Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Overnight Into Thursday 7/11

Helen leads study class

It's been an active night for the hamsters in the habitrail. Well, for most of them anyway. Here's the overnight happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Frazzled Frenzy:
  • Judd tried to talk Jessie into voting out Nick, telling her there's a guy alliance and they need to get them out before jury.
  • Spencer told Howard that Helen isn't used to people lying to her. Howard agreed that she's naive.
  • I have to agree with both of them. If Helen was a bit more leery of liars, she's smart and I think she could be a physical powerhouse in comps. Her daily workout almost gives me a heart attack to watch!
  • Alas, now that Howard has been flirting with Candice, both Helen and Candice trust him.
  • And he's loyal to Spencer (of all people!), MC or not. Those two are like a mini-alliance within MC.
  • McCrae is thinking of jumping ship and moving to an Amanda, Judd, Elissa, Andy, Candice and Helen alliance.
  • With such, they could run the house!
  • The real shame is that two of the people on that alliance are on the block.
  • They seriously think they can get Jessie to vote with them.
  • So -- to vote out Elissa: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Spencer, GinaMarie and Howard. To vote out Nick -- McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Andy, Candice and possibly Jessie.
  • The gap is closing.
  • Howard told Nick that the last minute, he'll tell Andy that McCrae and Amanda flipped so that Andy and Judd will vote Elissa out "with the house."
  • Howard's sure that it's going to be a landslide to keep Nick.
  • Howard is wrong. 
  • If Elissa goes, it's going to be very close.
  • Both Aaryn and Kaitlin talked about previously wanting to be homemakers and now they want some kind of careers.
  • Jeremy told them he'd love to be a stay at home husband.
  • Why doesn't that surprise me?
  • Then all heck broke loose as an air raid kind of alarm went off!
  • A shot rang out!
  • The maid screamed!
  • (Sorry, I got caught up in the drama of it all.)
  • The BB voice came over the loudspeaker telling them the lockdown was over.
  • Now, that wasn't expected until the live show later tonight.
  • Whassup?
  • We got trivia on the feeds as we would intermittently throughout the night.
  • BB sent them back in the house for another lockdown.
  • It turns out there's some sort of airport luggage carousel thing in the yard.
  • They're all studying the items passing through.
  • Sometimes we have audio with trivia for it, sometimes we just have trivia and music, sometimes we have audio and visual -- but we can't see what the items passing through are.
  • This kept up until past 8am my time here here on the East Coast!
  • Hence, this late report. I kept thinking something more might happen.
  • After a handful of times overnight, Jeremy apparently gave up and headed in while the rest of the house kept studying the items.
  • They kept rehashing the items in little study groups.
  • Except Jeremy.
  • He either thinks that he knows it all or, more likely, is crushed because the comp will be memory and not something physical that he can win. Apparently if he has to work his mind, it just might go BOOM.
  • Howard told Judd and Jessie that he has a photographic memory.
  • We'll see about that!
  • Jeremy does actually remember a lot of what he saw ... before he called it a night. Nick isn't good at it at all. Nor is Aaryn (but she can't compete anyway as outgoing HoH).
  • Spencer tried to get information about Elissa from Judd.
  • Judd said, "Mumble, mumble."
  • Nick is worried about the vote.
  • He should be.
  • Candice told Amanda that Howard is voting out Nick, for sure.
  • I wouldn't be so sure about that, Candice. You've been taken in by a hunky SEEMINGLY honest dude.
  • While Spencer agreed with Andy that Elissa should stay, I don't believe him.
  • I call this vote still up in the air.
  • We won't know until the fat lady sings.
  • And I don't know if I can sing until it actually goes down.
  • So there!   

McCrae and Amanda memorize

Jeremy walks away, the rest stay

Candice says she's camera shy


Studying, counting, memorizing


Terry is a Texan! said...

Howard and Candace ae a stunning looking couple....I hope he decides his alliance with MC isn't a good move for his LIFE.

Petals said...

Hi Ms J, Master Vincent & everyone.

While being very easy on the eyes, Howard is making me mad. But I am being petty, prolly - 'cause he wants Elissa out & I don't.

Jackie said...

I just wish Howard hadn't aligned so tightly with Spencer. He's playing the game well enough, but Spencer creeps me out and I just can't believe how tight those two have gotten.

JonMD1267 said...

The Maid Screamed HA Priceless lol Spot On Jackie!!!

Nick (no, not that Nick) said...

So is McCrae Crae actually going to vote to keep Elissa? This has been one of the most confusing weeks of Big Brother...especially so early in the season. I'm not sure the HGs even know when they are lying anymore!

lynn1 said...

Sorry I couldn't make it last night for the pool party.
Spencer is creepy to me too. Jeremy is a pompous jerk. I am having to re-evaluate Howard. He is easy on the eyes but his hanging out and reporting to Spencer bother me. I would have been much happier if Elissa had nominated Spencer instead of Nick.
I think Spencer could be the most dangerous player because he is flying under everyone's radar.

Petals said...

Jax - IKR? Howard & Spenc ae such an odd couple, and it seems that Spenc is calling the shots.

I hope Howard steps out of Yukon Cornelius' shadow and plays his own game!

Sasha said...

