Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Big Brother 15: First Endurance HoH Comp of the season - 7/03

Well, it's actually more like a slip and slide than an actual endurance. It's going to be a LONG comp ... so, it's endurance on our part!

As I type this, the feeds are still blocked. But when they come back up, I'll keep up with the comp posting screencaps and the eventual winner. It's going to be a long night, for sure.

The feeds are still blocked at 9:14pm ET, but here are the pairs:




9:25pm ET and still no feeds for the comp. What's up with that?

9:29 and we have audio ...!

9:32pm ET and we lost the audio. We never had video except for trivia. Someone (Nick?) said something about "exactly halfway." But since we had trivia, I don't know.

Up and running at 9:34pm ET
Amanda/Kaitlin doing well

Nick and Judd filled the smaller jug to get the bigger scoops. But will they catch up?
Nick and Judd

We're back to blocked feeds and trivia. I couldn't see all the hamsters. But it appeared that Amanda and Kaitlin were doing quite well.

9:49pm ET - Feeds back. Andy and Elissa also doing very well! Uh-oh, so are Aaryn and Jeremy. Eep.

9:53pm ET

9:55pm ET - Feeds are blocked with trivia again. Grr.

OH NOES! 10:01pm ET -- JEREMY GOT THE BALL. Rats. Andy was SO close! Either Jeremy or Aaryn will be the new HoH. When I know, you'll know.


There's bound to be some controversy because Jeremy used his hands instead of a cup, but I imagine they'll remain the winners.


Aaryn, who's almost lost her voice, is trying to get people to confess to voting out David. Jeremy, for once showing smarts, says that was last week, this is this week; time to move on.

Somehow, Elissa, Helen, Andy and Candice are Have Nots. McCrae volunteered to be one, but didn't get chosen. I guess Jeremy or Aaryn named the Have Nots.
Spencer is denying voting for David to leave way too much.

I just heard Jeremy say "if I got HoH." Uh-oh. I think he gave it to Aaryn.



Sharon S said...

Interesting Jeremy and Aaryn ended up paired if it was random.

Jackie said...

The other pairings don't look intentional. It would actually make for better TV to pair Aaryn and Elissa! I think it was indeed random.

jessica UNderwood said...

Just hope Aaron does NOT WIN HOH!

Sharon S said...

Jackie, that would have been hilarious!

Sharon said...

I decided to give my 10 votes to Howard. It would be nice to give to Elissa again, but that will only put a bigger target on her back. Each week, I plan to move vote around to all but Bieber Fever group.

MikesGirl said...

Double Grr

Chacha said...

Jeremy Nd Aaron win

RBennie said...

So does this mean they are both HOH?

RBennie said...

So does this mean they are both HOH?

Jackie said...

RBennie - They have to decide between the two of them which one will be HoH.

Sharon S said...

Hope MVP nominates someone in the bieber crew.

Sasha said...

Of course!! The two people I least want to see as HOH. Sigh. Always happens.

Sharon said...

Who knows... double HOH?
Or maybe just Jerm since he was the one who got the ball.

Sharon said...

Wonder how Kaitlyn will react to Jerm and Aryan sharing HOH? lol

Jackie said...

Remember -- Only ONE can be HoH. They have to decide between the two of them which it will be. Right now, we don't know yet.

Anonymous said...

Really...Guess Jeremy is going to have to show his cards this week...does he go BF or MC...well at least with the MVP hopefully somebody from the other side goes home anyway...come on America lets get this vote right!


monty924 said...

Sucks, sucks, sucks. This always happens. I hope she get's HoH (think she has) and then can't play the next week.

Did I mention that this SUCKS?

Sharon said...

Monty, that's the only good thing about her getting HOH... she can't play next week. But JERM is still playing both sides, so he might roll with BF instead of MC. If so, MC better unload him FAST outta that house!

Sasha said...

