Sunday, July 07, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday into Sunday - 7/06-7/07

Ew. That's all I can say. Ew

I apologize for not posting a lengthy report last night. I was just zonked. Either the heat or the hamsters are getting to me. I was gibberish! A post I made, if I were to make one last night, would have sounded like Judd typing. You don't want that.

But I'm here now and here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bad Representation of Today's Youth:
  • Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy continue to vilify Elissa. Now, I wanted to vilify her when I heard she was on the show. I never was a Rachel fan, not at all. 
  • But, in this house, Elissa certainly comes off as much more decent than half of the other hamsters, maybe three quarters, maybe 90%! I wish the show would stop editing her as Rachel, Jr. She looks a lot like Rachel, but except for when she's joking and mimicking her sister, acts very little like Rachel.
  • To rehash what I briefly touched on last night, Elissa was named MVP again, only told Helen this time. She nominated (in secret) Jeremy.
  • The rest have figured out it was her again. That, of course, was a no-brainer.
  • Having no brains, this crew of hamsters are natural at no-brainers!
  • Heehee. I crack myself up.
  • Ahem.
  • Elissa ended up confiding in Nick (silly move) to try to get him to throw the PoV comp, promising not to put him up as a replacement nomination.
  • Yes, if MVP's nomination is saved by the veto, the replacement is also chosen by the MVP.
  • According to what the Diary Room told GinaMarie (when she asked), if the veto winner removes an MVP nominee, the veto winner could end up being the replacement nominee. Without the MVP scenario, the veto winner isn't eligible for nomination.
  • I wonder if they're making up these rules as they go along.
  • I'm assuming if the veto winner takes himself off the block, he can't just be slapped up there once again MVP or not.
  • Rats. That would be great -- Jeremy: I choose to save myself! BB Voice: You're saved. You're now back on the block because the MVP really wants you there!
  • Aaryn got all upset because someone told her that Elissa talked about her taking Aderall (sp?). (If I took it, I'd know how to spell it!)
  • She said it's a rule that no one talks about others' medical conditions.
  • My gosh, every year they talk about each other! Medical conditions affect gameplay, whether physical or mental.
  • If she wanted it to be a secret, SHE should never have mentioned it.
  • Helen, Candice and Elissa are kind of cast together by the tides of the house. 
  • In talking, they said that when Jeremy comes down, Kaitlin will go up and they just might have enough votes to evict her.
  • Judd and Spencer think that Jeremy is a huge competition threat and needs to go sooner rather than later.
  • Well ... actually, Judd said: "Mumble, mumble."
  • But I knew what he meant.
  • Howard and Spencer think that Jeremy's harem is dependent on Jeremy to survive. Well, they put the harem reference a bit more crudely, but that's not how I roll.
  • Spencer made another gay joke about Andy.
  • Andy was very easily overwhelmed the first few days of the live feeds, but he's really toughened up a lot. He's working his way into all the little factions in the house.
  • They don't trust him, but he's out there trying!
  • Aaryn is realizing that if she sticks with Kaitlin and Jeremy exclusively, they would take each other to the end and she'd be cast aside.
  • The end is a long, long way away.
  • Will all three make it anywhere near the end? I doubt it.
  • They're still speculating on Nick being gay. What difference does it make? I don't know.
  • Aaryn told GinaMarie that Nick is probably interested in Andy.
  • Sheesh. Even IF Nick were gay, why would one automatically assume he'd be interested in someone else just because they're there and gay.
