Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Big Brother 15: How We Do What We Do

Anybody excited about the season starting tonight? Yep, it's our guilty summer obsession, for sure. If you're checking in on the blog for the first time, I'd like to explain a bit of what we do here. I realize that I'm an "I" and not a "we." But, while I do the writing and posting here, it's the "we" part who makes this place great!

What I do:
  • Two or three times a day, I'll be posting live feeds reports from the activity inside the house. These are often SPOILERS, so beware. Spoilers are a big part of what this blog will be about all summer.  These reports won't be on every breath the houseguests take as I'm only one person. I try to snag the important happenings or events which catch my fancy.
  • Screencaps from the live feeds events will be posted in each report.
  • On show nights, I host blog parties posted at the start of the show East Coast time. These are posts updated with the major show events in real time as the episodes air on the East Coast. The party is in the comments!
  • Unless life circumstance or blacked-out feeds dictate otherwise, I provide live coverage updates and screencaps of endurance competitions which generally don't air until the next aired television episode.
  • If I post something as a rumor, it's just that -- a rumor. If I verify that something happened, you can bet your bippy that it's the truth!
What WE do:
  • We have a blog pool! The esteemed ORKMommy is the lifeguard for this particular pool. Right now, we're a bit delayed and the pool is STILL OPEN for those who want to come aboard. Until Friday, 6pm ET, you can sign up at the pool blog post. Please sign up there rather than here on this post as we don't want to miss anyone. We'll be announcing the random match-ups before the Sunday episode.
  • We have the BEST community aboard in the comments area! Things I might miss on the live feeds (as I do work a full-time job on top of this obsession) are discussed by community members with the live feeds, the blog parties rock, the cyberdrinks flow. What more could you ask for?
  • Lively discussion, good friends and fantastic show fans. Be there or be square.
There are a few ground rules:
  • For the most part, dissing the hamsters is fair game. They chose to be on the show and (often) humiliate themselves in front of the world.
  • That said, there are a few lines which, if crossed, might get comments deleted -- the really nasty comments about weight, looks, racial stuff, slurs, etc. It's better the comments focus on what the hamsters DO in the house, how they interact with others and such.
  • I'm not too personally keen on nicknames for the hamsters. Sometimes it's hard to know whom you're talking about when you call someone outside of their name. They're often confusing enough, especially right in the beginning!
  • Your fellow commenters in the community are NOT the topic of the blog! Folks are allowed to like or dislike any house hamster without being harassed about their choices! If you disagree with another about a hamster, state your case for (or against) the hamster without resorting to insulting the other commenter.
  • Not to be done example: "You're an idiot if you like Julie Chen! How stupid can you be?" Instead, a comment saying why YOU don't like Julie would stay aboard, not one being nasty to the other commenter.
  • Any trolling posts, especially from those who don't like reality shows and really have no business wasting their time here, will be removed. It's a show WE like and WE follow. It's OUR home.
  • Any spam will either not post to begin with or will be removed. I will be checking out any links posted and, if they're not related to the show or are suspicious, they will be removed.
  • I do ask folks to be leery about clicking on links not posted by me as sometimes it might be a few hours before I can check them out. I want everyone to be aware that viruses are out there!
  • If you want to be a part of the community here and you're posting as "anonymous," please come up with a sign-off name at the end of your comments. Otherwise, you'll be lost in a sea of anonymous posters and we won't "know" you by your comments.
Wow. That seems like a lot of rules, doesn't it? But, folks who have been aboard for years here will definitely understand why I'm posting them. We have a basically friendly and welcoming community here -- nasty to others in the community isn't a welcome thing. There are other sites to troll if that's your goal!

Hamster watchers ready?


Anonymous said...

So excited for the show tonight.
I'm been following you for years and finally decided to join in!

Chacha said...

Jackie, I think this is the first time i have actually read the rules!! I think I am following them.
Thank you for all you do and I am ready for this to get started tonight.
As always i miss most of the pool parties on show nights but do read and try to comment!! Let the drinks flow!!
cha cha

Jackie said...

Welcome aboard, Connie! And, Chacha, I believe you do!

Sasha said...

Thanks, Jackie! And 2 thumbs up to posting the rules...beautifully put. Getting set for tonight; summer obsession is right :)

Donna in FL said...

Ready Jackie!

lynn1 said...

thirty minutes til showtime. Christmas and molasses come to mind

jessica UNderwood said...

Hey lynn haven't talked since last year! Been to hard rock lately

Petals said...

I'm so excited! Loved your rules, they are right on!