Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Big Brother 14: Live Feeds Wednesday Daytime - Sept. 5

A giant hamster eating ball sneaks up and devours Danielle

Ah, I suppose I can only wish that Danielle was devoured by a hamster eating beach ball. Sigh. Between that voice and those immensely fake high eyebrows, it's getting so I'm irked at just about everything she does. Why can't she be invisible like Jenn?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wasted Days and Wasted Nights:
  • Frank told Jenn that Danielle asked him if Dan had approached him for a final two deal.
  • Hmm ...
  • Frank also told Jenn that he's sure he has the votes to stay this week, just needs to work on Danielle a bit.
  • Yeah, he has the votes. He really does.
  • It's too bad they're the votes to evict him.
  • Joe has a new alliance and name for it -- The Quad. It includes himself, Shane, Danielle and Ian.
  • I'm sure it's going to be just as much a force in the house as was the Headhunters.
  • Joe now has "blind faith" in Shane.
  • Why does Dumb and Dumber come to mind?
  • They've been having late night talk/strategy sessions.
  • Meanwhile, Jenn told Frank she doesn't see any sense in keeping Joe in the house.
  • Well, that's not the point, Jenn.
  • The point is getting Frank OUT of the house. To do that, Joe must remain. Yeah, that makes sense.
  • It rained in L.A. this morning. Oh my.
  • Danielle doesn't think the upcoming HoH will be an elaborate set because they weren't locked inside today.
  • Jenn told Dan that keeping Frank in the house is in his best interest.
  • Now, she does NOT know the prior deal between Frank and Dan.
  • But I have a feeling that Dan can definitely figure out what's in his best interest for himself.
  • They had an outside lockdown to enable BB to fix the Memory Wall Dan broke yesterday.
  • BB announced they had to clean the bathroom today including the mirror.
  • That's probably because Danielle keeps popping her pimples onto it.
  • Joe told Dan he has an alliance with Shane and that Shane won't be voting for Frank to stay.
  • Well, um. I believe Dan already knew that.
  • But he acted surprised.
  • Jenn worked on Danielle for the Frank vote. She poked and prodded about Danielle's trust or mistrust in Dan. Danielle told her that she's trusting him more since he saved Jenn.
  • So much for the Dan/Danielle hate fest "we're not an alliance" act, huh?
  • Danielle told Jenn she doesn't trust Frank.
  • Frank and Jenn think that Danielle is the only vote he might not get to stay.
  • Jenn told Danielle that if Frank goes, she (Jenn), Danielle and Dan should work on being the final three.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Jenn is coming to the realization that Frank is only her friend when he needs her.
  • But then again, she's Jenn. She's going to be expendable in any alliance. She sleeps most of the day and has no strategy whatsoever.
  • Danielle, Loose Lips Sink Ships. told Jenn that Shane will also be voting Frank out.
  • Jenn told Frank that Danielle thinks that he comes across as arrogant.
  • Y'think? Frank? Arrogant?
  • That's pretty much it for now. Laters!  

Broken alliances, broken memory wall (thanks, Dan!)

Waiting for Godot?

What electrical socket fashioned that hair?

Creepy sock monkey for the win!


monty924 said...

I LOVE the creepy sock monkey, lol. I thought Jen would spill the beans to Frank and we would get fireworks, but looks like she sees greener pastures with Dan and Dani. Sigh... I was hoping for a big old house fight, or brouhaha :(

monty924 said...

You know, if Danielle would stop picking at her face, which only makes it worse, those pimples would come a go in a day or two. You can cover that with make-up. Lesson learned as a young girl and into to my 20s and 30s. I guess she hasn't learned that one yet. She does cover it all with heavy make-up, but she'd need to use less if she just left it alone. She's got a third eye right now thanks to two days of non-stop picking at one spot.

And, I'm not trying to be mean, just sayin'

Sharon said...

Last night, Dan's electrical socket hair looked like it got an extra 'shock' when he had the headband on.

BozoFrankBlows said...

My fave thing about both Jenn and Joe is that they honestly believe they are playing a fantastic game and have had an impact on the game. Move over Danielle, you have some company on the delusional couch.