  • Oh wait. Maybe Aaryn is thinking just because she, Kaitlin and Jessie are willing to latch onto anything male, gay dudes go for anything gay.
  • @@
  • Gotta love how Aaryn keeps talking about all the "Wall Street" guys who leave their wives to go to work, then hook up with gay men.
  • What does she know about Wall Street? She obviously knows little about normal gay men.
  • Helen told Spencer that as long as Jeremy is in the house, he'll be winning comps.
  • She's also worried that, if they vote out Elissa, America will think they're idiots and give MVP to the other side of the house.
  • She might have a point there. While we on the Internet know what's really going on in the house, the Elissa/Rachel fan base and those who only go by the CBS edit of the hamsters, just might do that.
  • Kaitlin once again fussed that Elissa called her a "whore" on national television.
  • I say, "You made your bed, lie in it."
  • Jeremy threatened Nick that he'll leave the Moving Company if the votes don't go his way -- that is, Elissa out.
  • Hmm. He's already changed alliances, but they don't seem to know it.
  • Kaitlin, obviously worried about her own demise in the game, trashtalked both Elissa and Candice.
  • Jeremy told his gals that Spencer and Howard are in an alliance together.
  • Well, duh. They obviously spend a lot of time together.
  • Jeremy claims he will go after anyone who doesn't vote his way and will win HoH next week.
  • Probably true.
  • Jeremy and Spencer both think Helen got accidentally aligned with Elissa. Spencer thinks she has a good heart.
  • She does.
  • GinaMarie told Aaryn that she got a warning from Big Brother about threatening to kill people. She laughed it off as she "knows Mafia people." Stupid, stupid girl.
  • Jeremy said he got a warning, too. I think he was referring to the Hatgate II warning.
  • GinaMarie told Nick she acts more like a dude than he does. He agrees. 
  • Helen, not knowing of the MC, told Elissa putting Nick up might be her (Elissa's) best chance of staying. Elissa is reluctant to put him up as he did indeed not win the PoV and she promised him if he threw it, she wouldn't put him up.
  • Aaryn, still on the thought that Jeremy and Kaitlin aren't a good alliance for her in the long run, told Judd she had no one for a final two deal.
  • Judd said, "Mumble, mumble."
  • Actually, he proposed that they (Aaryn and him) try for a deal. He got called to the Diary Room, so we don't know if that will come to fruition.
  • Jeremy keeps wearing his veto necklace more than anyone I've ever seen over the years.
  • Amanda told McCrae that Andy said Jeremy said that if votes don't go his way (Elissa out), he'll come after her (Amanda) and McCrae.
  • Actually, Jeremy isn't pushing for a McCrae ouster. He wants Amanda out, though.
  • Heh. Elissa told Helen that Aaryn used derogatory comments about gay people right in front of Andy. Helen thinks they might air it (to show that side).
  • We'll have to see this week's Aaryn edit without the David showmance.
  • Aaryn thinks she and Jeremy will continue to rotate as HoH. 
  • Yeah, right. Jeremy was a big part of her winning this one. That's not going to happen every week.
  • Andy likes Elissa more than he likes Jeremy and Aaryn. He thinks Jeremy is a bully and Aaryn feels self-entitled.
  • Well, duh.
  • If I had to live with one of the three, it would be Elissa hands down.
  • As long as she doesn't invite Rachel and Brendon over, that is.
  • Helen told Candice that she likes Spencer and Howard the most in the house. But, she also said she wasn't there for a showmance. That didn't need to be said. We know that.
  • Nick told Elissa she should put up someone who's more of a floater for a better chance to stay. He suggested Candice or Jessie.
  • As it stands now, I really don't know what Elissa will do for the replacement. 
  • I don't think Helen will be voted out.
  • I seriously think that Elissa might go this week. Unless something major goes on between now and the vote, she's not in a good place in the house.  

