Saturday, September 15, 2012

Survivor: Philippines -- The Familiar Faces

Three returning players - Russell, Jonathan and Mike

You know me. I'm generally not a fan of returning players on reality competition shows. I'm just not. That said, I really don't mind these three players returning. All were medically removed during their own seasons and I don't mind them getting a chance to try again.

Good Russell -- Remember that? There were two Russells in his season and we had to differentiate between them. One was Hantz, Evil Russell. The other was this Russell, Good Russell Swan. Until dehydration got the best of him, I enjoyed his gameplay. He came across as a decent guy and was good in challenges. While Hantz and his various relatives have gone on to unduly inundate our television screens, this is the first we've heard of Swan since his season. I'm definitely interested in seeing how well he can do. He's 45 years old now and still full of muscles.

Jonathan Penner -- This is actually a third shot for him. He was on Cook Islands, finishing sixth. Then he was on Fans vs. Favorites/Micronesia in 2008. It was in the latter season he was hauled away with an infection in a wound on his knee. I'm not as keen on him getting another shot at this as he's already been on two seasons. But, the dude can be entertaining, witty and is intelligent. Thus, I'll allow him to return this season. Yeah, you know it's all up to me. Right? He's 50 now, no spring chicken.

Mike Skupin -- Now, there's a blast from the past! It was eleven years ago in the Australian Outback when Mike passed out in the campfire suffering severe burns and smoke inhalation. It was only Day 17 at that time. He's someone who, without a doubt, deserves another shot at the game. He was also the one who speared a wild pig and drew outcry from so many folks. Nonetheless, I want to see what he does with his second shot at the game. He's 45 now and probably still bears the scars of his last attempt.

And then we take the good, the bad and The Facts of Life ...

While I think Jo would be better at roughing it in the woods than Blair, we get Blair. She says that she's been a super fan of the show since its inception. I'm of two minds about her appearance as a castaway. It will be interesting to see a child actor grown up without an arrest record. But, then again, I'm already a bit leery about her being a bit too religious. Mind you, I have nothing against religious folks ... except when they constantly live and breathe religion on competition reality shows. We'll see. She's no school girl any more at 49 years old.

Jeff Kent, retired baseball player

Okay, I don't know him, not at all. I'm not a big team sports follower and only "know" players on local teams such as the Yankees or Mets. But I'm including Jeff Kent here as I'm sure somebody out there would consider him a "familiar face." He's retired, but only 44 years old. I would think that he'd be great at the challenges where they have to throw stuff or bat stuff!

Another thing I like about all five I've listed in this post -- they're not kids! It's great to see that people over 40 do exist.

I know we exist in the real world.

What do you think of these castaways? Like the ones coming back? Have you a clue who the baseball guy is? 


Jennasmom said...

I like seeing the older players, too. Usually they have more game strategy. Tired of bimbos in bikinis.

Anonymous said...

I remember Jeff Kent playing with the San Francisco Giants. he played for several teams.

This is from his wikipedia page.

"Jeffrey Franklin Kent (born March 7, 1968) is a retired Major League Baseball second baseman. Kent won the National League Most Valuable Player award in 2000 with the San Francisco Giants, and is the all-time leader in home runs among second basemen.[1] He drove in 90 or more runs from 1997 to 2005, a streak of run production unprecedented for a second baseman, a position typically known for its defense.[1][2] Kent is a five-time All-Star and his 560 career doubles put him tied for 21st on the all-time doubles list.[1][3]


lynn1 said...

I consider myself a sports fan when it comes to college and pro football and pro baseball but I am not familar with Jeff Kent. I don't follow the San Francisco Giants at all so maybe that is why I don't know him.
In case you did not see it on the BB post Happy Birthday Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Jeff kent had a reputation for not getting along with teammates and for being one of the most disliked players in the league. Should get along real well with other members of his tribe. He was a Met for a few years as well.

Sharon said...

In particular, I'm very happy to see Good Russell get another chance!

Interesting wiki info from Glenn and the bit Anon 11:23 posted. All that sports talent and whaddaya know, looks like Jeff Kent might be an 'irritant' added to the group.

Agree with Jackie about having a group of mid-aged people this time, and about Blair too. I'm Episcopalian, so obviously have nothing against religion. However, I don't care to have it spouted constantly and crammed down my throat at every turn. In or out of reality shows!

Joe in NY said...

Apparently being "famous" is almost as good as being 23...

Joe in NY said...

Any even minor baseball fan has to know who Jeff Kent is. He was an all-star like 5 times and an actual NL MVP once. BUT, I doubt anyone would recognize him out of uniform. It'll be interesting to see if he fesses up to it right away or not. Same with the Blair Witch Project. Especially given that the newbies are probably all 25 and under, they may not be familiar with The Facts of Life...LOL

Most of the casting couch contestants aren't even really fans of the show so they probably don't remember Penner or Mike. Russell was more recent but given that most of them have probably never seen an episode (proven every time they try and start a fire for the first time), they may not know him either.

Be interesting to see.

Anonymous said...

Lol@Joe is nice to see some some folks our age though...more than just the token 1or 2 that they usually give us


Merrilee said...

Is someone doing the survivor pool this year??

Dusty said...

If there is a pool, I would like to be added!

Margo said...

Happy Birthday Miss Jackie!!

PDX Granny said...

Hope you're having a stellar day, Jackie! Happy, happy birthday!

monty924 said...

I can't wait for Survivor to begin. Only one night a week... whew! I always need a good Survivor season to come down off of a summer of BB.

Count me in the pool as well.

Nickelpeed said...

I like Russell Swan, did the first time and do now. I was never Penner fan; but I did like Michael.

As for Jeff Kent, I know who he is, but he's not one of my favorite 2nd basemen. Very arrogant and VERY self-assured. However, he really did not get a long with other ball players from what I remember. He's a very arrogant man. He might do well in Survivor with that attitude, though.

I like Lisa, I really like her. I do not care if they bring religion in to the game, I just do not like it when they argue with other people about it.

Right now, I'm rooting for Russell Swan.