Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Night Into Wee Hours 6/28 -6/29


As it is every season, it's a house divided. This season, it's Bieber Fever and well, the Others don't seem to have a name. Bieber Fever includes: Aaryn, David, Kaitlin, Jeremy and sometimes Nick, GinaMarie and Jessie. The core group of the Others are McCrae, Amanda, Spencer, Judd, Andy and Howard on the edge. They have Elissa in mind as an addition. They also plan on adding in Helen and perhaps Candice down the line. By the way, THEY named Bieber Fever, not me.

Who would have thought that in this BB15 of young'uns, the deciding factor in the house split would fall along the line of older (plus McCrae) and younger. Heck, they're ALL kids!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wanton Waffling:
  • Now the core group (which I'll call the Others) are tossing around evicting David and keeping Elissa.
  • They think that Elissa might win MVP most weeks and they could use that as a backdoor plan, working with her to get out Bieber Fever.
  • The early coupling of Aaryn/David and Kaitlin/Jeremy has given the others mocking material and reasons to target them.
  • Jessie still pines for Jeremy.
  • Jeremy and David think they're being used as a shield by the girls.
  • Jeremy isn't as into Kaitlin (or Jessie) as they think he is. He told David he thinks the only girl who can be trusted is GinaMarie.
  • Nick is a very peripheral player. He's not really getting involved or close to anyone. A few have speculated that he might be gay.
  • Actually, I think he's playing it smarter than Bieber Fever by remaining a bit of a nonentity.
  • The Kaitlin/Jeremy showmance is cooling a bit. Kaitlin thinks Jeremy doesn't trust her and GinaMarie is encouraging her to be stronger as an individual hamster.
  • Well, GinaMarie didn't say hamster. I did.
  • Amanda talked to Elissa, told her to work on her relationship with the younger bunch. She hinted she will stay.
  • Of course, McCrae, although the original plan and house wish was to evict her, has been telling Elissa all along she will stay.
  • Elissa can definitely work this to her advantage.
  • I'm still tired of CBS bringing in old players and relatives of players. I'm tired of Rachel. I really am. I was tired of the Hantz family, too. Yet they keep it going. Sigh.
  • Elissa, on the other hand, might have a better back-up alliance than Rachel ever did if she stays this week.
  • The Others plan to evict David this week, go after Jeremy the next week.
  • We'll see how that goes.
  • The Others are leery of Howard possibly blabbing to Candice even though they have eyes on her to bring her into the alliance.
I'm still not sure when the PoV meeting will be held. The plan still seems to be to take Candice down and put Elissa up. Yet, now they will have the votes to save Elissa and evict David.
Elissa and Amanda

Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Jeremy



Terry is a Texan! said...

As always you do such a splendid job, keeping me interested in what is basically boring.
I am with you Jackie...this relatives and least the comps seem better...that popsicle one was brutal. I guess they were told they could not told on to the stick right?
Well thanks again for reporting and are the best

Jackie said...

Thanks. In the last bit since I posted, Nick and Spencer got together. Nick is now no longer on the peripheral -- he's acting like the egotistical jerk he did in interviews.

Anonymous said...

Random question for you - when the backyard was closed still, where did they smoke since the can't smoke in the house? I was just wondering that last night as I was watching them enjoy their cigs on BBAD...

Petals said...

dgmommie -

They can smoke in the backyard, but only around the firepit area. { while in the hammock, Kaitlin asked ? for a "cig", and he said he couldn't bring her one "over here", she'd have to go "back over there", indicating the pit}

Chacha said...

the room you created on cbs, is that on the feeds? i couldn't find it last night. didn't know if i was looking in the wrong places.

dgmommie- when they are on indoor lockdowns there is no smoking. i do have to wonder though if they let them fo in the dr or something off camera.

Jackie- Nick is in with the MG boys. I think thats Spencer, howard, Jeremy, and Judd..the top secret alliance.

SueGee said...

Well, if you don't like families - Survivor this fall is going to be very interesting :(

Thanks for keeping us up to date. I hate how these shows are all spread apart. I guess I could always get the feeds - but this is actually more fun LOL

SueGee on the left coast

Chacha said...

so after watching Elissa last night and just now this morning, i am convincd she is no Rachael.
although I must admit looking at her there are tons of similarities. They have almost the same voice, and the looks and stares are the same. at least there isn't the obnoxious hair although we do have the same laugh.
they really could be twins.

Anonymous said...

Petals, I was talking about before they opened the backyard up, while they were still allowed in the house only. Where are they allowed to smoke? That's along time to go without smoking if they can't smoke in the house.

Petals said...

oh dg - hmmm. Not sure about smoking during lockdown. I guess they go without?

monty924 said...

In the past, hamsters have talked about wearing patches while they are locked down. All the smokers have been vocal about not getting to smoke while on lockdown (including Evel Dick).

Chacha said...

they do give patches.
it is amazing to me, as a smoker and have been for over 20 years that they can go that long without a smoke.

But monty is right, they do give a patch to wear.

Lili said...

Is it just me or is the first season in a long time that none of the players are repeaters, and that BB has not forced everybody into some type of artificial alliance groupings?

This is what we have been asking for right? Sort of a pure game? Aside from the plethora of 20 something's I think this will be a promising season.