MVP ... last time?

Superfan not playing as well as he should


Stirring the pot, winning comps

True Staten Island


lynn1 said...

Jackie, Thanks for the wonderful and humorous reports. Honestly I think you and possibly the rest of your blog followers may need medication by the end of this season. This crew of Hamsters are emotional vampires. They suck the fun right out of BB for me with their mean spirited and vile language. Most of them have no redeeming qualities.

Anonymous said...

Jackie, do you think anything will be addressed about the rumored Jeremy and Aaryn cheating in the HOH comp?

Petals said...

Overnight, the KKK krew discussed that they know they are disliked by the rest of the house because they "are the beautiful ones"
OMG, really??

Jackie said...

Anon - I doubt it. If the show thought they cheated, they would have stopped the comp and restarted it or given a penalty. Since they didn't, that's kind of a moot point at this time.

MikesGirl said...

Well said lynn1

Petals said...

Oh geeminy, Ms Jackie - I can't believe the hubbub over the cheat thing. Big deal. Nothing came of it, but some people (on the net) wont let it go.
I do think the KKK group is the worst ever as far as the hate slurs. Like with Germs leotard last night,"they Jew'd me and gave me a queer color".WTF?
But again, nothing will come of it on the show. CBS will NOT broadcast these clips. None of the KKK, nor GM or Spenc will win the game, so it isn't like BB will reward that behavior.
This is the most hate-filled group. Kind of a downer to watch. :(

Petals said...

Lynn, me too. The one or two decent people in the house are bullied & barely get camera time.
I can only hope that all that negativity, the insular behavior, and crazy self-love the KKK krew have will cause them to implode soon.
Then we can enjoy Howard, Helen, Candice, Judd, Nick, etc.

monty924 said...

Judd's "mumble, mumble" cracks me up. When I get disgusted watching the feeds, I go in search of Judd or just pray he'll pop up on the feeds soon.

I agree that Elissa is not in a good spot right now. Her only hope is to put up Candice or Jessie and even then not sure she'd have the MC's votes to stay. Sigh!

Meanwhile Jerm continues to offend just about every walk of life out here. Could we just wish him away?

Sharon said...

Elissa is in the worst spot unless the MC goes back to thinking they can "use" Elissa to put up who they want.

Listening to Howard talking to Elissa last night, he was encouraging her to put up Nick, knowing full-well that Nick won't be evicted. I think the main reason he really wants Elissa out is that he doesn't think it's fair that she will get MVP all the time. He has a point, but I'd still love to see the BF crew continue to be frustrated.

lake said...

Thanks! If not for you I would not know what is going on, it is all just too much trash to follow. You make garbage sound interesting!!! :-)

Petals said...

Jackie's wit & humor is what makes most of these terrible seasons bearable.

(and her pics of Vincent the stud, natch)

Sharon said...

One can hope CBS/BB have learned something from all the flap this year. I read somewhere that BB lost a lot of viewers last week. But they might think the viewer loss was because of the 4th celebrations. But if Wed was down too... hmmm

All I know is the decent (or acceptable) people in the house are the only ones worth watching. If it ends up with only the KKK Krew remaining (thanks again Petals), I won't be inclined to watch. It's just too much for my eyes and ears to take.

monty924 said...

Ditto to both lake and Petals! Jackie's BB commentary is second to NONE!!!

Terry is a Texan! said...

Yes it seems putting a "connected" contestant sets them in the Rachel/Elissa situation
Maybe they have learned this time?
And these special twists...the secret MVP....maybe it should have a perk like they cannot get nominated.
Sometime Allison G MIGHT get a fresh idea

Nina said...

I read somewhere that BB lost a lot of viewers last week. But they might think the viewer loss was because of the 4th celebrations. But if Wed was down too... hmmm.
I for one am not as interested in watching anymore, not saying that I won't though. I used to look forward to watching BB, but it's changed for me this year. Now I get my enjoyment in reading the blogs etc. I thought this kind of behavior went out a long time ago. Looks don't make it either. What were they thinking?

Petals said...

So BB was a guilty pleasure before, but I always believed it to be a cut above the "trash", like Honey BooBoo and all the Jersey shows (no offense, Ms J), and all the MTV crap.
But this season is not a cut above; it is the same trashy, nasty, horny cast as those other shows.
I'm only watching for you guys, to hang out at the "cool kids'" place, partying with the elite.

JimmyB said...

What we really have not seen yet is a smart strategic a Dan.

That's what's missing.

Petals said...

yeah, Jimmy. If any of the HGs have a brain, or a strategy, they are scared to death to show it, right?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Monty 924. I wish we could wish Jeremy to the cornfield like that old Twilight Zone episode. This bunch (not all of them but enough of them) are not fun to watch at all. I just end up aggravated with them.

JimmyB said...

Petals--The 2 I can only guess (at this point) for smarts might be Nick or Helen.

Sharon said...
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