Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds into Wednesday Afternoon - July 24

Always clutching something

How'd the hamsters do after the late night fireworks? Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bickering Bickersons:
  • They slept late today, really late.
  • BB did the wake-up music at around 10am their time, but most slept until about 12:30pm.
  • Spencer said last night that BB must have given most of the house crazy pills. I think he might be right.
  • Andy and Helen discussed Elissa's meltdown (whatever it was). They both agree that she really can't be trusted not to do it again.
  • They agreed they'll probably have to get rid of her sooner rather than later.
  • Helen said they should consider telling Kaitlin she will be voted out tomorrow as she asked to know.
  • I don't think that's a great idea. But, it's up to them!
  • Judd's suspicious that Elissa might be working with Kaitlin as she's so vocal about getting Aaryn out.
  • I just think Aaryn and Elissa got off on the wrong foot and it's been causing blisters ever since.
  • Helen still thinks Howard is the MVP.
  • Andy is still sure America must be the MVP.
  • None of them seem to be taking into consideration that America's first two choices were probably Aaryn and Kaitlin, negated by Judd's nominations.
  • Judd and Helen tried to reassure Aaryn that they're doing their best to smooth over things from last night.
  • Andy thinks GinaMarie is a bad gameplayer.
  • Y'think?
  • Elissa continues to isolate herself from the others by refusing to admit she did no wrong in the big confrontation.
  • They now feel that she feels entitled.
  • Jessie continues to vow allegiance to Helen and company.
  • Helen told her that Aaryn is NOT part of the alliance and they will just use her.
  • Amanda feels ill. Judd told her that's why she shouldn't smoke and wear a nicotine patch.
  • Judd put Vaseline in Andy's hair gel as a prank.
  • Andy freaked as he's a Have Not and only takes the rare cold shower because he can't stand them.
  • Amanda told Candice that she and McCrae aren't targeting Howard.
  • That's a half-truth, I feel. McCrae is not targeting Howard.
  • Judd's been on an odd kick today. He did karate kicks in the yard, put Vaseline in Andy's hair gel, clowned around much more than usual.
  • I guess it's the stress from a really nerve-wracking HoH week coming to a close.
  • Just a bit before I'm posting this, they went on indoor lockdown -- probably for the HoH set-up for tomorrow.
As with the CBS disclaimers about comments from the houseguests not being their responsibility -- I feel, as of now, I should disclaim that any comments here regarding conspiracy theories and things exaggerated from the live feeds are not to be construed as my own thoughts, observations or opinions. I post my opinions and actual content I've witnessed from the live feeds as just that. I cannot vouch for what others may say. 

"She made me so mad!"


Swat her! Swat her!


lynn1 said...

I seriously believe the super moon had a major effect on the Hamsters.

AlbGlinka said...

I'm glad you posted that disclaimer Jackie, because I've been thinking of suing you for slander on behalf of Aaryn, and Company! Guess I'll hold off now. ;-)

JimmyB said...

Alb--It would be "Aryan" ...and libel. :)

JOEY said...

JOEY want you to know that he is sorry, very sorry but his conspiracy theoies about GINA MARIE,it was only a joke and just that all it was , to make you all have a laugh or two. so hope he did not offended or make you or anyone mad, he just thought to lighten the converstation a little bit.
he sorry, I'm very sorry too for it as well, but he promise he will behave from now on, I will make sure of it. We hope you will forgive us.
Thank you

Susan said...

The other day Candice was talking about who in the house is a threat; when she came to GinaMarie, she said "She doesn't even know she's playing Big Brother" lol.

About Judd- I think he's on medication. When they were talking have-nots, he said he couldn't drink grapejuice. You can't drink grapejuice with some meds. It might even have something to do with his slurring speech.

pat rw said...

I know grapefruit juice is bad for highblood pressure pills....

Jackie said...

I knew you were joking, JULIE & JOEY. Not a problem. Every year people get caught up in big conspiracy theories and really go overboard a bit. I was just trying to reel a bit of that in and to make it clear that I don't subscribe to said theories and even have a bit of real insight.

That said, I do believe the Diary Room steers them a bit with the questions asked.

JOEY said...

Thank you, JACKIE,
I told him, he will stop worrying and be sad now.
Now on to the big show and hope you all enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Judd is on Xanax for anti-anxiety. Yesterday he got his normal 2 pills. He took one in the morning but when he went to take the other one in the afternoon it was misplaced/lost/missing. By the time DR got his replacement he was climbing the walls.

I'm just glad the old Judd is back. He's always been a prankster/jokester on the feeds.