Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Late Night Monday - July 22-23

Looking tired

Wake up and smell the hamsters! Ew. Never mind, that sounds just a tad bit disgusting. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Shomances and Nomances:
  • Jessie thinks it's like a human zoo there.
  • Well, yeah. That's the point!
  • Amanda, still on her "get rid of Howard" kick, along with Andy, tried to convince Elissa that Kaitlin is aligned with Howard and must go.
  • Elissa still wants Aaryn out.
  • Gee, no one seems to be after that HUGE threat, GinaMarie.
  • Hahahahaha!
  • I crack myself up.
  • Elissa seems to be going along with the evict Kaitlin plan as of now.
  • We'll see. I think she realizes that the numbers are there to get Kaitlin out, not to get Aaryn out at this time.
  • On the other hand, Candice wants to get Aaryn out. I think that's more personal and I really can't blame her.
  • Amanda and Elissa, both anti-Howard hamsters, both think that it's likely that Howard got the MVP this week.
  • Silly hamsters.
  • Amanda's paranoid because she heard someone called her "shady." She suspects Spencer or Howard.
  • Aaryn told Amanda she would do, vote, nominate whatever they wanted if she gets to stay this week.
  • Elissa gave Howard the third degree, questioning him about just about anything she could think of house-related.
  • He pretty much calmly answered her questions.
  • Spencer thinks that Aaryn will throw the HoH comp.
  • Meanwhile, Amanda had Aaryn promising to put Spencer and Howard on the block if she wins HoH.
  • Of course, the big IF is IF she wins it. I personally don't think she's good at comps.
  • We'll see.
  • Still looking like Kaitlin's heading out the door on Thursday.

You're all scared of me!

The hammock wants Ian back

Now hiding behind fluff



Sasha said...

Good morning and thanks, Jackie! I'm not a morning person but your post made me smile...you crack me up, too :)

I know Kaitlin seems a bigger threat and it makes sense to get her out (of the 3 noms) but oh I do wish Aaryn would go...it wouldn't bother me if all 3 mean girls left this week. Not gonna happen but maybe a twist will help LOL

lynn1 said...

Kaitlin is the only player on the block this week. Personally I don't care which of the 3 goes home.
I would most like to see Amanda leave next week. It would give us a chance to see McCrae get off his back, out of the bed, and to see if he can be a player.
At this point I am liking Judd.

RBennie said...

I would be happy to see any of the three go home, but I would have to agree that Kaitlin is the only threat. I would love to see Amanda go out next, but I think that would only happen if Spencer or Howard got HOH (maybe not even then if her alliance sticks by her). I love how Aryan is promising anything to stay in the house. Oh how the tides have turned.

JOEY said...

Good morning Jackie.
Hi all.
JOEY and I both agree with most that of the 3, KAITILIN would be the best threat and should leave.
AMANDA, ( JOEY call her "the noy" short for annoying) should go soon, just can not stand her.
JOEY is worry,not sure when jury pool start,that if AARYN is not out befor the jury pool start,she would go to jury house and make people forget about the real game and keep thinking with emotional instead of real smart game playing or who really should win,the tension now cause people to vote to evict mostly on emotion alone with out real thought of the game, not wise to evict just because someone is hated, but wise to plan ahead of the game, which I think no one is really thinking about.
therefor, JOEY think it best if AARYN not out by jury time, keep her until night of final 3 and you know she can not win anything in comps so it would be wise for whoever win the HOH for last time to vote to evict her then and since it f3 and final night of show, she can only come out and since it the final show, JULIE will be free to have her best interview ever and really say what she want since it not going to effect anything, then after AARYN drag her tail over to sit with jury, she can only vote for winner and nothing else, and the plus, since only final 2 get money, she as f3 will get nothing, just a real clue to how hated she is and no money, no jury and then she float off to wherever she come from and find a hole to dig and to hid in.
just JOEY 2 cents.
would like to know what everyone think of it,
Thank you

~~Silk said...

Aaryn can't win comps? Have we forgotten that she has won 1/4 of the HOH comps so far (1/3 of those she has competed in)?

~~Silk said...

...not that I am defending Aaryn's competence. But anyone willing to cheat, to make bogus "deals", and who has no regard for the feelings or physical safety of others has a leg up in comps they really want to win. Aaryn certainly has all that going for her.

RBennie said...

I think the concensus is that Aryan only won that HOH comp because she was teamed with Jeremy and he let her be HOH. We have yet to see her win anything on her own or even come close.

Anonymous said...

