Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Saturday Evening - PoV Meeting - 6/29

Some things are best ignored

Since I last posted, the PoV meeting went down. As always, it was blocked to the live feeds. But, also as always, the hamsters talk. McCrae did use the veto to take Candice down (as decided long ago). It seems like Elissa was put up in her place (also as planned). Although the original plan was to backdoor Elissa if all went in motion, the latest target is David (the MVP - Elissa's nomination). The MC (McCrae? Mature Crew?) alliance want to work with Elissa as they think she will keep getting MVP and they can use her nomination to backdoor people.

Here's what's gone down in that Big Brother House of Heck, They're ALL Bieber Fever to ME ...
  • Despite Spencer's long talk with Nick this morning, he's still not quite trusted by the group.
  • Amanda keeps molesting McCrae in bed.
  • McCrae keeps telling her they have to cool it. He tells others she won't stop following him around.
  • Jeremy and Kaitlin are kissing and snuggling whenever and wherever they can. Ew.
  • Howard really is religious, as he said he was. He regularly prays, but thankfully isn't pulling an Amber.
  • Helen continues to talk to others and help them. If she manages to stay in until the end, she'll have no real enemies.
  • Elissa isn't thrilled about the plan to use her MVP vote as they wish each time she wins it.
  • Amanda got a bit pushy about it. "Don't you understand we're keeping you because of it?"
  • Well, that's not so nicely put, is it?
  • Amanda also went on about Jessie still flirting with Jeremy even though he's practically attached at the lips to Aaryn.
  • Children.
  • Sigh.
  • There are probably screen caps out there with David dropping his pants forgetting about the cameras.
  • I don't post those kind of screen caps.
  • But you can bet someone did!
I haven't had any direct confirmation on Elissa being the replacement nom. But some of the things she's mentioned about worrying about being voted out along with the plan to put her up ... she's probably it. If I'm in error, I'll correct it.

Elissa and Helen in the Have Not room

McCrae and his headgear

Oh noes! They killed Howard!


Sharon S said...

Thanks so much for all the sifting and organizing you do for us! I personally am happier when there are fewer folks left so I can keep them straight!

Jackie said...

I still have to stop and think whether Jessie or Kaitlin. If it's kissing Jeremy, it must be Kaitlin. :-)

Petals said...

MC is Moving Company (the mature group)

Jessie is ostracized. From all.

Petals said...

Jeremy & Kaitlyn are all over each other, 24/7, unabashedly. Beiber core has slimmed, they cut Jessie. Now its Dave, Aaryn, Jerm & Kait.

Dave is tiring of Aaryn. She flips out on him at the slightest thing. He is VERY laid-back and does not like drama, so this showmance will be over soon. If he wasnt leaving, he'd dump her.
They still have not received alcohol this evening; they are very alcohol-deprived this season. LOL

Petals said...


She just called Andy a "queer".What a rag.

monty924 said...

Aaryn is one ugly little girl and Kaitlyn and the others are no better for letting her get by with it. She's made slurs about Helen as well.

Terry is a Texan! said...

I am embarrassed Aaryn is from Texas. She is ugly inside!
I had hopes for her, but no longer.

Petals said...

aryn is VERY racist. She rolled her eyes at Helen and said, "Go make some rice" (sotto voce)

Kaitlyn, Aaryn & GM are mean.I was wrong about GM, she is as shallow as the other Beibers.

And I hate Jeremy. He is my least fave.