Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Tuesday, July 16

Will she get MVP next week?

Oh geez ... I don't think I can ever go away for a weekend again during the summer! It's much too much to catch up on! For those wondering where I was, it was a landmark high school class reunion and cousins reunion weekend away -- I hadn't seen any of those folks for many, many years. It was fun. And, now I'm back.

I want to thank everyone for being so fantastic while I was gone! A special shout-out to Shannon who pretty much transcribed Sunday's show blow by blow on the show post. Y'all rock!

Onto the happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Ill Repute:
  • I must regress a bit just to remind myself of what's happened since Friday night, if nothing else.
  • Okay, so Helen nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn. Too bad, so sad. Ha!
  • The MVP (Elissa, influenced by others) nomination was Spencer.
  • Kaitlin won the PoV and took herself off.
  • Helen put Jeremy (the target this week) on the block in Kaitlin's place.
  • I think that's all it.
  • Oh! And the Have-Nots are McCrae, Amanda, Jessie and Judd.
  • Poor Judd. If I'm remembering right, he's been a Have Not every week!
  • Aaryn really seems to be trying to fit in more with the majority of the house. I think she's realized that she's pretty much alone in many ways -- Kaitlin and Jeremy are probably going to be broken up this week with Jeremy's eviction and Kaitlin is a sinking ship.
  • Alas, Aaryn's words still resonate. If she turned an angel in the house at this point, she'd still be on the outs due to her mouth.
  • Kaitlin still has the hate on Candice, but it's not important because she is indeed a sinking ship.
  • Amanda, Judd and McCrae formed their own little alliance.
  • They decided it would be the Goof Troup and invited Andy in.
  • Amanda decided to take all of GinaMarie's Nick stuff and scatter it amongst everyone so she would freak.
  • GinaMarie freaked. They all pointed to Aaryn.
  • But Amanda did 'fess up.
  • All in fun and all that.
  • Judd and McCrae are a bit upset that they kept Elissa safe for two weeks and she made her own mind up about the MVP nomination.
  • I think they're worried about all the guys going one by one.
  • Amanda agrees with them that Elissa should probably go sooner rather than later.
  • Helen, who's really trying to include everyone, held a nail party.
  • Jeremy attended with the girls. He and Andy went for the food.
  • Amanda advised Aaryn not to call people like Judd "shady."
  • Aaryn went to Judd and told him she's only joking when she calls him shady.
  • Uh-huh. Yeah. Okay. She's only joking with her racist comments too. What a jokester!
  • Spencer thinks McCrae just said he was MVP and that it's really Elissa.
  • Spencer's right. What's he gonna do about it? Neener neener!
  • Ahem.
  • Helen told Aaryn she always forgives people, even her (Aaryn).
  • Okay. I'd probably ignore such a jerk forever, but that's just me and I'm not stuck in a house with her.
  • GinaMarie told people she doesn't live in the city, she lives in a house.
  • Um, I believe she really means she lives in Staten Island, not Manhattan. Staten Island is more like a suburb that a city, per se.
  • Thankfully, not everybody in this area (Greater NYC Metro) puts on that fake hip-hop gangsta boy chick persona.
  • Judd said that GinaMarie sleeps with Nick's Chapstick.
  • Oh, I could say some raunchy stuff, but I won't!
  • Candice and Howard told GinaMarie they'll have a memorial service for Nick so GinaMarie can go on with her life.
  • Amanda asked GinaMarie if she realizes that Nick really isn't dead.
  • They're all in bed as I get this posted.
I will be regularly posting now that I got my trip out of the way and caught up some on the live feeds. I felt SO lost when I started to delve into what happened while I was gone. But I'm back now and we'll go forward. Thank you for your patience! And a huge thank you to those who have donated via the Paypal link!

It's really appreciated, especially since I got home to find my power apparently went out on Saturday and I lost all the food in my refrigerator and freezer once again (Sandy killed my refrigerated/frozen goods last fall). The huge circuit breaker thing by my electric meter was flipped off either due to a local outage at one point (there was one Saturday) or vandalism. Grr. But I'm going out today to get a few things and I have a grocery delivery set for tomorrow.    

No, we won't call her Cappy

"Mumble, mumble."

I miss Ian's hammock rocking!

She actually took off Nick's cap!



ORKMommy said...

Welcome back Jackie! I felt so lost without your updates. You have a great knack for taking all those hours of video and pulling out the important pieces and then putting your quirky, smartie pants spin on them! What would we do without you?

Jackie said...

Thanks! I really appreciate people pitching in with updates and covering the show itself. I felt lost coming back after a few days away.

Terry is a Texan! said...

YAY!! Jackie is back!!!

Chacha said...

Jackie, glad you are back.
One thing that you missed was Elissa and Helen dressed up as Jersey girl/NY hip hoppers.
this was on Sunday night.
They did a routine and talked like new yorkers.
It was pretty funny. Gina Marie actually helped them perform a dance and all.
I believe it was around 11:00 eastern.
It was the first time I have seen Elissa let her gaurd down.

Becky said...

Welcome back, Jackie. We missed you and your humor. Was Vincent stuck in a hot house when the elec. was off?

Sharon said...

Welcome back Jackie!
Even though I appreciated Shannon's update efforts, I really missed your humor and picture recaps.

Jackie said...

Unfortunately, Vincent was stuck in here with the power out. He had plenty of water and fared okay other than obviously missing me!

MikesGirl said...

Welcome back Jackie


Petals said...

Glad you had a good time at your reunion, Ms Jackie.

Something else you may have missed was Jerm saying (repeatedly) that he is a "champion" and a "beast" and "already a BB legend". OMG, really? It's only 3wks in to this season? Other than being a champion douchebag, I can think of no other notable accomplishments of Jerms, can you?
Anyway, he will be gone and maybe the house will be a less-slimey place.

