Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds First Night

Yes, it's Big Brother in all its live feeds glory! Before I get into the happenings, I want to mention a bit about the feeds themselves. In previous years, except for the first season, they've been hosted by Now they're hosted on the CBS website. I see pros. I see cons.

The player itself is better for me. However, there are glitches galore. When starting the feeds up for the first time, it was hard to get anything other than a black screen. Digging around the Internet, I found the fix -- going into the flashback calendar, then going live. Who woulda thunk it? Then there's been an ongoing problem with only one set of mics going for all four screens. Sure, they do the two cams on one room bit. But then I should be able to hear what they're saying in each room! At one point my feeds stopped and a replay button came up. Hitting it would get two seconds of feeds. I had to exit and start again.

I also checked out Big Brother After Dark for the first time as I have TVGN, but never had Showtime. I ended up turning it off because it was on a slight delay and conflicted with my feeds. Yes, the language seems censored on it. However, the feeds themselves are in line with previous seasons. Well, except for the glitches.

They've been in the house for six days already (blocked to us), so they've already had nominations and the Have/Have Not comp. Here's what's been going on:
  • The house is already a pig sty.
  • Jessie and Candice are on the block.
  • Supposedly as pawns because McCrae told them he plans on backdooring Elissa.
  • The Have Nots sleep in airplane chairs in the Airplane Room. They think the words on the wall might have to do with how to recline the chairs.
  • Have Nots are: Andy, Helen, Howard, Elissa and Judd.
  • They decided to put on a "fashion show" or pageant thing for the first night of BBAD and the feeds.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Helen won it. Woo.
  • That pageant is what most of the wacky screencaps on here are from.
  • The girls are all catty already!
  • Jealousy abounds. That's what you get with all the kids in the house.
  • Aaryn is unduly worried about being nominated and evicted when the MVP comes into action.
  • If she keeps it up, she should be worried. She's very annoying about it.
  • I'm actually liking GinaMarie a bit more than I thought I would.
  • Maybe because so many of the other girls are acting like high school kids.
  • Aaryn also made a big fuss because so many in the house don't understand how PoV works.
  • While she has a point, it's definitely not a good move to keep harping about it.
  • Aaryn is also sure that Elissa will be MVP due to Rachel's fan base.
  • I think she's wrong.
  • Candice and Jessie (nominees) had a slight misunderstanding, but made up and are still friends. BFFs, even.
  • Apparently, before the feeds went live, Elissa got into two fights with people.
  • I can't really say as I haven't seen a lot of her on the feeds tonight and what I've seen has actually been better than the catty jealous little girls.
  • Mind you, I do NOT want to like Elissa.
  • McCrae isn't all that much in favor with his nominees. They think he's weak and couldn't even look them in the eyes during the nominations.
  • Aaryn also complained that one of the women had a fishy smell and needed something for it. You can take that one from there. I'd rather not go there.
  • Andy and McCrae are tight, but not in a gay kind of way.
  • Jessie and Candice think Amanda is super stuck-up.
  • They're on an indoor lockdown, apparently for the second night in a row.
  • The PoV is supposed to be tomorrow, er ... today. Thursday.
  • They took the airplane out of McCrae's HoH room, supposedly because he played with it.
  • The plan seems pretty solid to backdoor Elissa.
  • Of course, they should know that you can never depend on plans in the house!
  • Several are still up as I get this posted. 


ORKMommy said...

We have 56 in the pool so far! If you haven't left a comment in Jackie's Pool post, hurry up and leave your name. Sign up is open until Friday at 6pm EST!

SueGee said...

Thanks Jackie! I'm not going to be able to keep their names straight for a few more days. I have always been able to see BB on Showtime - and I don't have the new channel on my double trouble as I try to learn who is who!!

SueGee on the Left Coast

Brent McKee said...

So is the antipathy to Elissa because they've figured out she is the sister of "She who should not be named" or because she's as annoying as her sister (if that is even possible)?

Chacha said...

I didn't like the show on TVGN,
but I have a question...
If you are MVP can you be put on the block as a replacement nom?
I must have missed that in the show last night.
I know the MVP nominates another person before Veto comp but am confused.

Chacha said...

They want Elissa gone as she is- she who should not be named sister.
I never liked she who should not be named but gave her credit the season she won only because she busted her ass to win.

apparently she is the MVP.... Thats why i was asking if she can be nominated.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that no one but us would know who MVP is. They would be told in secret and make their nomination in secret so it would then be possible for them to be a replacement nom if veto was used because HOH would have no idea unless they brag about being MVP.

Chacha said...

ANON 4:01
see thats what i thought also but from info i was hearing on the feeds earlier is that Elissa is MVP, so if she doesn't win VETO she can be the replacement nom.

ORKMommy said...

The MVP isn't required to reveal his/her identity but they can if they want to. My guess is that Elissa, like her sister, will want to flaunt the fact that America picked her and that's probably why the house knows she's the MVP.

Chacha said...

i don't think the whole house knows.
from the little bit of the feeds i watched today she isn't flaunting it and they are basing her on Rachael.. I am not sure if i like her or not yet.
i do believe she told McRae
I need to watch a little more. With 16 people its is just hard getting used to everyone.
i usually like it when there are less than ten in the house.. Its easier for me to keep up.