I was giggling when I first started reading these posts... seemed there was a different favorite trend.

meb said...

Was that an oxymoron: different/trend?

Petals said...

It seemed like the HGs of the past seasons were allowed more alcohol. And with more regularity. This cast seems to view having alcohol as like a visit from the Easter Bunny or something.(?)

meb - *smile*

Ed in Ohio said...

Petals, Your avatars are hilarious!!

Feel Better!

Petals said...

Thanks Ed.

Actually guys, during the day I feel normal. But when I recline, my throat becomes constricted-feeling & I hack.
I'm not in a draft, I haven't switched softener sheets or anything...It is odd. And gross, because when I have to cough it sounds like someone punched a seal in the belly.

Ed in Ohio said...

Petals, U R Welcome. Sounds like allergies???

OT: Some great tennis going on today!

Petals said...

Ed, I know! I love Janko, so WHOO!
And Maria (S), so WHOOO!!

I don't like Andy Roddick ("Raw-dick"), but I am watching his matches because he is retiring after his next loss.

Ed in Ohio said...

Petals, the continuation of Maria's & Bartoli's match today was awesome (had to turn the sound down though). I love to watch events when the true 'competiveness/will-to-win' comes out! Both of these girls had it today.

My girl Caroline W really disappointed me (out in the first round). I didn't even get to see her in action, not a single point.

Back to BB; looks like Joe is spilling his guts to Dan. It's really something how everyone eventually turns to Dan...after all he is the Man!

Petals said...

Dan truly does not seem to take the game personally. He is good like that. Whereas Delusionielle thinks it is a big game of spin the bottle, and Frank thinks he is running for class president. @@

monty924 said...

I agree that Dani looks to be golden for the F2, but for the love of God please don't let her win. She hasn't done anything since her HoH and PoV even though she went on and on about how she could beat any of them in each comp after those. Lol@Meb, yes her buttingin and trying to tell a story, ehem tall tale, at every opportunity is hilarious. Britney was the worst one for cutting her off, and sometimes those eyes were like daggers, lol. She does always manage to get her point in even when the convo has moved along. Too funny.

Face it folks, we knew it would get boring in there when Brit was evicted. If Joe goes, there goes the remaining entertainment. He's a blowhard too, but he's entertaining when he does it. I just want to stick pencils in my ears (sharpened) when Danielle goes on a tangent. Oh, btw... Frank gave her a hug today. Wonder what that story will turn into???

Petals said...

Duh Monty - Frank WANTS her. Always has, right?


monty924 said...

Yeah, lol. He probably molested her with that hug. @@

Ian's HoH blog link. Love him to pieces. :)

Sharon said...

Dan the Man doesn't just do a simple mist.
He's doing pretty good with the snow jobs too! LMAO

monty924 said...

Omg, Danielle spilled the beans, like we all knew she would eventually, to Jen and Jen told Frank they are voting him out. Look out, fireworks incoming!

Goodie :))

monty924 said...

A personal record. That post took me seven WVs, LOL :)))

Sharon said...

Monty, did Jenn tell Frank that Dani, Shane and Dan are NOT voting for him?

Is Joker's not catching up to the feeds as you are watching things happen?
From what I'm reading Jokers (last post at 3:29), it sounds like Jenn was telling Frank that he's been rubbing Dani the wrong way with his arrogance and that he needs to stop with the jokes. Then it sounded like Frank was asking Jenn if he was still alright with Dani for tomorrow.

Dan needs to dump that twit ASAP!!!

Sharon said...

Maybe Dan already knows?
He just dumped Dani in the pool!!

monty924 said...

It's a false alarm at this point. I read it on a "Trusted" source while I was still at work and didn't have the feeds available. I'm going back through FB and can't find any confirmation.


monty924 said...

Dani outed her distrust of Frank, ala voting thim out and when Jen talked to Frank she didn't cough that up.

Jackie has a new post up.

I wanted fireworks tonight. Darnit!!!

Sharon said...

WTG Monty, you almost gave me a heart attack!!!
(maybe I'm too old for this.) LMAO