Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday Daytime - PoV Meeting, MVP re-nom 7/22


For us, it was just another Monday. For the hamsters, it was a day of intrigue. Who's the mysterious MVP? What's the twist Julie promised? Who will be the replacement MVP nomination when Elissa takes herself off the block? Here's what's happened today inside that Big Brother House of Nervous Nancys:
  • Aaryn thinks Elissa is too judgmental. Um. Okay.
  • Kaitlin, Spencer, Judd, Aaryn and GinaMarie have come up with a ton o' lies (or is it a spool of lies) they believe Elissa has told ranging from where her husband is from/lives, what Rachel does, how old her kids are and more.
  • I officially denounce GinaMarie as a local to me. She lives perhaps ten miles away and now you know where they got the cast of Jersey Shore. 'Nuff said.
  • Kaitlin is riding Amanda's target Howard train. She's worried he's going to start winning comps after throwing them all along.
  • Kaitlin thinks the PoV was set up for Kaitlin to win.
  • Several seasons ago (seasons five and six), I was friends with the comp producer for the show. He told me that all of the comps were decided long beforehand and they had no clue even who the cast was when they designed and scheduled them. I believe him. Folks always jump on the conspiracy wagon, but sometimes it's just how things happen.
  • Kaitlin and Spencer trashtalked Amanda.
  • Not to her face, of course.
  • There's yet another new alliance -- The Grasshoppers --GinaMarie, Judd, Spencer, Kaitlin and Howard.
  • Yeah, let's see how that one does!
  • Jessie told Candice that she's over Amanda because she's been so obnoxious.
  • Jessie is a bit of a slow learner. Though, considering how desperate she was for friends, to shun Amanda's friendship speaks volumes.
  • Elissa wants to give a threatening speech when she saves herself, but Judd told her she should cool it a bit and not make herself a larger target.
  • Elissa STILL thinks Howard is the MVP.
  • Judd admitted that he knows he can't always be understood.
  • Mumble, mumble back at ya, Judd!
  • Andy and Helen think that either Kaitlin or Howard need to go home before Aaryn.
  • I understand the thinking about Kaitlin going home. She's almost won many comps. Plus, she's really a mean girl. The last is my own opinion.
  • Howard's good to look at, but his social game is woefully lacking.
  • Aaryn, despite the bigoted racist comments, isn't all that bright and isn't likely to win a comp by herself. Plus, if she's still standing at the end, whomever is up with her will win.
  • It pretty much wouldn't matter who the other person was.
  • I will admit I'm wanting to see the Aaryn/Julie interview, though!
  • Feeds were blocked for the veto meeting and ...
  • ... drum roll ...
  • GinaMarie is on the block in Elissa's place!
  • She claims the three prettiest girls are on the block.
  • I claim three Mean Girls.
  • GinaMarie went off on some sort of berserk mannish, gal gangsta, "I'm from New Yawk" rant.
  • She says people know they can't beat her, so they want to send her home.
  • @@
  • Delusions much, little girl?
  • Judd tried to tell GinaMarie to lay low and not ruffle any feathers.
  • She said, "What?"
  • Kaitlin claims she got a "serious vibe" from the Diary Room that Elissa is the MVP and nominated herself.
  • That shows how much they read into everything there.
  • GinaMarie referred to Candice as both an "Oreo" and "MilliVanilli" today, although not in the same sentence.
  • Also, not to her face because that's how the tough gal rolls.
  • @@
  • Andy, alliance roamer he is, is trying to work himself in with Spencer and Howard.
  • Gah! Stupid McCrae told GinaMarie that if she goes home, he'll give her his five thousand dollars. Stupid boy. He's been really disappointing for a superfan.
  • It's looking like it's most likely going to be Kaitlin leaving this week.
  • But things could always change.

Again with this camera angle for Judd

On the block

In disguise?

Photo shoot time?


Terry is a Texan! said...

Wonder if Julie will tell them about the baby Prince?
I want Amanda gone so much!
But Kaitlin is a good choice

Anonymous said...

I love your blog great photos too

Buzzmaam said...

I want Aaryn out now, before jury, so she has to face the music. She'll be shocked to learn that she is not America's sweetheart.

Dan said...

Get rid of ARYAN now! Good grief, quit prolonging it. Get her out so Julie can confront her, she won't be on the jury, and she can find out she's UNEMPLOYED!

Becky said...

As much as I want Aaryn gone I think it would be wiser to dump Kaitlin. 907membvo

Anonymous said...

I am so disappointed in this group of houseguests. Their willingness to overlook all of these mean racist/gender comments makes me question their character. All three currently on the block are guilty and Spencer is just as bad, just more subtle. I have watched every year of BB but find myself on the verge of giving it up after this season if there are no consequences for what has taken place. It started with the contestants but since they have failed to self correct, BB owes it to the public to take action.

Anonymous said...

I think as far as "Game" goes it should be Kaitlin that leaves. She has been very good in all comps and she moves around the house getting to know people. Aaryn is Aaryn and will not be a threat and would never win jury votes from ANYONE. Howard can gladly leave right behind her. I am sick of him....and Spencer.

JimmyB said...

It seems that Aryan was custom-made to take as far as possible in the game. Who wouldn't want to be at the end of the game with her?

Sharon said...

Agree with Terry in TX and Becky.
Since all 3 are on the block, and even though I would prefer Aryan gone NOW, the SMART thing to do would be to evict Kaitlyn. Sincerely doubt Aryan will do good in any of the final comps.

For any hamster to win at this point, the SMART thing to do would be to evict Kaitlyn NOW, and then get out Amanda. Even though Aryan and GM will probably end up in Jury, at least they wouldn't get any $. I wouldn't mind Amanda being in Jury, but I feel she has become totally obnoxious.

The only one I want to win now is Judd. McC "might" be acceptable, but only if Amanda is evicted and he gets his head back in the game. As of right now, he's completely useless.

lynn1 said...

I have had so many @@ today from these dumb hamster that I must lie down with a cool compress to help my over worked eyes! ;>)

Sissy said...

geez,several weeks into BB and I still don't have a "favorite" Although America may like Elissa, I'm not a real fan. I don't like any of the girls except for Helen and Candice (a little). I do like Judd but Andy is such a "nerd" and sliding under the radar, he may surprise us at the end. I liked McCrae (I always like underdogs)until he hooked up with Amanda. So right now, no big favs and a few "they are ok".

JOEY said...

Hi all
JOEY wanted me to write what his thought were with reguard to ARYAN:
he think she should be kept if she not gone befor jury time, then keep her as final 3 because then she will not get a chance to be on jury until the final show and then will not get a chance to talk to or do anything with the jury to push for what she want and / or cause more drama, so if she voted out as final 3, NO MONEY, NO JURY and can only get a chance to vote the winner of final 2. JOEY know everyone want and is looking for a Julie- ARYAN interview but be best to have it at final. At least what he think and said.