Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big Brother 15: New Hamsters Revealed

Perhaps just speaking for myself for a moment here, I'm a bit disappointed with the lack of diversity in this cast. One 37-year old, one 31, one 32 ... the rest in their 20s. Two of the women are married, the rest of the cast is single. Gah! Not only is there a lack of age diversity, but it's a mighty white cast as well. Of course, that doesn't mean I won't watch. However, I'd really like to see a better mix of real people on the show, not star or starlet wannabes. But it is what it is and here's a brief look at the upcoming hamsters; the link on their first names leads you to their bios on the CBS website --

Aaryn Gries

Aaryn: 22, college student, single, originally from San Angelo, TX, now living in San Marco, TX. I think she might be a bit naive for this game. According to her, she's afraid of "People with evil or absent minds that hurt or deceive others." Um. What show is she competing on again? Oh, yeah. Big Brother.

Amanda Zuckerman

Amanda: 28, real estate agent, single, originally from Long Island, NY, currently living in Boynton Beach, FL. She thinks Britney is hilarious and didn't like Jen (BB8), so that's in her favor for me. She's afraid of sharks. Well, that's just common sense. BB has a lot of landsharks, though! I think she's more apt for the show than Aaryn.

Andy Herren

Andy: 26, professor, single, originally from Aurora, IL, currently lives in Chicago, IL. Dang, his bio on the CBS site is extremely loquacious. He seems to have a plan for the win. But if he talks as much as he writes, he'll drive 'em all crazy. He claims to be afraid of "I am slightly afraid of heights, but it is not crippling or anything. I am terrified of bees, though. And people who enjoy Tyler Perry movies." So we have a clown in the house.

Candice Stewart

Candice: 29, pediatric speech therapist, single, originally from New Orleans, now living in Houston, TX. She really liked Ian, really dislikes Boogie. So far, I'm feelin' the vibe. In addition to drop roller coasters, bugs and rodents, she says "I guess I am more afraid of more serious life issues like health and the well-being of my family." Hmm. I believe I like this one!

David Girton

David: 25, lifeguard, single, from San Diego, CA. Oh my. He has quasi-Hayden hair! He hopes his good looks will take him to the end. Sigh. He likes Jeff because he's a "cool cat" and got a great "babe." So, blog buddies ... is he going to be the hook-up king of the house? And, can you say "shallow?" Yep, I thought you could.

Elissa Slater

Elissa: Rachel Reilly's sister (SIGH, knock that off, Alison Grodner!), 27, nutritionist, married, originally from Concord, NC, currently living in Kannapolis, NC. Her favorite previous hamster was Rachel (of course), least favorite, Monet. She's afraid of heights and planes. I'm afraid of her sister reappearing on the show. NEXT ...

GinaMarie Zimmerman

GinaMarie: 32, pageant coordinator, single, originally from Brooklyn, NY, now living in Staten Island, NY. So far, this would be my local hamster. Let's see if I approve of her. (After all, it's all about ME!) Uh-oh, not thrilled, I say! When it came to the "afraid of" question, she said, "I would be afraid of aliens, if they ever exist, and if I ever see one I would probably s**t my pants. Those movies scare me." That's just weird. Way too into pageants for my taste, too!

Helen Kim

Helen: The OLD hamster at 37, political consultant, married, originally from Falls Church, WV, now living in Chicago, IL. She has a strategy in which she'll throw HoH, then let the stronger players get the boot first. (Yeah, that always works SO well!) She likes Jeff and calls Rachel a "drama queen." Y'think? She's afraid of blood and bugs. That's fine; she's not on Survivor, after all. I think I just might like this one, too.   

Howard Overby

Howard: 31, youth counselor, single, from Hattiesburg, MS. He's a longtime watcher -- he names Jason of BB2 as a like, Lisa of BB3 as a dislike. He's afraid of "spiders and big birds." He loves loves loves board games. (Have I mentioned how much I hate the chess game being in the house?)  He seems intelligent, seems to know his strategy. But I'm wondering if, since he mentions being intelligent often in his bio, he might be a bit off-putting. We'll see.

