Sunday, February 17, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - February 17, 2013

It's Sunday morning. You know what that means! It's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way.

Before I get really into things, I want to touch on television for a moment. Tonight is the season premiere of The Amazing Race. I made a post for folks to sign up for the blog pool right here. Poolkeeper Margo hasn't announced a cut-off, but you best get your name in there this morning if you want to take part in the pool!

Let's see ... onto the week gone by. Well, it was an odd week in the world, for sure -- a Pope resigning for the first time in six hundred years, a disgruntled ex-LAPD officer manhunt in California, a meteor damaging buildings and injuring 1200 people in Russia. My thoughts? Well, I would guess the Pope made the right decision in view of his health and age. Although, it would have been more interesting if he had chosen to retire because he wanted to get married and have a family! As for Dorner, the ex-cop, I just don't know. His manifesto was definitely wrong-minded. But, I can't help but wonder if he did have something in his original impetus to his trail of destruction. Not the way to go about things, though. The meteor? Eek.

My own personal life has been quiet for the most part. The old work, home, sleep, eat, work, on and on all over again. Yet I knew I was working for a goal -- yes, it's a staycation this week! Unlike last year, I will NOT go to the Lunar New Year Parade in Chinatown. I almost died in the crush of the crowds last year there. Well, didn't really almost die, but I did fear ribs would be broken in the crush! I have no real plans. I do have some housework stuff I plan on doing -- sorting through closets and such. I also plan to take a lot of naps! It's quite likely, weather permitting, that I'll take some walks around with the camera.

But, for the most part, I just plan to relax for the week. Yay!

Onto the photos ... 

Landing gear photo IMG_5045a_zpsec79fbf2.jpg
Deploy landing gear

As the sun rises, the seagulls claim their places atop the parking lot lights in Bridgewater.

Hawk photo IMG_5106a_zpsae43be12.jpg
Cooper's Hawk on Watchung Avenue

I believe this is the same hawk that buzzed me last week. It followed pretty much the same flight path. However, I was a few feet away this time. It swooped across the street to the bushes at the front of the police station. Then, without stopping, it flew to a tree branch at the far side of the lawn. Although he's not huge, his wingspan is certainly impressive.

Narcotics photo IMG_5063_zpsd85cd5b7.jpg
Hopefully not too near me

And, while I'm right on Watchung Avenue by the police station, congratulations to the newly promoted Sergeant Fusco! Others were promoted, as well. But I don't believe I know any of them. I seem to only know narcotics and gang unit detectives in town. Mind you ... that doesn't mean I'm into drugs or gangs! My drugs of choice are ibuprofen and caffeine. My gang, I guess, is Vincent the cat. Probably not the stuff of good busts. I know them because their annex is where I often wait for a bus when I don't feel like walking home after work. The bus is free on my monthly train pass.


Sunrise photo IMG_5092a_zps80051692.jpg
Bridgewater sunrise

Except for the barren trees and the snowbanks, it looks like a hot summer day. With the days getting longer, the sunrise is happening while I'm on the train as of late.

Waiting photo IMG_5080a_zps485a5da6.jpg
Waitin' on a train

A man waits for the train in the golden glow of the lights at the Plainfield Train Station. After the snow last weekend, it got warmer. With the warmer air hitting the snow on the ground, all became foggy with a mist rising.

One way heart photo IMG_5062a_zps8fee69e5.jpg
One way to my heart

Valentine's Day at the corner of Watchung and East Fourth Street in Plainfield.

Winter sky photo IMG_5057a_zps366a10ca.jpg
Winter skies

Just a hint that sun exists through the grey skies after work one day this week. I took this at the Plainfield Train Station parking lot, eastbound track side.

Berry photo IMG_5050a_zps7847058b.jpg
Sole berry

This is the only berry on this whole little tree (bush, whatever). Yet, there are many thorns. I suppose one could draw parallels to life, but it's too early to wax philosophical.

No feet! photo IMG_5034a_zps7750d32c.jpg
Sleeping AND feet on seat! Argh!

Even though I'm occasionally guilty of sitting alone in a four-seater on the train, I wouldn't mind if they banned single passengers from them. It's not license to put your feet all over the seats! And, of course, if I do sit alone in a four-seater, I do NOT sprawl all over with my feet on the seats. Each level of the train cars contains four four-seaters, the rest are seats for two and there's nowhere to sprawl your feet other than the floor (as it should be).

Icy photo IMG_5024a_zps47daddf3.jpg
Accident waiting to happen

A lawyer's office across from the police station on Watchung Avenue never shoveled the snow from the big snow storm. It was walked over enough to become ice. This is also an NJ Transit bus stop. If I fell, I think I'd go to the new personal injury lawyer who set up under the police annex next door. He was out there himself chopping the ice from the front of his business. Why isn't Plainfield issuing summons over this stuff? As a pedestrian (with two knee replacements), it's a real danger!

Dawn photo IMG_5015a_zps6b9e9598.jpg
As dawn arrives

Interesting skies at the Bridgewater Train Station.

Foggy station photo IMG_5000a_zpsc5d73007.jpg
Foggy Plainfield Train Station


Seagull photo IMG_4991a_zpsb0738b55.jpg
Seagull on duty

Methodist photo IMG_4977a_zpsa56959ae.jpg
Prettier with snow

I begrudgingly admit that the snow does make things look like a real winter. With some rain and no snow, everything just looks dirty and dead. We needed a change of scenery. East Front Street, Plainfield.

No Parking photo IMG_4973a_zps0a236d2b.jpg
No parking when snow covered

I don't know. Maybe I'm just too much of a stickler for rules or something. East Front Street is a snow emergency route. Cars are supposed to be moved for plowing. They aren't. They don't get towed, nor do they get tickets. The street plowing ends up haphazard. What's the point of having the signs?

Shoveled photo IMG_4971a_zpsd02ecdad.jpg
Shoveling variety

My landlord shovels the entire width of the sidewalk (good!). The neighbor makes a narrow goat path (bad!).

Catnip Vincent photo IMG_5068a_zps141e344d.jpg
Who's been rolling in catnip again?

It's Mr. Catnip Fur Vincent, of course! He's going to be a happy cat with his best buddy around all this week!


Sally said...

5001I enjoyed your photos again, Jackie. I think my favorite might be Deploy Landing Gear--perfect timing, clever caption.

Have a great week! I'm sure Vincent will be happy to help you sort closets and organize things, not to mention sharing nap time.

Delee said...

As Dawn Rises is stunning with the contrast in the sky. The church looks so serene surrounded by snow. Of course, Vincent is Vincent!

Enjoy your down time!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your staycation. They're the best kind.
I wish you lived next door to me. I know I would like you. I love your way with words and you seem like such a nice person. I am now in my 81st year, have five wonderful children, 9 grandkids and one adorable 3 year old great grandkid. I live to read by my small fireplace with a cuppa hot tea and a few cookies. Life is good! Thanks for making my life a little more enjoyable. Cal in Indy

Jackie said...

Yeah, Vincent's always a big help around the house! (Cough)

Thank you for the kind words, Cal!