Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BB15 Tour with Julie and a few hints

Okay, we have 16 hamsters expected. One is supposed to be a familiar face, but "not what you're expecting" -- rumors have it that the familiar one is Rachel's sister. I don't know. Plus, America somehow has a hand in nominations with the new twist. I'm wondering since they replaced the nomination chairs with a couch ... could it be they nominate two, we nominate a third? I'm just throwing that guess out there. What do you think?

BB15 Tour with Julie by DreamersVids


Chacha said...

I was thinking that maybe three are nominated and we vote to take one down?
Can't wait. I do love the way the house looks..

Chacha said...

Rachels sister would be a dead give a way to any player who is a big fan.. i really hope it isn't her.
Can't wait to actually see who is in the house this year.

Jackie said...

The way she worded it, it sounded like America would have more of a hand in the nominations itself. Plus, she's gone on record saying that due to the new twist, it would be harder for floaters to get by.

I guess we'll see!

~~Silk said...

Maybe we have a veto. Or a vote?

I hope it isn't R's sister. Judging from the wedding show, she's just as loud.

~~Silk said...

(Whatever the nominating twist is, it'll cost us money. Guaranteed.)

SueGee said...

Cannot wait!!! Remember how messy it got the first season (or two) with viewers voting? Phones were not what they are now and it got messy with whole towns trying to keep their favorite vs the rest of the country.

Sue on the Left Coast

(will have to watch this when I get home)

PDX Granny said...

I can hardly wait! I need to learn restraint between now and the start tho. I finally got signed up for the live feeds. If I'm not careful, I'll not be getting any sleep for a few weeks.

BTW, has anyone else signed up for the feeds? If so, how hard was it? I tried and tried, going in through different sites, as well as directly through CBS. All I got were connection errors. Eventually, I went in through Google Chrome, and it worked. Now, I have to use the same in order to get into the feeds. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox keep giving me the connection error. :(

Judy S. said...

I am *so* ready for this! I'm glad we don't have to make silly food choices - I hope they have done away with slop, too.


Chacha said...

i had no problems, went in on the day we could subscribe and didn't have issues.

can't wait to get this game started.

Chacha said...

did anyone see this press release?

it tells us a little more about the noms and how we will be voting for an MVP weekly....


Chacha said...

apparently tomorrow we will meet the houseguests on CBS, and vote for mvp.
i have provided the link from CBS


Sasha said...

Hi all, it looks like it's gonna be interesting...at least I hope so!

@pdx granny...it took me forever to be able to sign up. Eventually got in through IE (Google Chrome wouldn't work for me.) Hope it was worth all the effort :)

Merrilee said...

Who is doing the pool this year?

Blog Pool winner of
The Amazing Race Season 22

Jackie said...

Merrilee, Blog Pool Winner of The Amazing Race 22 (yay!) ... I'm not sure yet!