What on earth did Howard do to Amamda? I really think it's a personal thing, how has he shown that he's any kind of a threat he couldn't even throw th food comp right, just because he looks fit as a fiddle, he really hasn't stayed in any of the HOH comps that long, infact the first comp was an endurance challange and he was second or third to fall, and his social game leaves a lot to be desired. I really dislike Amanda because she is just dowm right slutty.

Sharon said...

Julie & Joey make some good points. Kaitlyn & Amanda are the biggest threats and should go first. But if Aryan is still there by Jury time, keep her to final 3.

The only problem with keeping Aryan that long is... there's a good chance the people who haven't won any comps just don't have the talent (or brains) to win. Aryan acts like a dimwit, but she has won 1 comp, and if all the stronger players are gone, she just might make final 2... by default.

Anonymous said...

I hope the next to go are Howard and Spencer. Neither one brings any game to the show. AND I don't care for either one.

JOEY said...

Hi JOEY said: remember final 3 HOH comp is a 2 part comp with first part being a endurance comp which he think she is too weak for that and will drop, then second part is a mental comp, I think, and it is between first place and second place winner of first comp and PLEASE... AARYN winning a mental comp?? sorry but did I mention, it AARYN , make me laugh at that thought,also remember the HOH she won was because of GERM help, she had done none on her own, but I really hope they just get her out befor jury pool start and she begone for good, same with all mean girls, what a embrassement to womens.
JOEY said: Boy, do I have a job for her, there a circus in town and they need a 2 part job , clean the cages and someone to sit in the cage where you throw balls at target to make her drop in water, boy, the ole water dump cage... boy, that will really sale out for sure.
NAH... she would complain about that one too and blame everyone else for her bad job she does.
oh well, JOEY thought it was funny but..
anyway, think about the final 3 comps and maybe JACKIE or JOE IN N.Y. can clear up about final 3 comps to see if we are right about that.
Thank you , just our thoughts that all. hope everyone have a good day.

Andrea Johnson said...

@Silk, the comp Aryan won was with Germy and between the two, Aryan wound up being HOH. And I think Germy did that on purpose so Aryan's hands would be dirty, not his. She hasn't been able to win anything on her own.

Of the three on the block, Kaitlin needs to go. Had she not hooked up with Germy, she may have had a longer shelf life but that combined with her mean girl routine and the ability to win comps make her a threat.

Yeah, Amanda needs to go next. I do (did) like McCrae but he is ceasing to exist as Amanda's personality is bordering on the massive size of the Blob (look it up youngsters!) The faux wedding was the last straw. Done and over.

Although I think Kaitlin needs to go first, I am salivating at Aryan's interview with Julie when she leaves the house. Just may keep that episode in my DVR Hall of Fame.

Peggy said...

Before we all discount Aaryn's physical prowess, she was the last girl standing in the popcicle endurance comp. the final 5 in that comp were Aaryn, David, Jeremy, Nick & McCrae. McCrae needs to get his head back in the game, Howard needs to stop "throwing" comps or Aaryn might prove an unexpected threat

JOEY said...

Oh how you made me wish we had a dvr, that would really be a keeper, I hope JULIE can be free to go all out on AARYN when she does interview.
JOEY said: anyone else notice not only is ANDY a fly on the wall in every room but sometime he gossips and stir the pot between other, I think they better watch out for him, the ultimate floater in this game and SPENCER really mix it up with others too.

Andrea Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea Johnson said...

@Peggy with everyone (but Andy) feeling like they are a target, I don't think we are going to see many intentionally throwing comps now.

@Joey, you are so right about Andy. He has become everyone's favorite confidant. I don't think anyone really sees him as a threat, a sane version of Gina Marie, with a really good social game.

AlbGlinka said...

Andy is a college professor, with a mellow personality. He's probably used to handling different "young adult" personalities in his classroom. (I use the term "adult" loosely, in regards to comparisons with the BB cast!). So it's not really a surprise that his social game is strong. He's a contender to go far.

JOEY said...

ANDREA:sane version of GINA MARIE... made me laugh, JOEY said, is that possible??? lol

AIBGLINKA: did not know that, very good informations and interesting point you made. ANDY may surprise us all.


monty924 said...

The hammock and me. I want Ian back.

JOEY said...

Good to hear from you .
JOEY SAID; would love to see IAN in hammock giving his take on the hammster in the house.
not sure if anyone from pasts bb shows gave any interviews on theirs opinon of these players now, but I bet they be as disappointed as we are.
will we be seeing the chenbot soon?

Sharon said...

Julie & Joey - "Will we be seeing the chenbot soon?"

