Friday, July 19, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds, Have Nots, Friday daytime - July 19

A smelly comp, messy too?

Here's the happenings so far inside that Big Brother House of No Jeremy:
  • Amanda told the guys there's no girls alliance.
  • Doesn't she think they can tell? 
  • Judd told Spencer he's safe this week. Not a huge surprise.
  • Amanda is still harping on getting rid of Howard this week.
  • Of course, last week Howard was harping about getting rid of Amanda.
  • Judd is worried about too many guys leaving -- all three evictions have been male.
  • Judd also doesn't want Aaryn to go this week. McCrae tried to tell him that Aaryn is working with Kaitlin.
  • Judd told his alliance he thinks he'll probably put up GinaMarie and Kaitlin.
  • Um. Okay. America will probably raise him an Aaryn.
  • They tend to think Kaitlin more dangerous than Aaryn. Aaryn causes issues in the house, but Kaitlin is smarter and can win comps.
  • I say she's meaner, too!
  • Aaryn's just kind of oblivious to right and wrong, good and bad. Kaitlin knows what she's doing when she's cruel.
  • (The above is my own observation.)
  • Judd went around talking to everybody, even those he's likely to put on the block.
  • The feeds were blocked for a long time as the Have/Have Not Comp went down.
  • When the feeds came back up, the hamsters looked a bit greasy and were complaining about the smell.
  • We should be thankful we have no scratch-n-sniff monitors or televisions!
  • Andy, Jessie, Candice and Spencer are the Have Nots.
  • Nominations will be later tonight. It sounds like he's going to put up Kaitlin and GinaMarie.
  • They think that Elissa will get MVP again and she'll probably put up Aaryn.
  • Well, they might have the latter part of that right.

Jumping jacks and jogging


Jessie talking strategy

Listening, not mumbling


Sharon S said...

Still loving my Howard-a-day's! Thanks Jackie. :)

I wonder if they will tell America's nominee that she (I hope it is Aaryn) was chosen to go on the block by America? I guess I shouldn't worry about her psyche - she will say America hates her because she is cute and white.

AlbGlinka said...

According to Aaryn, all the cute people and the winners are being voted out by the losers, so if America puts her up for eviction, then it's just because America is an ugly loser! It's so UNFAIR!!!

Terry is a Texan! said...

sure hope Aaryn ges the nomination and then MAYBE she will finally get the clue...America does not like you Aaryn!!!

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think Kaitlin is pregnant? After dark shes craving a turkey sandwich but HATES turkey!!! Cravings?????

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm... does that mean Jesse can't sleep in hoh with Judd since she is a have not??


Andrea Johnson said...
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Andrea Johnson said...

Anonymous (9:30) - that would be an interesting development. I totally missed that.

Cheryl - that's the way it's supposed to work but Jessie is a rule breaker!

Terry - Aaryn will find a way to blame someone else. Like BB for unfair editing. I truly hope they say the fans had the MVP vote.

I really do think Judd may backdoor Amanda. He keeps talking about someone trying to orchestrate the noms without getting any blood on their hands. Looks like he's getting fed up.

Andrea Johnson said...

Aaron and kaitlyn nominated. Aaron is confused because she hasn't done anything wrong. Been accused of twisting other's words and she does not do that.

Petals said...

AlbGlinka is right. Aryan said that losers want to get rid of Cute people and winners. @@

I wonder who came in second with the MVP? Surely GM must be high on that list.

monty924 said...

MVP will go to the next highest vote getter if Aaryn was the top. I'm sure she was. Again, why would BB let them know that America is the MVP? They went an entire season and didn't clue Evel Dick and company in on America's Player and if it wasn't for America, Dick would have been gone the week that Dustin went home. ED thought he'd pulled a big fast one, and in the end it was America and not him.

I think it is wishful thinking that somehow they (BB) are going to insert some inkling as to what is going on out here other than Julie's little tidbits to the house guests and nothing more than what the HoH comp questions let them know. The entire point of the game is to cut them off from the real world. JMO