Sunday, February 03, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 3, 2013

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I've taken. If you haven't checked it out yet, I have a post about the returning castaways on Survivor and hope to get the remaining cast up soon. If you want in on the blog pool for that show, email lifeguardlaurie at gmail dot com or reply to the show cast post. Please don't ask for in on the pool on this post as I'm not sure she'll see the comment!

Today is Superbowl Sunday. Huh. I don't watch football, not at all. I can catch the commercials on the internet. I will have to keep track of when the game ends as they're broadcasting a new episode of Elementary after it. That's one of my favorite new shows even though I think Sir Arthur Conan Doyle might disapprove if he were alive to see it. Two shows down, I'm still intrigued by The Following on FOX, too. It makes me feel a bit creeped out to be an Edgar Allen Poe fan, but I'm not about to be part of the cult! Heck, my latest favorite shows are quasi-literary related and feature killers. But I'm normal. I swear I am! Really! Er, maybe not normal-normal ... but not dangerous. We'll leave it at that.

I apparently am a danger to myself, though. On Tuesday, after a smattering of icy snow the night before (when I took a cab home from the train station as the sidewalks were icy), it was nearly forty degrees. The sidewalks I encountered on the way to the train station were just wet. That is until I hit North Avenue by the train station. ICE, ICE, BABY! I went right up in the air and slammed back down on the concrete (whatever). I'm still bruised and a bit sore. Thankfully both knees made it through the event without permanent damage. I SO don't want to have those operations redone! I hit my head pretty hard, but I do have a pretty hard head. That's fine -- a bit sore to the touch still, but it's a surface hurt, not a Hillary Clinton double-vision hurt.

It snowed last night, maybe an inch or two. Everything outside is pretty and white, but I doubt I'll be going out in it. I don't have much on the table for today other than housekeeping which has suffered a bit here this week as I felt sore due to my fall. On Friday I went into Westfield to run some errands as well as a Trader Joe's run (thank you, Russ!). So, I have some cool Trader Joe's goodies in the house. Vincent can have cat treats. Have a great Superbowl Sunday, folks!

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Track 1
Track 1 Sign

I took this shot at the Westfield Train Station, South Avenue side. I felt it screamed for black and white.  Although it's not particularly noticeable, there was a snow squall going on cutting visibility down quite a bit. The spiky things which look like comb's teeth are there to keep pigeons from the top of the sign. Gee, maybe they could put little fake coyotes up there!

Plainfield Train Station 2
Plainfield Train Station

And this is the Plainfield Train Station last night after I got off the train and everyone had boarded. I used a cartoon effect in my photo editor which seemed to lend itself for this photo. There wasn't a crowd on my train home and the regular train bums must have warmer new diggings. So, I was all but alone. Even Omar, the regular train station homeless dude, has gone missing again in this rather indecisive winter (very warm, then very cold). Of course, his missing is quite likely jail related rather than warmth issues.


Yay, decorative kale! This was in Westfield. I do see some growing across the street from my apartment, but don't want to upset folks by going up on the lawn there.


Men on roof

They're finally fixing the roof of one of the buildings on North Avenue across from the Plainfield Train Station. It's been tarped since Sandy. I don't know if I would have chosen an 18 degree slightly windy day to do it.

Fire truck 1
Plainfield Fire Department Tower 2 Ladder

This was Saturday morning, the day after a big gas main line leak had the area evacuated for blocks. As I walked to the train station, I saw all kinds of fire department activity in and adjacent to the parking lot for Union County College on Church and East Third Street. By the time I walked to East Second and Watchung, this truck was coming through. Well, kinda sorta. The street had been all dug up for the gas main repair and they had trouble making the turn without running over the little barriers around the work area.

Fire truck 2
Also Plainfield Fire Department

Looking down East Third Street from the train station platform. I don't know what it was all about. I smelled no smoke.

Ferraro's rebuilt after fire

Speaking of fires and such ... Ferraro's, a popular restaurant in Westfield, was burnt to the ground just around a year ago. It's back and better than ever! I love the outdoor areas seating and hope that might lessen their tables which almost block the sidewalk in nice weather. The valet drivers don't seem to have much work to do and they're probably shivering in the cold. But this was just a bit after 5pm on Friday night. Give them an hour or two and the place will be jumping.

Snow squall
Westfield snow squall

Watching the watchers

This is inside the tunnel under the tracks at the Westfield Train Station. Hands down, they have a better tunnel than does Plainfield. But, that said, at least the elevators at Plainfield are working. Supposedly the elevator on the eastbound side is out of order (according to signs) at Westfield, but the westbound one wasn't working either!

Westfield Train Station
Westfield Train Station

Westfield has the same lamps as Plainfield, albeit used a bit differently. It's probably the busiest train station on the Raritan Valley Line, not that you can tell from this photo.

Cold fungus

The cold spells seem to be finally having an effect on the fungus growing rampant near the Bridgewater Train Station. I've noticed that bricks seem to be IN the soil there, not washed there from Hurricane Irene which flooded the area for months.

Mushroom flowers
Fungus flowers!

Although the cold has had an effect on these, the fungus on a fallen tree there has taken an almost flower-like appearance. Odd.

Plainfield Train Station
Plainfield Train Station after the storm

After I waited out the vicious storm Thursday morning, this is what the Plainfield Train Station looked like when I arrived.


Scary tree
Tree attacks house!

No, it's not a fallen tree. It just looked to me like it jumped up and was shouting "Boo!" East Front Street in Plainfield.

After the storm
After the storm

This was the sky that greeted me when I walked out to take a later train due to the vicious nasty storm. Of course, the winds were still gusting in the 50mph range, but ...!

Chain link
Chain link fence

I liked how the rain had created a drop in each twist. Bridgewater Train Station.

Sleepy Vincent

"I've got no deeds to do, no promises to keep. I'm dappled and drowsy and ready to sleep ... feelin' groovy." Ah, the life of Vincent! Lyrics credit to Paul Simon.


Sally said...

I love the lyrics for Vincent--the essence of being a well-loved house cat.

Very glad your knees weren't damaged in the fall.

Becky said...

My Sunday schedule -- get up, enjoy coffee and newspaper, eat breakfast (hubby cooks breakfast every day), take shower, get dressed, go to church, out to eat lunch after, visit Momma at the nursing home, come home, change into comfy clothes, fire up computer, check out Jackie's pictures, then kick back for a bit of TV or read.

As usual, I adore all the pictures...especially Mr. Vincent.

rschnoop said...

You are, indeed, welcome! Trader Joe's is one of the better experiences in this life...
The fungus picture with the brick could have been captioned "Rest your weary fungus" No?

Donna in Alabama said...

I love seeing your part of the world Jackie... Thanks for the wonderful photos!!

Palmaltas said...

So much fun reading your Sunday posts and looking at your photos, Jackie. As I'm not fungus knowledgeable (sp?), I had no idea they survived in winter.