Saturday, July 06, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Saturday Morning - 7/06

What a player!

The most noteworthy thing which happened in the overnight hours is that there was a Diary Room "slip" allowing the live feeds to see that Elissa once again did win the MVP vote. I'm always curious about well-timed slips like this. Intentional from the PTB to get internet talk going? Intentional on the part of a staffer to create a buzz and put his/her job in jeopardy at the same time? Whatever it is, it's surely no accident.

That out of the way, here's what's been happening in that Big Brother House of And I Don't Like Anybody Very Much:
  • How many BB men does it take to lift a bed?
  • Four and one to squish the spider which ran under it.
  • Y'see, Jeremy has gotten one nasty spider bite (no, not from Kaitlin) on his neck and another suspected one on his elbow.
  • So, when a bunch of them saw a spider, they freaked!
  • Helen talked to Aaryn. She does know that Elissa is the target, but she's rightfully worried that all might backfire and she might go home. She told Aaryn she has no hard feelings with her, but might still act mad in public.
  • I think she's really mad, but is too nice to act out on it.
  • Helen suggested that they (her and Aaryn) should work together secretly.
  • Aaryn claimed that she put Howard and Candice last in the key order at nominations because she trusts them the least.
  • Eep. Howard!
  • Kaitlin is still all panicky about going up on the block.
  • I'd put her up there just to ease her anxiety!
  • Judd said, "Mumble, mumble."
  • Kaitlin talked about her father being upset watching her make out with Jeremy as she made out with Jeremy.
  • GinaMarie told Helen that Elissa is probably nice but needs to go due to the MVP thing. She wants Helen to stay.
  • Apparently part of Aaryn's suspicions about Howard is because he threw out Helen's name as a possible nomination even though everybody knows they're working together.
  • Now, Howard and Helen WORK OUT together. Yes, they're friendly. But they don't really scheme together much at all.
  • Unfortunately, Howard and Spencer scheme. Howard's all excited about visiting Spencer and his family after the season.
  • Elissa told Helen (and swore her to secrecy) about getting MVP again.
  • Well, that was a better choice than telling McCrae last week, I think.
  • I'm really not sure why she tells anyone!
  • They (Helen and Elissa) did approach McCrae with a "hypothetical" about who should be nominated if one of them were to win MVP.
  • @@
  • Andy thinks MVP should put up Jeremy.
  • But if Jeremy won veto, that would open another can of worms.
  • Aaryn said she doesn't want to be the person America hates for lying all the time.
  • Oh, that's not a worry, Aaryn. Don't fret your pretty little head about that!
  • You'll be remembered for something else entirely different!
  • Judd said, "Mumble, mumble."
  • Helen and Elissa think nominating Jeremy is the way to go. They think that Nick would go up in his place if he wins veto.
  • Hmm.
  • I still think Elissa would go home in that scenario. I think the only way she'll squeak through this week is to win veto.
  • Your thoughts? 
Just a reminder, folks ... please keep the language as clean as you can in comments. I hate to be a damper on things, but try to keep this blog at a PG rating tops for various reasons. I know it can be hard with the topic at hand, but I'd appreciate it. Merci!

Hamsters in hats!


Emulating Trump?

The vixen stare


Anonymous said...

As a Puerto Rican, I was highly offended at GinaMarie's comment about taking a "Puerto Rican Shower" (just spraying perfume on a dirty body instead of showering) by what she and Amanda explained yesterday. I really can't wait to hear her reaction when she hears she was fired.

I have to say though...when I told my husband about her comment, he laughed so hard, he thought it was hilarious. He too is Puerto Rican, so different views I guess!

Jackie said...

I think that your husband thought it was funny because it's more of a man's thing to do than a woman. In the mornings going to work, I share my train commute with a lot of laborer type guys who I swear bathe in cologne rather than in water! And I imagine a very small percentage of them are Puerto Rican!

Andrea Johnson said...

Well at least she is an equal opportunity bigot? Let see: African Americans - check, Asians - check, gays - check, Hispanic - check, Jewish - check. Anyone else left for her to offend?

Petals said...

Sorry. That was me last night, Jackie - I remember posting dirty things. I apologize. (there is a CBS livefeed chatroom, and I had just jumped from there, and forgot where I was)\

I love the Judd report!
And don't they have the numbers to take out Germ? He's threatened and/or offended all but the KKK krew.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the worst cast they ever had on Big Brother. They are all like a bunch of Middle School Kids. BB should really mix it up with some older people.

Chacha said...

Petals, love the KKK crew name! That is awesome.
Andrea- i think they have all ethnicities covered except for Arabs, which aren't in the house, but i am sure they will get to them.
I believe this is the worst cas ever as well.

I was born and raised Jewsih, my son is on a five week excursion in Israel right now and am continually offended with what they say about Jews.
Its amazing that Amanda, who is jewish as well says nothing. The slurs were made in from of her last night and she still says nothing.

Chacha said...

I wanted Candice to do well as she is from New Orleans as I am.
She has ruffled feathers, is not my pool person but She has this figured out and even Helen doesn't believe that to be the case(the guys alliance).
I don't get why none of these girls see it.