~~Silk said...

For those of us who cannot watch the feeds, here's an excellent compilation of all the nasty racial and misogynistic comments: http://youtu.be/xCUbKcKVtVM

I was surprised that Amanda has not been exactly angelic.

Tami said...

Does Amanda still think McRae is not really a pizza delivery boy?

Sasha said...

Welcome back, Jackie! Really missed your updates. Glad you had a good time but sorry about the power outage and poor Vincent.

Anonymous said...

Ok... I must have this wrong, but according to the post, Elissa (MVP) put up Spencer, but when Kaitlin won POV, she (Elissa) got to put up Jeremy, even though her nominee (Spencer) is still up there?? The MVP has 2(!) people on the block?? I read it like 3 times and that's how Jackie wrote it. Wouldn't Helen (HOH) have put Jeremy up? Help me out!

Sharon said...

This is how I understand it all went down...
Aryan & Kaitlyn were nominated by Helen as HOH.
Elissa MVP nom'd Spencer.
Kaitlyn won POV and removed herself.
As HOH, Helen selected Jeremy to replace Kaitlyn.

Sharon said...

Don't know if that's all correct.
With MVP thing this season, everything is all screwed up. lol

Chacha said...

Sharon that is how it happened.
Helen put up Jeremy.
Elissa is MVP even though McCrae is saying he is MVP.
Helen wore Judds Lion/Tiger shirt for the ceremony.

Apparently at sevec oclock bb time they are having a memorial service for Nick so GM will get over it.

Petals said...

@@ and as I type this, Howard is sermonizing at the Memorial for Nick. *un-effing-believable*
What are they going to do, bury the Chapstick, cereal box & mug? McRae finally told GM (which stands for "Gone Mental") that the blue hat is, in fact, his (Mac's)

While the memorial will make good TV, I think GM was seriously mourning his loss & clutching his leftover items. Ladies & gents, I believe we have a PBB alert: Potential Bunny Boiler

AlbGlinka said...

Welcome back Jackie-- love your humorous updates but glad you had a nice break-- life isn't all about Reality TV... Let me know if you ever start recapping Toddlers & Tiaras, my latest obsession, yes, I'm not ashamed to admit it!!!! Maybe I should get into the recapping biz myself--?!

As for BB, I'm fairly intrigued how the season has reflected social problems like racism rather than "hamsters" just having to wear unitards and banana costumes... Will the Zingbot ever be able to make an appearance amidst such serous storylines???

Sharon said...

Petals, you've done it again. Almost spurt cola on my keyboard!!
Read they are going to bury Nick's stuff in a dresser drawer. We have a funeral instead of a trash-bag wedding! YAY @@

AlbGlinka - maybe they can't bring back the Zinbot (hope springs eternal) for fear of the next racist crack. LMAO

monty924 said...

Welcome back Jackie. This place just isn't the same when you're gone. Happy that you enjoyed your reunions.

Dang, Petals. They said the funeral/memorial was going to be at 7 BB time and I completely missed it. :(( Maybe they'll do a repeat later. It's picture time so they're taking photos now.

I've been out of town all weekend, so I have some catching up to do myself.

Lucy2 said...

Call me crazy, but I think McCrae has a Jude Law thing going on. Granted it is the slimy, sleeping-with-the-nanny Jude Law, not Mr. Clean-Cut, but it's there. Does anyone else see it, too?


Sasha said...

Apparently at sevec oclock bb time they are having a memorial service for Nick so GM will get over it.

Chacha-Petals-Sharon-- spit takes and @@!! And love the new definition for GM. SMH.

Sharon said...

I'm reading on Joker's that the funeral has been put off until Friday. GM isn't ready to quit mourning yet. @@ She really is a basket case.

Petals said...

Thanks Sharon, yes. I just saw that update. This is beyond ridiculous. If she (Gone Mental) thinks it is "cute" or that Nick will find her mourning endearing, she is seriously disturbed.
That psycho cologne she is wearing has repelled several would-be suitors in GM's past, I'm sure.

Petals said...

Lucy - I see it. Without the crazy hair, Mac is a handsome guy.

Monty - I wondered! I inboxed you an interesting clip.

I think we should attend the Memorial. Jackie - what do you think? Special party? LOL - I think this will be less a farewell to Nick than it will be "goodbye to GM's last shred of dignity"

Petals said...

Congratulations to Britney! She had a lil girl, Tilly Elizabeth :)

She'll be a fun mom!

Terry is a Texan! said...

I will not wear black....can I make Sangria and wear castanets and do the hokey pokey?

Witt said...

Welcome back, Jackie! I'm glad you had a fun weekend, with the exception of the power.

Witt :)

Becky said...

Terry is a Texan! said... I will not wear black....can I make Sangria and wear castanets and do the hokey pokey?

Go for it, girl friend! I will bring chips, dip and try not to drink every time GM says "Nick".

Do you guys think that perhaps GM is carrying on about Nick just for the TV exposure? Rather like the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity?

Susan said...

Glad you're back, Jackie; I missed you!!
I think GinaMarie is more immature and more delusional than Jessie. She really thinks she and Nick had something going! I don't know what his story is, but GM was only a friend to him.

Sharon said...

Crazy part is that in the exit interviews, Nick actually said he started getting close to GM. That living in the house is like speed-dating... and he plans to take her out on the date he promised... a Monster Truck Rally.

Even after knowing how she's been behaving, he says he'll go through with the date. But watching all the blubbering, etc., I can't help think he'll be more inclined to run for the hills!! She could be come quite a stalker.

Erika Mckinnon-Freeman said...

Glad you back....miss you. But glad you had a good time this weekend :)

Vibe said...

Glad you're back, Jackie!