I'm not happy but poor're going to have to listen to Aaryn and BF all week. My sympathies. I'm sure shell surprise us all and be gracious to all @@

Sharon...Jeremy voted with BF this time. Was that planned?

Anonymous said...

GUYS Nick is lying to Aaryn and GM, saying he didn't vote for David..

I said from Day 1 He is going to win because he is this season's Dan, Eric, Matt, etc.

Keep marking my words, guys!


Sharon said...

I don't remember, but I think it was part of the plan, so the vote would be split and BF wouldn't know for sure who voted which way.
As it is right now, GM is convinced Nick voted to keep David and Candace voted to keep Elissa. @@
And they are wondering why Amanda voted to keep Elissa... now figuring she and McC made a deal with Elissa.

Too bad one of MC crew didn't win.
I wanted to watch BF implode!

The only upside is that Aryan can't play for HOH next week.

Sasha said...

I just can't listen to poor victim Aaryn and potty mouth GM anymore. Gonna be a tough week all around.

ORKMommy said...

Of course Jerm let Aaryn have it. He's tight with her and can use her to get someone out that he wants out and there's no blood on his hands. He's a scumbag but he's not dumb!

Nickelpeed said...

OMGOSH! What a nightmare. UGH! Arynn...this is the WORSE case scenario.

Nickelpeed said...

Dang, Arynn sounds very upset. She's out to get blood. Elissa better watch out.

You can tell who's on the bottom by their choice of who are the have nots.

Geesh, we'll have drama every single day she is HOH.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a BB manipulation in this HOH. They think keeping this disgusting individual in the house will increase viewers. CBS should be ashamed. Aaryn should have been removed from the house after the first slur.
Thinking 2

lynn1 said...

Jackie you have my deepest sympathy that you have to watch these slime balls lord it over the decent people next week.
Just hope they remember that Karma's a Bitch.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I am starting the season not liking people so much and that also they are so stupid.


They are posters for bad behavior.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what Julie thinks of the way they treat Helen???

Not good. Thats how totally stupid they are!!!

Aaryn is not a nice person in addition to her empty head.

Sharon said...

Anon 11:43
In the BB house, the only 'cause' for being pulled from the game is when someone because physically abusive (like Hantz), or possibly causing damage to another's property (Jeremy has been warned and forced to apologize to Elissa).

Bad language and slurs are upsetting to listeners, but aren't considered a reason for being pulled from the game. It's that little thing called Freedom of Speech. However, they will "pay" in other ways, and for a long time to come. Aryan and GinaMarie don't know it yet, but they have already been fired, and will learn how everyone perceives them when they enter the real world again.

In the meantime, David is about to get a huge wake-up call about his "honey" when he starts reading all the articles and blogs.

Anonymous said...

BB released a statement about this to TMZ

Things are getting soo juicy in the house.

For some reason, Spencer told Candice to vote for Elissa even though everyone was supposed to vote for David. It screwed her over. But IDK why he would tell her to do that?

Peggy said...

Spencer told Candice to vote for Elissa so they could throw blame her way. It's the MC alliance that's controlling this and using the 'periferal' alliance members (Andy, Helen, Elissa) to do their dirty work.

On BBAD, Helen & Candice have almost got it figured out & suspect Howard, as well. The MC is only about the MC & Spencer Howard & Nick have been congratulating each other

Anonymous said...

So this is an MC thing? Okay. I was confused, because I don't remember seeing the MC form this plan, on the feeds. When was this?

Peggy said...

I don't have the feeds so I don't know when they worked out the finer points of tonight's plans but even earlier in the week you could see Spencer advocating that he be 'assigned to 'handle' Candice and Nick has been doing double duty with BF. Tonight Spencer/Nick had a little pow wow at the fridge & later Spencer & Howard had a whisper Fest while playing chess.

Helen really thinks Spencer is a double agent. I haven't seen much from MCrae tonight but the other MC guys are all about using the girls as pawns to further their game.

Sharon said...