GEEZ, I HOPE NOT!!! That piece of junk is so over blown and overused every dang year.

JOEY said...

Agree, Yepper, along with crazy tool boy Jessie the bodybuilder they keep popping up with.
there is a lot I wish they change along with new producer.
maybe a change with reguard to ages of player as well.
don't know what but need to change it up some.

Ninboh said...

Why is everyone psyching themselves up for Julie Chen's interview with Aaryn. It will probably be quite tepid.

Sharon said...

Agree 100%. Julie will "keep it classy" and will either not say anything at all, or maybe a very vague hint.

lynn1 said...

I can only speak for myself about Julie's interview with Aryan. I am looking forward to it not so much to see what Julie will or won't say say to Aryan but to see Aryan's reaction to realizing that the world of BB fans see her as a racist,a bigot and not a pretty girl.
I admit freely I get great pleasure from seeing bossy, bullying, arrogant people get hit up the side of the head with a dose of reality.

JOEY said...

Hope it not.
1)JULIE already voice on her talk show how she felt about what was said and how it made her feel
2) SHE PISS and made it known.
3)The producer already spoke about the story line and how they plan to keep it flowing on the show or something like that.
5)BIG BROTHER SHOW is on CBS, which her hubby run , which she can get the time, money, and chance to do a real interview etc.
6) that would be a big RATING GOLD MINE for her and CBS
yes in past shows, she did not do a hard interview but I am betting that she is jumping at the bit to get to AARYN and a in your face show down with her.
Hey, just my 2 cents. hope it happen.

Brent McKee said...

Julie & Joey - "Will we be seeing the chenbot soon?"

Sharon - GEEZ, I HOPE NOT!!! That piece of junk is so over blown and overused every dang year.

I think you mean the Zingbot. "The Chenbot" is the nickname that has been given to Julie Chen since the show started (and which she has readily acknowledged with a good sense of humour). I do think they will bring back the Zingbot, and Jessie the bodybuilding ego on two legs, and probably Rachel as well.

I can just picture it: either Elissa gets a visit from her sister, or better, Elissa gets evicted and the HOH responsible gets a visit from Rachel - "Nobody does that to MY little sister... except me!"

Sharon said...

Granted, Julie letting Aryan 'have it' would make for some pretty good TV, but I really don't see Julie going beyond a simple remark.

Julie is angry and has talked about the situation on other shows, and she has has a few other interviews, but as the host of this show, I just don't see her going beyond a simple question or maybe even a vague statement. However, I don't expect the exit interview to be friendly.

It would be interesting to see Aryan interviewed on another show. Somehow, I doubt the company mama has hired will allow any interviews that might allow Aryan to be asked questions that might possibly portray her in "a bad light" again.

Sharon said...

Brent - zing. You got me! LOL
Yes, I meant the overused Zingbot.

gag on Zingbot and Jessie, but this is one occasion I wouldn't mind Rachel coming on again... although it would probably finish off the rest of Elissa's game.

Sharon said...

Food for thought. Is this factual, or was it written by a disgruntled former employee?

JimmyB said...

I wouldn't believe something like this for one second.

JimmyB said...

I believe CBS stated early-on there would be no returning past houseguests.

Sharon said...

Jimmy - I kinda felt that way too.
Really, if he has such strong evidence, why not produce it now and blow CBS's cover?
I find it suspicious that this person says he/she can produce the evidence, but won't do it until 1-2 days before the end of the game.

~~Silk said...

Regarding the Jokers forum article, it reminds me a lot of anonymous internet postings that start, "I'm a doctor, and...".

Sharon said...

Wow... They had gotten Elissa on board to get out Kaitlyn instead of Aryan, but now she's blabbing about the flip to Kaitlyn (Aryan overheard).

Is Elissa's turn-about because she was so ticked off at Andy and McC earlier? They had laughed at something and she thought they were disrespecting her religion and went nuts. They tried to apologize and said they weren't making fun of her religious beliefs, but she's still really mad and not accepting it. Or is she just playing the game the way she wants?

Sharon said...

What a night... Elissa sure has stirred up that pot. Now everyone is all upset and Elissa keeps saying she thinks it's all funny.

Meanwhile, everyone is scrambling to cover their tracks with each other. Who has alliances... who said what to who and when is the entire BBAD convo tonight.

Kind of crazy... it's almost like we've got Rachel back. @@ Birds of a feather grow up together? lol

ceemurph said...

LOL @ "the hammock wants Ian back". I miss Ian. I kinda hoped they gave him the hammock at the end of the season <3