Sharon said...

Judd said, "mumble mumble"
Ain't it the truth!! LOL
Too bad they all toss his name around for eviction... he seems to be one of the better guys.

Sharon S said...

My favorite part of last nights summary (aside from the Howard-a-day pic) is:

"Judd said, 'Mumble, mumble.'"


Anonymous said...

GinaMarie reminds me of Shelly from season 13

Anonymous said...

I'd like to vote this cast as "worst cast," too.

I was thrilled that BBAD was on TVGN until I started listening to the cast speak. I'm having a difficult time watching this group.
Thank you Jackie for following this group and posting your updates.

monty924 said...

POV players: Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, Jeremy, Amanda and Nick. Go Elissa... win that POV!

uncartie said...

Elissa won MVP again. Woo Hoo!

Terry is a Texan! said...

one more mumble....

Chacha said...

I agree with you, GO Elissa. I just want jeremy to go home.
Either him or Kaitlyn siince i can't have aaryn leaving this week.

Jeremy is just vial....i can't stand him as much as Spencer.
hopefully this POV wont be to long and we can get an answer!!!

Ginnyjulie said...

This is the first season I remember that I wasn't pulling for a particular person. I don't like any of them.

Judd lives about 25 miles fm me and I wanted to like him, but I can't understand a word he says!

Chacha said...

jeremy won POV

FA said...

Judd nickname: "Boomhaur" (the guy on King of the Hill that mumbles all the time).

Also, he'd make a great ventriloquist!

I like MacCrea. I dislike pretty much all the rest. Some very much. Horrible cast.

Chacha said...

i got a response from union pacific.
it is listed below

basically he is union so they wont do anything.

Thank you for contacting Union Pacific.

The values represented by Spencer Clawson's comments during the Big Brother show do not at all align with Union Pacific's values. Mr. Clawson is on unpaid leave of absence while participating on Big Brother. Union Pacific does not condone his comments.

Union Pacific is acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson.

Anonymous said...

The problem with racism on this season is due to the fact that BB refused to diversify the cast, in the first place.

The producer's racism has caused this effect on the season.


ThisYearsCastSux said...

I agree with Anon who says they were happy to hear/see that BBAD would air this season on TVGN. I was also. I literally watched 5-10 minutes of it on Sunday night, I think that's when, and was completely turned off. Btw, nothing much happened, which tells you how lame these people are. At least to me.

JimmyB said...

So, Cm...Clarification:

You're saying the producer is racist?

JimmyB said...

I'm still astounded that anyone would contact an employer with the goal to have them fired.

Outrageous behavior...worse than the individual being reported.

Sharon said...

Like most young people, they feel invincible. They also think they are being entertaining and witty.

Rather than being fired and condemned for the rest of their natural lives (ala Paula Deen for something she said 20 yrs ago), perhaps it would be wiser for them all to find out they aren't invincible, entertaining or witty. And then receive intensive Sensitivity Training. After years of bratty behavior, it probably wouldn't change their basic attitudes, but they 'might' at least learn how to shut the heck up.

I still wonder why GinaM and Aryan are being condemned through the media (including being fired), while Spence & Jerm are basically getting off Scott-free.

Interesting... GM and Aryan both called to DR at the same time a bit ago.

I'm glad a couple of guys are starting to realize Jerm is a threat. It would be funny if he feels so cocky that he leaves himself on the block, and then gets evicted. Too much to hope for...

JimmyB said...

Well said, Sharon. (Better than I)

Sharon said...

Jimmy - I have to admit my first inclination was to have them tarred and feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail. But I also have to accept that I've done or said things when I was much younger that were probably hurtful. Certainly not as bad as this crew, but still.... taking responsibility is a tough nut to crack.
Truth be told, I doubt anybody's past is totally spotless.

JimmyB said...

Sharon--I just think we should keep it on perspective. The morons in the house & their poor behavior (& ignorance) will come back to bite 'em...

Regardless of what success they might encounter on BB; it will be likely limited upon their exit, IMO.

And there's always the possibility that it's game play a la Evel Dick.

Becky said...

Sharon said... Like most young people, they feel invincible. They also think they are being entertaining and witty.

Very well put, Sharon. I agree that only the women being punished is not fair.

JimmyB, I am going to play the "devil's advocate" here. The group here did not fire the two women, their companies did. I am sure the companies did not want to be perceived as condoning what has come out of the women's mouth because it reflects on them. Face it, yes, the women are entitled to feel like they want, but companies have a self image to protect.

Why did QVC fire Paula Dean? Should they have done this because of racial slurs she made in the past? Maybe so, maybe not. They could have just waited to see if sales she promoted tanked, but they decided they did not want someone who had used racial remarks (even several years ago) representing them.

I am not condoning Paula, nor am I condemning these two girls. I am just saying that people should watch what they say. It came come back to haunt you later.

I just hope that ALL of these people (and others who hear what happened) will watch what they say in public.

Lili said...

I assume Elissa gets to nominate the replacement not Aaryn? Hope she puts Nick up. Perhaps enough people will vote him out as lots of them having been saying they think he is shady.

Anonymous said...

