Friday, June 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Friday Afternoon 6/28

Yard time today

If you're reading this, entry for the blog pool is closed. This season has the biggest pool ever! Woohoo! ORKMommy will be making the random picks and I'll announce the match-ups before the Sunday episode.

What's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Many Mean Girls and Their Mimbos since I last posted? Read on ...
  • Andy told Judd that he's worried if they get rid of Elissa this week, Jeremy might target them (Andy, Judd) next.
  • Of course, technically, Elissa isn't on the block.
  • McCrae nominated Candice and Jessie. Elissa (although denying it to most of the house) was voted MVP and nominated David. McCrae won Veto. He told Elissa he was going to put her up, but said she's not the target.
  • The original plan was to backdoor Elissa all along.
  • Who knows? These are silly hamster games!
  • Helen doesn't really drink, but claims she will drink in the house.
  • I probably would, too.
  • Andy is getting emotional. Didn't he say he wouldn't?
  • Jeremy thinks if David stays, he'd target Amanda or Candice.
  • Amanda has latched onto Pizza Boy McCrae.
  • Would that happen in real life? Ha.
  • Aaryn and Elissa kissed (not literally) and made up after their fight from last night. It was all over Elissa rumored (true!) to be the MVP who nominated Aaryn's shiny showmance boy David.
  • Jeremy went around talking how he'd "go off" if he got nominated.
  • I want him to be nominated now! Don't you?
  • Helen is quite the social player. She seems to know what to say to each hamster to make them feel better. Hmm.
  • David is worried that he might get evicted and tried to get McCrae to tell him.
  • McCrae honestly told him he didn't really know. He doesn't plan on taking him off the block, but doesn't think he's a real target right now.
  • McCrae wants Elissa to go. He thinks that she's likely to be too popular with "America" and would keep winning MVP.
  • McCrae plans on taking Candice down, putting up Elissa. We'll see.
  • They finally got outside today after being on indoor lockdown for more than two days.
  • There's a photo booth now! You know the kind ... a strip of four pictures. An announcer's countdown voice and all.
  • At least it's something for them to do!
  • I'm not sure when the PoV meeting will be held, but when I find out, you'll find out!


Pretty, I'm so pretty ...


Petals said...

Aaryn is WAAYYY too young, mentally anyway, for this game. She has a high school cafeteria view of this group, this house & the game.

GinaMarie was annoying at first, but she is always having a good time. I like that.

Jackie said...

I'm liking GinaMarie much more than I thought I would. Living 10 miles from Staten Island, I tend to get really tired of the Staten Island persona ... which she exudes in force.

Susan said...

I'm surprised all of the BB cast are young kids. It's like "mtv real world" meets BB. They sure didn't mix it up this season.


lynn1 said...

I like Helen and I think I like Howard.
Aaryn is used to being the pretty girl and having Jocks fall all over her. If she ran into a real intelligent adult man he would chew her up and spit her out. I would so love to see her have to deal with some one like Evil Dick. I think she will be this season's Dumb pretty girl.

Petals said...

Aaryn needs Prozac. She hasnt enjoyed herself at all so far, seems like she is constantly worried about he said/she said.
Very much like nasty Daniele from last season - me me me me, but what do you think of me?

Petals said...

are you watching this nonsense? Who liked who first???

They'd better get their shit straight before Study Hall!

(my WV is tyrannical - LOL)

Petals said...

Susan - you hit the nail on the head

Petals said...

Not a fan of Rachel's, but am feeling kind of sorry for Elissa.

These kids are YOUNG!!!

Petals said...

And i LOVE LOVE LOVE her swimsuit coverup.

Petals said...

OK, I loved Candice anyway because of her adoption thing...but now I hear that she was conceived at a Prince concert? OMG - this is fate. I hope I have her in the pool

PDX Granny said...

I tried to watch the feeds a bit last night. I also tried watching BBAD. Like Jackie, I don't have Showtime, so have never seen it. I gave up on both.
Between the sheer numbers, and everyone talking at once, it's hard for me to keep it all straight. I may have to wait for it to thin out a bit.

Petals said...

It's the adult v the kids. yay
The adults call the kids (dave, jeremy, aaryn, jessie) "Beiber Fever"


I love spencer & andy!!!! Howard & helen haven't picked a side, really.

Anonymous said...

If you're MVP can they nominate you? Karyn