Hi Jackie, great report and thanks for the distillation of votes! I'm pretty confused at this point :(
I'm wondering if Howard told Jessie he has a photographic memory so she'd be even more likely to flip her vote because she'd be worried that he'll win HOH. Telling her and Judd about the "house" at the last minute might work. I hope not but she's pretty wishy-washy.
Regarding Spencer, I thought he was solidly MC and is voting Elissa out. Maybe I'm naive like my pool pick Helen whom I really like anyway and am glad is my pool girl even if her general niceness may ruin her game.
My guess is that McCrae will stick with MC for now even though I SO hope Jeremy and Aaryn don't get their way.

ORKMommy said...

Is Jeremy still bullying the other MC members into voting Elissa out? After seeing their reactions to that on the show last night I was so hoping that at least one of them would flip just to spite Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Helen isn't used to people lying to her? She works in POLITICS...that's all they do is LIE!

Sasha said...

Anon 2:02: ROFL!! Excellent point : D

Petals said...

As of 2pm CST, Jokers poll results:
Who is leaving tonight:
Helen 01%
Nick 72%
Elissa 26%


Jackie said...

Touche, Anon 2:02!

Andrea Johnson said...


I think there's a bit of wishful thinking on the part of those on Jokers. As much as I don't want to see Elissa go, I don't believe she's going to get out of this.

monty924 said...

McCrae has flipped and will be voting with Amanda to keep Elissa. Jessie is the only iffy one, but I believe she will because Aryan and Kaitlyn haven't been exactly sweet to her.

Should be Andy, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Candice voting to evict Nick to the curb and they only need six.

Keeping fingers crossed here. :)))

monty924 said...

ps. Love anon 2:02 :)

monty924 said...

Andrea, the Jokers poll represents mostly feeds watchers and members who follow the updates. The tide has turned in the house thanks to Judd mainly figuring out the boys (MC) alliance and Candice too.

Andrea Johnson said...

Monty, if they pull it off, it would be a pretty sizable alliance given that Elissa and Helen can't vote this week. I think someone blowing smoke up you know where but I guess we will see tonight.

Andrea Johnson said...

See you guys at the pool later!

monty924 said...

Well, we will all see together, lol. Mumbles of Howard and Spencer flipping over too now. That would make it 8-3 to evict Nick.

Can't wait for the fireworks in the house next week if Nick walks out the door. ;-)

ORKMommy said...

I'm loving the whole MVP twist. I wasn't so sure about it at first but it's turning out to be enough of a game changer to keep things interesting. Plus it let's those who don't get it know that America doesn't like them...especially as the numbers dwindle.

Sharon said...

Oh man, I hope this turn-about works! I want Germ and Aryan in panic mode.
Spence has decided to flip on MC and he's trying to get Howard and McC too. Howard is iffy/maybe, but McC says he's voting Elissa out to try and protect himself. I hope McC is fibbing!! I really really really want everyone (except Aryan, Germ, GM) to vote Nick out!!

monty924 said...

Blindside part two is AWN! Watching Spencer and Howard. They are going to vote Nick out. Weeeeee!

Sharon said...

Monty - I can't believe how the house literally turned on a dime today!!

Fingers & toes than nothing flips it back!

monty924 said...

Sharon, it's GRRREAAAT (in my Tony the Tiger voice). :)))

McCrae is a lock. He was giddy on the feeds when he said he'd vote Nick out. He even said it could kill his game but it will make for a great season.

People forget his was and is foremost a BB super fan and feeds watcher.


monty924 said...

...and McCrae flipped last night. He was the first one in out of the MC. They don't know that though. :))))

monty924 said...

*he was and is

Argh, I'm having problems today LOL

Petals said...

The look on the KKKkrew's faces will be PRICELESS!

The Germ will implode and hopefully get himself kicked out.

BUT - I read a terrible thing today: I read that the DR gave Germ a cheat sheet for tonight's HOH comp. That is why he wasn't studying. He got the cheat sheet during the lockdown. That is why he was cockier than usual.
If that is true, we are ALL screwed.

jessica UNderwood said...

Am I the only one that thinks Aarons mouth looks identical to a horses? And will kaitlin ever change those black shorts or whatever they are? Just had to throw that out there

Witt said...

I'm so disappointed in Howard!! I thought the prayer session he held with Elissa and Helen last night was so sweet....and now he's reporting back to SPENCER????

I LOVE that the house has waffled the day away and may actually be leaning toward a Nick ouster! He's my pool pick, but I'd get over it. LOL You are right, Sharon...I'd like Aryan and Jerm in panic mode.

I LOVE EVEN MORE that McCrae bailed on the MC. Jerm's threats obviously had a reverse reaction. With my advance apologies to all the wonderful men here: Was this just a bit too much testosterone? (It wasn't with the Brigade...they lasted to the end...but this just seemed like too much too fast?)

Witt :)

Witt said...

Petals, SAY IT AIN'T SO!!! The DR gave him a cheat sheet???? Isn't

:( :( Double :(


JOEY said...

Hi all
JULIE here, JOEY said that after he talk to National Captions INtitute people he knew, they even told him that while it is part computer as well as live person typing or correcting, They told him, even the machine has a hard time understanding and getting it wrong with Judd trying to speak, it always hard for them.
so as you know, JOEY deaf, so a expert lip reader, he got close and try to lip read him, and said
are you sure he has real lip?? they don't always move. I could go blind trying to understand those lips.
I guess we all have to guess what the mumbler is saying or as JOEY does, add his own caption when ever the boy talk.
love ya all