Monday, July 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Daytime Monday - July 29

And Amanda cried ... finally

Remember, they wanted to be in the house! I wouldn't be caught dead in there myself! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Disgruntled Doofuses:
  • Andy told Howard he doesn't know if he can trust Helen and they counted the votes for Howard to stay.
  • Say WHAT?
  • Howard told Andy that Helen is controlling the nominations and the votes, as well.
  • In comparing notes, Spencer said that Helen said he'll probably go up on the block each week, but should remain safe until jury.
  • (Dang, don't these folks see it's both Amanda and Helen pulling the strings here? And ... one of them is presently on the block and could be sent packing!)
  • Judd asked Howard if he'd be willing to go along and get back in the game if Candice went instead of him.
  • Howard told him it broke his heart to see her cry. He said that, as a man, he'd rather go and have her stay.
  • McCrae told Amanda he feels she has too many secrets.
  • Amanda is worried Judd wants her out.
  • McCrae told Spencer to lay low. Um. Okay. He has PoV, isn't worried for himself this week anyway.
  • Amanda continues to be nervous.
  • She asked McCrae if he trusts her. He said, "Yeah, but I didn't know."
  • Are cracks developing in that relationship?
  • Good. I'm sick of seeing them all over each other. I don't watch the live feeds for bad porn.
  • Amanda continued to stress out, cry, worry that Judd is working against her, cry some more ... for a good two hours!
  • Better McCrae to deal with her than me.
  • She's now even leery of McCrae.
  • She said she hates it when she loses control of situations.
  • Yes, I do believe her. Yikes!
  • Aaryn told Spencer that Candice will be going up in his place.
  • Duh. Pretty much everybody knew that the second Spencer won PoV.
  • Spencer pushed again for a power move.
  • Aaryn's too scared to upset the house.
  • (Like she never did that before!)
  • Spencer told Howard that he's working on a plan to keep him and send Candice out instead.
  • Spencer told Aaryn the same thing.
  • The PoV ceremony, though blocked to the feeds, held no surprises -- Spencer saved himself, Candice went on the block.
  • Amanda and Helen are all ticked off at Judd because he didn't tell them of the plan to evict Candice and keep Howard.
  • Hey, they should be thankful it's Candice. It could be Amanda.
  • I can only dream.
  • Jessie and Candice had a bit of a bicker fight. Candice said that she has never repeated anything Jessie has said while Jessie thinks that she's using things she said about Amanda two weeks ago to pressure her.
  • Meow.
  • Judd trusts Andy.
  • He shouldn't.
  • Talk about repeating everything!
  • They're all still worried that Howard has some sort of special power like a coup d'etat.
  • They're worried about the vote count this week, but feel Amanda should have no votes. They plan to tell Spencer last minute they don't have to votes to send out Candice instead of Howard.
  • Aaryn asked if it's tied between Candice and Howard, who should she vote out?
  • Howard.
  • Aaryn says she hates Candice.
  • Howard and Candice are starting to bicker.
  • The others think he's throwing her under the bus in an attempt to stay.
  • Candice is starting to feel that way, too.
  • Oh my. What a kerfuffle going on in there.
  • I'm glad I'm here.

Primping time!

Howard-a-Day and Candice's onesies

Jessie backpedals


Sharon said...

I'm with you Jackie... couldn't stand living in that house for 2 minutes, much less a couple of months! My psyche could be permanently damaged!!! LMAO

Sharon S said...

We still have three days for them to wake up to getting Amanda out...

~~Silk said...

It seems like I'm always a few minutes behind, and commenting on a "dead" post, so I'm going to repeat a comment I left on the previous post, because I want people to read and think about it:

"I know a lot of large dark men (I'm dating one), and they are acutely aware that that it's easy for them to look intimidating to some people. They know that it can be literally dangerous for them to display anger, even if it's just a look in their eyes, so they often work hard to avoid any situation where anger is stoked. I believe that's why Howard keeps to himself or with just Candice so much. He's not sure he can keep the anger from showing. He may or may not be aware of it - it's a response ingrained since childhood. 'Stay cool, don't engage, no way you can win if you do.''"

JimmyB said...

I don't buy any excuses for Howard having no social game.

He simply ain't got it.

...And it's an important part of the game; probably the single most important part.

~~Silk said...

It's not meant as an excuse. It's simply a truth.

Anonymous said...

I don't blame Howard one bit for isolating himself from these people...The ones who aren't racist keep their mouths shut when they hear racist comments and thus, condone it. Why would he want to talk to them? I wouldn't if I were him not even for half a million dollars...Money isn't everything. It's more important to be able to look yourself in the mirror each day.

And as for Candice...Both GM and Aaryn are jealous of her if you ask me. Although both Aaryn and GM think they are all that neither one of them was Miss New Jersey or Miss Texas. Not only that they never will be and they know it. They are simply trying to tear Candice down to build themselves up (You would think with Aaryn being a student of psychology she would have a tiny bit of self awareness and empathy for others but alas this is not the case). Candice is prettier than both of them and not just on the outside.

Petals said...

Again, I agree with Anon (are you the same Anon with whom I agreed on Jackie's last update?)

Aryan & GM (especially GM)are jealous. Back in week 1, when Candice was talking to them about her pageant days, her travels, etc - the meanies were rolling their eyes at her.

It seems so trite, but "haters are gonna hate". In this case, it is true. Some people just have something broken inside that makes them NEED to hate. When Candi is gone, they will hate Jessie.