Personally, I don't like Spence at all anymore. Between that "little" exhibition the other night (wasn't even an ignorant accident like David's)... and his filthy mouth constantly referring to Elissa as a c**t. If this is the way he talks about women, I feel bad for his girlfriend (if he really has one). Just too bad he won't be going away very soon.

Peggy said...

Spencer is working it hard tonight. He quelled Helen's suspicions and has everyone, including Aaryn, thinking he is so trustworthy. Ok Aaryn thinks she's manipulated Spencer in to feeling too guilty to ever betray her because she played the 'Daddy Card' on him. He used the 'c' word describing Elissa while assuring Kaitlyn that she's ok. He's such a misogynistic snake. I know it's supposed to be a game of obfuscation but it's hard to find a single cast member to root for. IMHO even Howard is sullied by his willingness to go along with the MC crew.

Sharon said...

So far, these are the only hamsters I can stand to watch or listen to:
McC, Howard, Andy and Nick. So far, they've been sneaky, but decent.
Helen, Elissa and Candace. But now that HOH has changed, Candace has patched things up with Aryan and they are acting like bff. After them treating her so poorly... @@

Peggy said...

Peripheral :(

Peggy said...

I tend to root for the underdogs so I'm enjoying Helen, Elissa & Andy for all the reasons everyone else is being so hateful and intolerant to them. I've liked McC & Howard, as well but question their affiliations. I have to remember to pace myself. It's a long summer.

Anonymous said...

Aaryn and Jeremy definitely cheated in the HOH comp. Instead of her pouring the BBQ sauce into his cup, they just switched cups. You can see this in video. As soon as she gets to the wall he grabs the cup and leaves.

Anonymous said...

Sharon 12:04

“That little thing called Freedom of Speech” does not prevail in private settings. If you want to expel a guest in your private home who insults other guests (or for almost any other reason, or no reason), your property rights trump their First Amendment rights. Beyond that, I would bet that houseguests’ contracts state that producers may expel them at any time for any reason.

Especially if this continues, if CBS doesn’t expel blatant bigots to protect the network’s own integrity, sponsors will walk away from the show and force their hand. It has happened many times in the past. Jimmy the Greek, Al Campanis, Mel Gibson, and Paula Deen are several examples. Real-life Archie Bunkers don’t last long in mainstream media.

RBennie said...

Why is it always the one you least want to win HOH that wins it. This week is going to be torture. If Elissa wins MVP again, I hope she thinks for herself.

JOEY said...

JOEY stay up to watch bb after dark on tvg and after 2 am come to bed and wake me up and said:
"I don't know who's dumber?
the kids on the show or me , for watching it?
I said to him" You wake me up for that??? I gave him the ole evil eye look and said" Guess what I am thinking??
Enjoy the couch , JOEY.
Anyone have a use dog house he sleep in??
I feel sorry for Jackie staying up to watch that too.
Happy 4th of July, All
good night.
JULIE and A not so happy JOEY in the dog house

Joe in NY said...

well, frankly, this is the best possible outcome. If I'm going to watch the show, I need it to be entertaining. This promises to be an interesting week.

Anon is correct on "freedom of speech". That is so misunderstood. It really only applies to government prosecution of public statements. But even that right has been eroded by so-called "hate crimes". Bottom line: CBS can boot them for any reason they want - if they wanted.

jessica UNderwood said...

Aaron should b e kicked out because of her hate speech! That's verbally abusive

Sharon said...

Anon and Joe - Thank you for correcting my misinterpretation. Freedom of Speech (like other political issues) gets tossed around so freely that it's easy to "assume" a multitude of offenses are covered. Go figure.

Now that that subject is cleared up...
Has anyone else noticed that Aryan has started to behave "slightly" better? Aryan was almost pleasant to Helen last night! Gina has a BAD case of potty mouth, but I didn't hear additional slurs from her last night (maybe I missed it?). I'm thinking CBS twisted their knickers pretty tight. Wonder how long they can hold out and not pop with additional "beauties" to get everyone more riled up.