Sunday, July 07, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening - 7/07

Sleeping in on quad cam

Sundays are generally rather boring in the house. The hamsters are in limbo -- the nominations and PoV have already played out and the PoV ceremony probably won't be until tomorrow.

Here's what's gone down today inside that Big Brother House of Hateful Hussies and Despicable Dudes:
  • They slept in past 10:30 their time.
  • That's past 1:30 where I live. 
  • Of course, most were up past 4am (their time). Nick and Judd were up well past 6am.
  • So, 10:30ish isn't a really long night's sleep for the hamsters.
  • Andy thinks they should keep Elissa because America obviously likes her.
  • Helen thinks they should keep Elissa, backdoor Nick.
  • Alas, Spencer was in on the conversation.
  • Helen and Andy are unaware of the Moving Company.
  • Nick is a part of that alliance, so I don't see a Nick backdoor plan going well.
  • Spencer said that he's worried about a McCrae/Amanda flip to the other side. He also said that Amanda is close to Elissa.
  • Elissa told Judd she's going to put up Nick.
  • Uh-oh.
  • I hope this doesn't backfire and get Helen out of the house!
  • Although I think Elissa is coming across as one of the nicer, more normal people in the house, I'd rather see Helen given a chance to keep playing the game as she didn't get there due to connections to the show.
  • Judd said, "Mumble, mumble."
  • Elissa told Helen that she thinks Nick is related to Dan.
  • I actually thought that Nick wanted to emulate Dan's game when he started.
  • But he's messed that up.
  • Spencer keeps pushing for an Amanda nom.
  • Helen keeps saying that Nick might be related to Dan.
  • And on it goes.
  • Aaryn told Andy that she thinks Spencer's word is good.
  • Yeah, right. Bigoted and gullible, that's Aaryn!
  • They played with the photo booth.
  • They played pool.
  • They played in the pool.
  • They laid out in the sun.
  • Kaitlin and Jeremy made out.
  • Kaitlin hung all over Jeremy.
  • Gah. 
  • Amanda said she's a botox junkie. Well, Dr. Will might like that.
  • The highlight of the evening so far was Andy scaring Jessie awake with Aaryn's clown doll and using a scary voice.
  • Ho-hum
  • I still can't tell exactly what Elissa will do for a replacement tomorrow. I fear she might put up Nick.
  • Knowing what we know, the bells will probably toll for her or Helen for sure if she does that.


Auditioning for Deliverance?

Photo booth fun

Elissa doing yoga
Pool time


Anonymous said...

Why can't any of these HG's figure out that as HoH, to find out who is in an alliance together, ask people what they think of so-and so and take note of who they defend and who they suggest be put up. Done correctly asking each HG about 3-4 people, and not just who you think is working together, a very clear picture can be made of the whole makeup of the entire house.
This has annoyed me from BB-1 why no one will do what is needed to know the whole truth. Instead everyone just goes with their gut feelings or with what others tell them to do even though those people have their own agenda.

OK, climbing down off of soapbox now.

David, and no, not that one.

Brent McKee said...

You may have seen Ellissa wearing a green hoodie with a yellow cougar and the word "Cougars" on it but not have been able to read the words above the big cat. The hoodie is from the University of Regina in Regina Saskatchewan - about 2 1/2 hours southeast of Saskatoon, where I live. She has the hoodie - which we call a bunnyhug - because her husband is from White City Saskatchewan, about 19 km outside of Regina. In fact Brent Slater owns a business in Regina (Advanced Door Systems). In fact he even brought his sister-in-law Rachel to Saskatoon for a major trade show. So the Elissa haters better be aware, all of Saskatchewan - and maybe all of Canada are going to be very unhappy if she gets voted off.

Andrea Johnson said...

Jackie, thanks for the Howard a day pic! While watching on DVR (couldn't make it to the party) I cracked up at Judd. To be honest, I'd never paid him much attention with all the other antics going on. Does he even move his lips??? No wonder everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like, "mumble, mumble"!