Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Big Brother 15: Aaryn fired by her modeling agency


Tons of articles out there, here is but one. While in looks, she's quite pretty, she's not pretty when she's tossing out the gay, Asian and black slurs. Not at all.

If you do a Google search for "aaryn big brother" -- you'll find many more.

Do you think she deserves the shun from her agency? Do you think she can in any way redeem herself?


Chacha said...

I don't think she will redeem herself wile in the house.
Just last night she was full of double talk.
I believe one day she may be able to redeem herself but it will take alot of soul searching. When she learns she has been dropped from the talent agency that will "launch Her" she will do alot of backtracking. The exit interviews at the end of the season will be awesome to watch.
Her excuse of being as she is because she is strong, isn't true, I am a strong independant female, from the south and was always taught to respect all people regardless of race, religon or personal beliefs.

lynn1 said...

I feel sure Aryan will be shocked. It may take a while for her to understand that what she said was offensive to many people. I am sure she does not see herself as a racist homophobic person.
She will probably cry and try to make herself out to be a misunderstood victim. Good luck with that you pretty little mean spirited bigoted girl.

RBennie said...

She totally deserved to get dropped from her agency. I thought she was gorgeous on night one, but she gets a little uglier every day.

RBennie said...

I'm so glad that Helen is my pool pick. Someone I can feel good about rooting for.

Petals said...

A) it was uber-presumtuous for her to have hired an agent in anticipation of having a career from Big Brother.

B) and being that she was a new, unproven client, I think it is totally fine that they terminated her.

nenner nenner nenner!

Chacha said...

i believe she probably got the info for BB from her agent.
she talks about how she did a maxim local shoot, and does acting classes and workshops, etc.
i can't imagine how in any of the classses she took in college or workshops she went to that they didn't teach how to keep your mouth shut and if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all.

although who knows what workshops teach for "reality shows". maybe the worse you are the more attention you get and attention she is getting for all the wrong reasons.

Chacha said...

comments by Brenchel to TMZ at bottom of post.
If I remember correctly everytime rachael said anything remotely offensive Brendan reeled her back in. I am speaking about anything offensive close to racist/homophobic remarks. I dont' remember her making remarks like that, catty remarks yes she made many!
The article linked below got the year of Rachaels win wrong

Chacha said...

i found an interesting article on today dot com. the link is at the bottom.
I have worked on a few productions of "reality Television" and saying that i learned early on that reality isn't really reality all the time. We as viewers of this show who watch/read feed info know this show is actually two shows, one on network television and one on the internet(the real show IMHO)
Read the last paragraph with Allison Grodner.

Anonymous said...

So, protecting its bottom line, CBS proliferates attitudes and remarks (on the web) that Aaryn's agency won't condone, even from a distance. The "Tiffany network's" standards have really fallen.

Petals said...

I remember Aryan mentioning that she did a shoot for Maxim's "Hometown Hotties", but she didn't make the cut. Her next shoot was to be submitted to Maxim also, this time for Reality TV Vixens. LOL

Terry is a Texan! said...

she has lost her ability to market herself.....pretty is as pretty does my granny used to say

Chacha said...

another contestant loses her day job. link at bottom.
Gina Marie has been let go from her job, whats intersting is that the company is glad they saw this so they know what she is really like

uncartie said...

These idiots are in for a very rude awakening. Their sickening comments will follow them for years and sink their careers or chances for advancement. Just ask Paula Deen!

JOEY said...

Hi all.
JOEY and I are in agreement with what everyone has said and posted here today and we wish to thank you for the informations as well.
we agree with Chacha about what was said about repsect and that it has to be earn befor it is given, as for these kids, yeah, JOEY call them nothing but childish kids and said " what goes around, come around. like Uncartie said"rude awakening'' once they get out in real world, they will wish they were back in the bb house to stay.

JOEY said...

Also, we, JOEY and I, want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July and hope all of you enjoy the time and fireworks in your area and please stay safe and well.
WE hope you get some time off and a lot of rest. and hope you and vincent will be safe and have a good time as well.
We thank you and everyone for sharing here with theirs thoughts and fun.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is easy for me to say that she is young and stupid. But I was her age once as well, and I would have never in a million years have made comments like Aaryn's either in public or in private.

Chacha said...

anon 5:14

i think we were all young once but the majority of us would never say anything like this.

To think when i was that age there was no FB/twitter and such that you can google a name and the company would know you before you came in.
it will definetly stick for a long time. they will be associated with this forever.

Sharon said...

This issue makes it clear that we are all in a world of "there's media everywhere" ... in one form or another, be it microphones, cameras, cellphones, etc.

Simple gossip is a form that's insidious... and much easier for the average person to get caught up in without realizing that it can end up affecting their private and/or employment lives.

A woman I knew a few years back, was repeating a rumor. Even though there were several people passing the rumor around, the person it was about happened to overhear HER. She was sued and the courts deemed it defamation of character and she was fined $10k, and retired.

Anonymous said...

She's already done it again by choosing the minorities...... and Elissa as have nots.