Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday - Have Nots, Nominations - July 12


After last night's brouhahas, today was a lot quieter. But we still have some powder kegs just waiting to go off in the house. Here's what happened today inside that Big Brother House of Future Failures:
  • Judd, Andy and Helen pretty much have Howard and Spencer figured out, but don't know which one voted to keep Nick.
  • They agree not to mention it to Candice because of her relationship with Howard.
  • All three agree Jeremy really needs to leave.
  • Helen did question Jessie about the hinky vote and believed her when she said she voted to keep Elissa.
  • Jessie already seems a teensy bit more comfortable in the house since switching sides. Now she has friends! Woo.
  • Helen and Elissa marveled about how calm Judd remains while chaos is all about him.
  • He continues to work his way into becoming my favorite hamster.
  • Andy and Candice talked about the racism in the house. Candice said it's malicious.
  • Yep, you got that right. She's suffering now, but she'll have a pleasant surprise about the media back-up for her case when she leaves the house.
  • The feeds were blocked for the Have/Have Not Comp. It was definitely another gooey one as they had stuff on them and the house had plastic covering everything.
  • The plastic is probably because they know these hamsters wouldn't bother cleaning up a mess.
  • Unlike last week when Aaryn (HOH) chose the Have Nots, this time they were split into teams.
  • The Yellow Team lost, making Judd, Jessie, McCrae and Amanda the latest Have Nots.
  • Rats. I was hoping for different ones.
  • You know who.
  • Helen told Candice not to trust Howard, but didn't go into detail why.
  • Helen talked to Jeremy and offered to keep him safe if he kept her safe.
  • He agreed.
  • She turned to the camera and called on America as a witness.
  • Jeremy told Helen about the Moving Company.
  • She's probably sick of hearing about it by now!
  • But he gave her a new tidbit -- He told her Spencer and McCrae betrayed the Moving Company and voted to keep Elissa while he and Howard voted to keep Nick.
  • Helen told Jeremy that she had wanted to try to work with Aaryn, but thinks after last night, she just can't.
  • Good.
  • Then McCrae went and told her about the Moving Company.
  • Enough already!
  • Will Nick make a special appearance on their video screen to tell her about the Moving Company next?
  • She told McCrae that, thankfully, Amanda had already figured it out and told her before last night.
  • Howard continues to lie to Helen about the vote. Finally he admitted the vote, then lied about the MC ... which Helen already knew about.
  • Oy, Howard.
  • Helen's tossing around the idea of either an Aaryn/Kaitlin nom or a Spencer/Howard one. She's also still talking about backdooring Jeremy.
  • Helen told Kaitlin she won't be going home.
  • But ... but ... but ... Kaitlin is EVIL MEAN! 
  • Helen definitely wants to put Aaryn on the block. That way, if the MVP isn't someone in their group, they have a good stand-by for eviction.
  • She's also really lost her trust in Spencer.
  • And, me?
  • I'm just sitting here typing away waiting for the feeds to come back from nominations ceremony block.
  • So, I'll bop my head to the bad BB music a little while longer.
  • I suppose it would be too much to crank the BB music and dance with the cat.
  • Anytime now the feeds should be back.
  • What this BB house needs is a Sharknado to blow through it!
  • Heehee.
  • It looks like Howard and Aaryn are indeed on the block.
  • Just waiting for better confirmation.
  • Wait ... wait ... Aaryn's definitely up. Could it be Kaitlin up with her?
  • Yes! Yes, it is! The MVP nomination, if it goes to Elissa, will probably be Howard.
  • Aaryn and Kaitlin are on the block. It's a Mean Girls Nomination Night! 

Another messy comp

Guacamole and grapefruit

Still pining for her lost "love"


ORKMommy said...

I may have to watch BBAD just to see the fireworks!

pisgahscience said...

Very Interesting....very interesting. Hey everyone. I'm still around - I know it has been FOREVER since the old days of Petals and ORK and our Janelle discussions. I've never left the blog, but it has been a busy few years (Moved 1000 miles, married, adopted kids, etc). Anyway, hopefully I can be back in full swing. Anyway...glad they are on the block and I can't wait for them to go home!!!


Sharon said...

Interesting... I thought Aryan was on the yellow team too. Oh well, next time... if she makes it through eviction.

Smartest thing they can do is follow through and backdoor Jeremy. The mean girls would fold up like wet newspapers.

I hope Helen doesn't stick with the alliance she made with Jeremy. Within the hour, it was clear that he has ZERO intention of keeping his word.

ORKMommy said...

Welcome back buddy! Congrats on the life changes! What state are you hanging your hat in these days?

pisgahscience said...

Moved to the great state of Maryland! :) LOVE IT. Just about 25 minutes North of DC. Just loving it!

QuixoticElf said...

Reading the blog and watching tmz....and what story comes on? Got to see Howard just picking up Candice and walking off with her! Still like him.

Lili said...

GM seriously needs to pull it together. I won't attack some ones right to feel what they feel. If she wants to be heart broken about Nick that is her right. But come on!

To carry on like that? To worship and cling to his Chapstick, his undies and his hat? To cry on TV for seven hours? Girl you have lost your pride and your mind. Leave those feelings on the inside, not all over the Internet!

Happy about the nominations, and am wondering if Howard will sufficiently redeem himself to not go up later on, we will see.

Does anybody know where Jessie ended up sleeping last night after the whole bed bullying thing?

AlbGlinka said...

Loving your recaps Jackie, I still watch the show, no live feeds, but I'm obsessed with this train wreck season. I can't wait to see how Julie Chen interviews Aryan and GM when they get the boot.

Sharon said...

Good for Howard. Coming clean and being the man we all thought he was from the get-go. It looks like they all believe Howard and Spencer are finally being honest. I felt bad watching him feeling he had to be dishonest.

QuixoticElf said...

Sharon, feeling the same way.

Has anyone else noticed all the disclaimers for live feeds and BBAD?

Sharon said...

Quix - No, but only because I don't get the live feeds, and start BBAD a little late so I can fast-forward through the ads. I assume the disclaimers say something like "not responsible for... "

Dramahold said...

The Howard and Spencer confessional is hard to watch. This is a very bizarre season.

Petals said...

the TMZ segment was hilarious! They call it "Bigot Brother"!

Pisgah - ditto Ork on congratulations. Glad to have you back posting (it must have gotten lonely & a bit dusty in the loft, hehe)

The past 48 hours of such intense hate drama has me exhausted. The racial thing - it is everywhere. The Zimmerman trial, Paula Deen, and my favorite guilty pleasure show is now making national news for it?
I need a break.

Terry is a Texan! said...

I love it that the mean girls are on the block.....I do love Howard but I did not care for his lies. Jeremy is more of a physical threat....Elissa 's pick should be a good one!

Witt said...

Welcome back Pisgah! You are right....Maryland is a great state! "Maryland, we're all behind you, raise high your black and gold...." (Maryland Fight Song -- I'm class of 86) :)

Witt :)