Jeremy McGuire

Jeremy: 23, boat shop associate, single, from Katy, TX. He's going to miss his Mom. As a matter of fact, she's the one who told him to try out for the show -- she's the BB fan; he's never watched it. He's afraid of "poisonous animals." I guess it's good that he's never watched and doesn't know what Elissa being Rachel's sister means! Will Momma's boy have a chance? 

Jessie Kowalski

Jessie: Thankfully, not THAT Jessie, phew! 25, unemployed, single, originally from Beaumont, TX, now living in San Antonio, TX. Well, the stipend vs. being unemployed will make her feel like a rich woman. She has a dog she loves. She liked Danielle (not Daniele) and didn't like Evel Dick. That's kind of understandable. She's afraid of flying and overpasses. I don't know. She seems a bit perky.

Judd Daughtery

Judd: 26, property appraiser, single, originally from Englewood, TN, now lives in Etowah, TN. He frog gigs. Yessirree, Bob, we gots a country boy here! He plans a very social and strategic game. He might find that his plan to find an older person to align with near impossible, though. He likes many previous hamsters, dislikes Cowboy and Ronnie. Afraid of heights and spiders. He gigs frogs, but is skeered of spiders?!? Sheesh!

Kaitlin Barnaby

Kaitlin: 23, bartender, single, originally from Vadnais Heights, MN, currently residing in Minneapolis, MN. What? She's not a mixologist? She's afraid of spiders, the dark and dying alone. Um. Well, hopefully she won't have to worry about the latter for decades. She's a kid! She claims to be a "very closed-off person" and that she'll keep to herself. Yeah, right. If she's the first bimbo in bed, I'm going to call her on that!

McCrae Olson

McCrae: 23, pizza delivery boy, single, from Oak Grove, MN. Huh. I wonder why his photo is the only one that's not an outright head shot? An ambitious lad, for sure, he likes "typical boy stuff." Why do I get the feeling that, if he doesn't win the show, his parents are going to have him at home until he's well into his 30s? He likes Will Kirby. That's good. He's afraid of "Mice and ventriloquist dummies." He might be okay. My personal jury is out on him.

Nick Uhas

Nick: 28, an entrepreneur, single, originally from Hilliard, NY, now lives in NYC, NY. An entrepreneur, eh? Is that a synonym for "unemployed?" He does have a strategy to be in an alliance through thick and thin. That's a good plan. He claims to have no fears because of his mind control abilities, brags about his grades at Yale and touts his physical excellence in various sports. He likes Boogie. Oh my.

Spencer Clawson

Spencer: 31, railroad conductor, single, from Conway, AR. Little diversity, but two red-headed dudes! He says he's polarizing -- people either really like him or they don't. He also says he's opinionated and "chill." I would think that's a bit of an oxymoron, wouldn't you? He then says people are drawn to him. He likes James (Rhine) and Enzo the best, Chima the least. I guess I'll either like him or not. I might be drawn to him like a moth to a flame. I don't know.

So, that's our summer hamsters. Do you have any early favorites?


Tami said...

Jackie, I also don't like the lack of diversity in the cast. Too many in their twenties and career-wise not much difference either. I'm not impressed with any of the hamsters so far, but hopefully that will change or it will be a very long season.

Anonymous said...

Are we really surprised at the lack of diversity. It is CBS after all and the past few seasons since 11 have all been pretty white-washed.

Anyway. I throwing Nick's name into the pool. I think he's this season's Dan, Eric, Matt, etc...and the likeable-but-no-so-alpha-male-and-not-too-nerdy-guy always goes far.

I also predict Nick, Howard, Jeremy and Judd teaming up early on.


Anonymous said...

I think it's funny how almost all the guys are thinking they're going to be the ladies man.

monty924 said...

I have no idea why, but Howard gives me a Willie vibe. I could be wrong, but we will see. I like the speech therapist and the pizza boy, lol.

