Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Talking Big Brother 15 ...

It's getting closer now! Big Brother 15 makes its debut a few weeks earlier than usual this season. Its premiere is set for Wednesday, June 26, instead of the after 4th of July premiere we've had for the last several seasons. Rumors have it that the number of house hamsters is the most ever, too.

There have been also some other changes, mainly with the live feeds themselves and the elimination of the Showtime Too Big Brother: After Dark nightly shows. Or, is that Showtime Two? I only have basic cable, so I never had that anyway. On the other hand, I do have TVGN (on two channels!), the new home of the After Dark show. Apparently the format for that nightly show has gone from three hours down to two hours along with the network change. A bit more information can be had at this announcement.

While I know about that change, the one which really doesn't affect what I do all that much, I have no clue about the live feeds yet. This is the first season since the first season that Real Networks isn't our feedline. Supposedly, the site itself will be, but there's been little official word about any details. It will surely cost money as did Real Networks. I still plan on buying them and need to cancel my Superpass before the quarter is up. I need to download my June songs from Rhaspody before I do!

As soon as I have the skinny, I'll pass it on to you. Will you be watching?


MikesGirl said...

I'm curious how TVGN will handle the sometimes R rated (and sometimes worse) nature of the live feeds. SHO2 could be rather raunchy at times.

Janice said...

I'll definitely be watching as usual. Haven't missed a season; it's the highlight of my summer!
Please let us know as soon as you find out about the Live Feeds.
Janice from GA