Sunday, September 16, 2012

Survivor: Philippines -- The New Castaways, Part One

I already covered the familiar faces on this season's cast. Now it's time to take a look at some of the new faces coming aboard. 

First up are members of the Matsing Tribe (which include the previously discussed familiar face Russell Swan):

Zane Knight is a tire repair dude currently living in Danville, VA. Country and tattooed, he's obviously no high fashion recruit for the show. I'm not quite sure what to make of a man who has a pet peeve about ice cream sprinkles. He's 28 years old and married, loving his wife and Jesus. He wants to be on the show so he can afford to buy his own tow truck. Lofty dreams indeed. I'm wondering how he'll fare in the sun. He's more pale than I am! He claims he'll be most like Brandon. Sigh. I'm guessing Hantz not the Brandon Quinton from Survivor: Africa. Eww.


Roxy Morris, age 28, is a seminary student residing in Brooklyn, NY. While her online bio definitely touts religion, she isn't coming across as some very religious folks do in her video clip. She comes across quite secular and I'd bet she's spot on with her statement that she would assimilate well. She's an Army Chaplain and seems not only personable, but physically fit as well. Uh-oh. She also likes Brandon. Oh my gosh, what is wrong with people? The guy was a flake! I feel that Roxy will have a good social game, but I can't see her being overly conniving. While nice guys win now and then (Ethan comes to mind), the schemers usually win more often.

Malcolm Freburg is a 24-year old bartender living in Hermosa Beach, CA. While his video claims all the Dartmouth greatness, he's a bartender like so many reality show contestants we've seen in the past. I'm sure he didn't study "mixology" there. While he comes across way too cocky in his video, there's actually something about him I like. He's definitely a student of the game -- like Ian on BB14, he grew up watching it and wanting to be on the show. I like that he enjoys the strategic part. It looks like he'll have no problems in the physical arena. He believes he'll play a bit like Russell (Hantz). Oh my. I only hope he has a better social game. He's certainly better eye candy than Hantz!

Denise Stapley is a 41-year-old sex therapist. Well, that's something new and different for a career on the show, eh? She currently lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. On the surface, she should do well. She's into triathlons and such. As a therapist (sex or otherwise), she should know how to build a decent social game. She thinks she'll be most like Stephenie ... a good thing, I say. All that said, there's something about her which turned me a bit off in her video. I can't put my finger on it, though. Maybe it's the fast talking; maybe it's the therapist peeking through. I reserve judgment on her. 

Angie Layton, age 20, currently lives in Provo, UT. 20? She's a CHILD! She's a model, go figure. Oh, and if you watch the video, she mentions she "said yes to Survivor." Can we say recruit? She is very pretty as she should be having been Miss Utah Teen and runner-up for Miss Teen USA. She thinks she'll be considered a "dumb blond" and compares herself to Fabio. One of her reasons for being on the show, other than to win, is to "meet some hotties." I just don't know about this one.

That's it for the Matsing Tribe. Tomorrow evening, I'll post about the Tandang Tribe, Tuesday evening the Kalabaw Tribe members. On Wednesday, the season premiere leads into the finale of Big Brother 14.     


Merrile said...

Is there a survivor pool this year???I would like in if there is one. Thanks

Jackie said...

I haven't announced it yet, but yes ... I believe there will be one.

Donna in Alabama said...

I did not watch his video, so I am just going by the picture of him, but he favors Ozzy in the face.

Donna in Alabama said...

Whoops, forgot to mention his name: Malcolm... DUH