Hi, This is slightly off topic -but people have brought up Paula Deen. I too thought there was an over-reaction - I have always been a fan. However, after reading the deposition I totally changed my mind - there was a lot more than using the "N" word twenty years ago. The link is below.

JimmyB said...

Becky--My reference was focused on individuals like you or me contacting an employer with the express goal to have them fired.

If those other two employers made that decision--so be it--but both of those individuals possess some public representation of those companies.

Spencer, to my knowledge, is in no way a public representative of his employer.

Frankly, in the working world, there is always going to be ignorant people who otherwise perform their duties. Can't fire them all for their off-hours-legal viewpoints.

Sissy said...

I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY America keeps voting for Elissa to be MVP. I didn't like Rachel (although she did grow on me at the end of last season when her and Jordan worked together)and I certainly don't like Elissa. Maybe it's the way they both swing their hair around..

Sharon said...

Sissy - Rachel has a LOT of followers. Someone figured out the numbers and said there's enough to keep voting Elissa MVP.
Fair, maybe not.. but I do like that it's driving the nasty-nuts nuttier.
Now I hope a few hamsters wake up and vote someone else on the block out (not Helen), and keep Elissa to make Aryan's and Jeremy's lives a little more miserable. lol

JimmyB said...

The next probable MVP will be Howard.

Petals said...

Sharon, I love you but respectfully disagree re Aryan & GM. Sure, we were all idiots & said stupid stuff in our past. The difference is WE WERE NOT ON CAMERA. That makes them a 100% more accountable for what they say & do.
This is just IMO.
I truly do despise Aryan & Germ. Kait is beneath consideration. GM is one who concerns me due to her emotional fragility. It seems her identity hinges on male attention & acceptance, and SHE WORKS WITH YOUNG GIRLS! Not a good pairing.
I hope her insecurities & scewed view of the world do not rub-off on the little girls she coaches.

Chacha said...

The only reason I contacted union pacific was to see what they would say, and also speak out that they aren't a reflection of Spencer.
I know many people that work for the railroad and said there bosses wouldn't stand for that.

I didn't pen an open letter to them. I sent a message on FB that was private.
Evidently I was not the only one to do so if they came out with that message on their website.

I do feel though as much as I don't condone what Aaryn and Gina Marie have said that it isn't fair that they were the only ones to "take the heat" so to speak.

They should all be pu through some sort of sensitivity training when they leave the house.
They should also be smart enough to remember that every move is recorded.

Chacha said...

Petals- she reminds me of Danielle from last season. I thought she was unstable but from poking around seems to have graduated from nursing school and doing well.

Since she has no job with the pagents it looks like the young girls will be spared.

Chacha said...

Not that I like Aaryn but she would be smart to tell Kaitlyn that if Jeremy uses the POV she will go up and be voted out.
Aaryn should have Jeremy remain on the block so they will "vote" Elissa then just vote out Jeremy.,

Petals said...

Cha - Spencer's job does not have him in the public eye, like the girls' jobs do. I can see the difference.
It is like saying: "it isn't fair that so&so gets to wear jeans to work and I dont"

it is the career they chose, and being a decent person goes along with it. Spencer's chosen profession does not have as strict guidelines.

But I dont care. These kids are as bad as the winter season. Disappointing.

Chacha said...

season 10, the one thrown together quickly.
The winner in jail for drug traffic and his buddy Mattie in jail and treatment for drug use and beating his girlfriend.

Sharon said...

Petals - I agree, there is a difference between saying things publicly (on camera) and private conversations.
However, I also think these spoiled brats are so flippin' high on themselves that they don't think what they are saying is wrong, or that there will be consequences... and so stupid that they aren't accepting that cameras ARE on 24/7 and catching everything they say and do.

Anonymous said...

After reading all these comments regarding race and losing jobs including Paula Dean....lets be clear...the N word is not good but NEITHER ARE WORDS REFERING TO WHITE PEOPLE like cracker...ect. You cannot say anything about any race without being racist except when talking about white people!!

I think this cast of BB is the worst and several of them are just people they saw and wanted on the show...probably because of thier looks. Ewwwww They might look good on the outside but they are another way inside.

Andrea Johnson said...

Paula Deen's comments are being stated as one thing that happened 20 years ago. That's not correct. These comments happened between 2005-2010. And use of the n-word is just the tip of the iceberg.

JimmyB said...

Comparing an international public figure to these goobers?


JimmyB said...

Story tonight from TMZ:

'BB' Star Spencer Clawson
Slammed by Day Job Employer

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

It's all sad and it really takes away from the pure fun of BB.

I haven't talked or said much about the 'firings' other than my most previous avi.

I can only say this... if I had to take this show serious and take it personally, as in it effects my life, then I will stop watching it.

I'm offended by a lot of things. I'm offended by my favorite actors, some of my favorite musicians, and my favorite talk show hosts. If I were to boycott every person and/or enterprise that I've been offended by, well you know.

I'd have no movies to watch, no places to spend my hard earned money and most importantly my music that I love.

I guess I just don't take it personal, and I'm not sure why anyone else would either.
Peace out~ Monty

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