Anonymous said...

I agree Monty. Howard does seem like he could easily go into a rage. Also Judd. Ironically, both of them said they have big hearts and love working with kids and or helping people.

Sasha said...

Hi Jackie, so good to "see" you again. Actually, I read your Sunday posts but I don't usually comment...I just enjoy them.

Re the cast: I couldn't agree more. Not much variety and why Rachel's sister?? Purely a rhetorical question but ugh. Oh well, I'm sure (hoping?) as the season gets going there will be some favorites. I have too much time on my hands that I'm already into the season LOL. See you all soon, Sasha

Petals said...

As usual Mendy, you & I like the same 2 (as of now). I do not like that the oldest person is 47 (but looks 30). And all of them are "hot" (yeah, even McRae, in a hipster-doofus kind of way)
Hmmm...This season, I think I'll try to reserve forming any solid opinions until I see them in action. Last year, I liked Daniele for the 1st fwe eps, and we all know how THAT ended, LOL
Jackie - I'm sending the pool boy over :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just now reading the bio descriptions. It's interesting that Nick likes Boogie. During his video interview I kept thinking his mannerism reminded me of Boogie!

Helen, like Jodie, will be the first to go. Too nice, too old, poor strategy.

JonMD1267 said...

Aghhh it's not summer until Big Brother starts and the appearance of Chenbot, it's like our very own Ground Hogs day (no I am not calling JC a ground hog :) Hope everyone has been well during our break and look forward to a festive time again with everyone!!! What's up with the lifeguard fools hair ha

JOEY said...

Thank you, Jackie for keeping us all inform and updated.
Joey and I are in agreement with petals and it too soon to form a opinions about anyone, but Joey beg, scream, pretty much yell at... for no more Rachel stuffs. he even hate the name, just the mention of it make him think of her.
Between you and me, I wonder how the sister will make out with the game after everyone find out who's she is. Joey hope she the first to go.did i mention, he hate her.
Thank you Jackie for all you do and it good to be back with old friends in Jackie's house.
Thank you .

Jennifer said...

Thanks Jackie for the hamster run down! Is it me or do you think ALL the house guests are siblings? Each one to me looks like a former house guest!!!

abigal said...

Candice I like, and what are there, three New Yorkers? I like anyone from NY ... at first anyway ... loyalty to my own state, you know. You are right about the lack of diversity, but it doesn't bother me yet. Depends on what they do those first couple weeks and the alliances they form. Jackie, thank you for another year of your welcomed insight.--abigal

Anonymous said...

I doubt they are all siblings of former HGs. Given social media in 2013, someone, somewhere would have realized and outed them by now.

Probably why the Rachel connection wasn't hushed.

Anonymous said...

I like Candice and Helen the most from what I have read. Amanda,Howard and Judd may be ok.The rest seem to be just looking for a launching pad to there 15 minutes of fame.

But whatever the hamster season brings,Thank you Jackie for giving us this place to gather and watch.Big Brother season would not be the same without you!


QuixoticElf said...

I cannot pick any favs yet, not impressed with any of them. :(

I do think a comp may have something to do with bugs, spiders, and heights...most of them listed those in their fears. We shall see.

pat said...

howard is HHHHHHHHHHHHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnddddddddddddddsooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmme

Wintermute said...

Hi Jackie! Been reading your blog for ever, but I've only commented once or twice. Just wanted to say thanks for introducing this year's hamsters. Here's hoping it's a good season :)

gaylos said...

Hey gang! If there is a pool for Big Brother, can I be included please? Jackie, how are you doing? Can't believe it's almost been three years since we met you. Hope all is well with you and Vincent!

gaylos said...

Hey gang! If there is a pool for Big Brother, can I please be included? How are you doing Jackie? Can't believe it's been almost three years since we met you! Hope things are well with you and Vincent...

pat rw said...

i'm with you Jackie regardin the white cast, I will still watch too but I will like to see the mixed world....