Monday, July 08, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Monday daytime, PoV Meeting - 7/08

On the block

Today's big news from inside the house is that the Power of Veto meeting was held. Jeremy, of course, used the veto to save himself. Elissa went through with putting Nick up in his place. I personally think she just might have sealed her own fate with that choice. Now, I'm privy to alliances she's not, but I can't see him getting voted out by house majority. I also think people will tend to keep Helen over Elissa -- she's better liked.

Here's the skinny on what else happened today inside that Big Brother House of Grade School Bullies:
  • McCrae told Amanda she's the only one he trusts.
  • Yet he hasn't told her about the Moving Company.
  • Last night the MC dudes were going on about their alliance being better than the Brigade.
  • @@
  • Amanda really wants Elissa to stay. McCrae won't commit.
  • Amanda told Nick she refuses to be bullied by Jeremy.
  • Amanda runs hot and cold for me as a feeds watcher. There are times I really like her, other times she makes me cringe.
  • But Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie make me cringe all the time.
  • She's really, really pushing the keep Elissa bit with: "She's like the queen in chess, we control her moves." and "If Elissa goes, Jeremy will have all the power in the house."
  • Judd says he's good with Elissa staying. He gets along well with her, but they don't talk game that much.
  • Well, maybe he mumbles game with her and I'm just not catching it.
  • Amanda told Judd that Jeremy is lying when he tells Judd his name is being tossed around for nomination.
  • Jeremy is lying. It's part of his entire bullying bit.
  • Judd said Howard is shady; McCrae agrees. Amanda thinks Howard is on the level.
  • I love me my Howard eye-candy and, while he's not a mean person or a bad person, he is indeed a bit shady. He's playing the game. That I totally understand.
  • But Howard does pray before every meal!
  • Amanda and McCrae made out under the blankets. Sigh.
  • Helen did her morning workout with yard laps and hand weights.
  • Howard watched her. He can bench press her, but can't keep up with her routine.
  • Then the PoV meeting went down.
  • Spencer warned McCrae that Amanda is becoming a target and he (McCrae), by extension will be one too if they don't cool it a bit.
  • McCrae pretty much admitted to Jeremy that he can't control Amanda.
  • Good for Amanda.
  • But bad for Amanda because it makes her a bigger target.
  • Andy hasn't been called to the Diary Room for two days. He wonders if he has to start a fight or something to get called in.
  • Meanwhile, Jeremy used a derogatory slur for homosexuals and got called in the Diary Room almost immediately.
  • It's going to be a long three days before the eviction.

Crunching Jeremy
Back at ya
Helen at the Memory Wall


Sharon said...

When Jerm came out of DR, he was suddenly spouting the importance of gay rights.
Yeah, right.
I'm thinking BB handed him an "or else."

JimmyB said...

Many seem to think that allowing bigots or less-than-evolved types on the show will lead to its downfall.

Just the opposite will happen.

Overly control who can participate & what they can say will accomplish the end of this show. No one will watch.

Terry is a Texan! said...

I wish they would all tell the houseguests they are going to have a second chance to vote out Jeremy

Sharon said...

Jimmy - I think any way BB decides to handling the situation (or not) is a mixed bag. Even without BB stepping in, the amount of viewers fell by quite a bit last week. Of course, there's no way to know if that drop was because of the bigotry/hatred being spouted, or if it was simply because of the holiday. If viewership stays down or drops this week, that will probably be the clue.

In the feeds and on BBAD, die-hard watchers know there's always been a cussing. But on the new AD channel, cussing is being bleeped out so much that I think it's become even more noticeable now, especially along with all the other stuff thrown in.

The amount of crude behavior has reached a whole new level this season, but the with public becoming much more PC conscious as well (sometimes that can be a real PITA too), it puts all sorts of employers in a bind to 'handle it' as best they can.

JimmyB said...

Sharon--I agree it's a conundrum for CBS. It's PC run amok. My fear would be that the show will become too "vanilla" (you know what I mean) and boring.

Let's be honest: We like the controversy & the fights. I know I do...It adds to the entertainment. But it looks like CBS got more than they bargained for.

Sharon S said...

I'm just sad that someone I like is going to go home this week. Or maybe I should say no one I really dislike is going home this week. :( Maybe GM or Aaryn will do something really stupid and get a penalty nom?? There's always hopin'

Anonymous said...

I have not watched since I found out that Aryn won HOH and read of Jerm's bullying. I will resume watching when they are no longer in charge of the house. If they remain in power, I will probably not watch the remainder of the season.

Lili said...

I wait for the day when misogyny, and use of the C word, the S word, the H word, the B word are treated half as seriously as gay slurs and racial slurs. Women on this show have been physically bullied, emotionally bullied, threatened, and yelled at. The above words have fallen so frequently from the lips of the men some of them could barely get thru a sentence without using one or more of them.

I remember one contestant who even screamed them at the pool table when a shot didn't go his way.

Just saying mistreatment and serious disrespect for women should not be chalked up to entertainment, strategy or pay back for a woman being deemed annoying.

How come Aaryn is suffering consequences but Spencer and Jeremy are not? Not to mention no past male contestants that I am aware of ever suffered loss of job or reputation for all the horrific things they said to and about women.

Just saying.

Sasha said...

SO well said, Lili.

Nina said...

Well said Lili. The mistreatment of women also has to be addressed by CBS. I'm hoping that what was talked about today on the Talk was just the beginning. If not, like Anon, I will not watch the show until Jeremy and Aayn are gone, and the lack of respect of women is also covered. I for one think both of them should not be there.

Petals said...

OH WOW. Looks like Germ fans have infiltrated

According to IMDB, he is an actor, crew, art department on several major (and minor) motion pictures, all the way back to when he was a wee lad of 10 yrs old!

Funny, the picture on IMDB is his effing BB promo shot!
What a JOKE!

monty924 said...

Lili, I don't remember a female ever being physically bullied on BB unless you call ED pouring tea on Jenn's head physical bullying.

Spencer will suffer the same consequences that the rest of the idiots will when they walk out the front door to Julie's couch (chair this season).

Anonymous said...

Well...I hate to say it buy Elissa probably sealed her fate with her recommend.She really got bad advice in putting up Nick. With Aaryn on the outs with Kaitlyn, if she had put K up she might of had a al chance at getting her out.What was she thinking...sigh ...On the upside Helen or Howard or Mccrae should win the MVP from here on out.Now if they just keep it secret when they


monty924 said...

She did get bad advice, but she was already thinking about Nick before she got the advice. I think she could have had a shot with Kaitlin, but maybe even not then. The thing is, Elissa is wanting to play it strategic and she doesn't know about the MC. Candice is close to figuring it out but that didn't benefit Elissa this week.

Putting up Jessie, Candice or GM would have been the smartest move if she wanted to stay in there, but she doesn't know what we do out here. And you always have to think that she's thinking NOT get rid of the females.

Lisa Bishop said...
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