Sunday, July 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday into the Evening - July 28


Sunday's usually a quiet day at the BB house -- they have no comps, they can sleep in, the yard is usually open for swimming and lazing in the sun. In other words, Sundays can be boring for us! Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bamboozled Bores:
  • Helen told Judd that just before jury they need to get rid of either McCrae or Amanda.
  • Howard read his bible.
  • Helen has now decided that she likes and trusts Aaryn.
  • @@
  • It's only if they keep Aaryn in fear that she can be trusted, I think.
  • Helen told Judd that she thinks he's really smart and isn't a floater.
  • Hmm ... I wonder if that might make him her next target?
  • Judd said he doesn't think that Aaryn's really a racist. He thinks her words just got misconstrued.
  • How so? Does she mumble? No? Then ...
  • They talked about both Amanda and Elissa needing to go, but Howard first.
  • Helen has never watched either the live feeds or BBAD.
  • Elissa said she watched BBAD when Rachel was on.
  • She should have watched the feeds!
  • In my screen cap below, Andy isn't really kidnapped. The lights in the bedroom must be kept on during the daytime and they're not allowed to sleep anywhere but the bedrooms. He's sleeping in.
  • As did most of them except for Helen, Judd, then Elissa.
  • Elissa thinks Howard is treating her differently than he used to ... almost ignoring her.
  • Elissa is going on another stir up stuff foray.
  • She told Judd that she thinks everybody is lying to her.
  • She also asked him what he thought of Amanda. He said he likes her and then she told him three people told her that he wants (Amanda) out.
  • Andy and Helen are also suspecting of Judd today. They wonder if he lied saying that Kaitlin was after Helen to get her out.
  • Helen thinks Spencer will help them get Amanda and/or McCrae out.
  • Andy doesn't know if he can be trusted.
  • Helen told Andy that she's going to act like she's good friends now with Aaryn to make Jessie jealous. That way Jessie will be willing to vote out Aaryn.
  • Y'know, that could backfire, I think. Jessie might feel betrayed by Helen and want to vote HER out!
  • The photo booth opened and fun was had by all.
  • All except Howard, that is. I believe he's the only one who didn't show up while the booth was working.
  • Jessie was full of advice for Spencer.
  • @@
  • Like she's some kind of expert, eh?
  • Jessie told him the proposed leaving order is Howard, Aaryn, then Spencer.
  • Can't she ever keep a confidence?
  • McCrae announced that Spencer is campaigning for Howard to stay.
  • Well, duh.
  • Judd is still worried that Howard might have a special power.
  • Well, if he could fly, he'd probably fly right on outta there!
  • Amanda is still pushing Anti-Howard, as expected.
  • Candice is sure she's going.
  • Candice cried to Howard.
  • Helen said she was surprised there weren't more attractive men this year.
  • So were we.
  • So were we.
  • Helen apologized to Aaryn for thinking she's a racist.
  • Aaryn thinks she's being cast as the villain. 
  • Howard told Helen he's not coming after her, never was.
  • We know his main target would be Amanda.
  • Of course, Helen and the others had already planned to bamboozle Howard and let him think he has a chance to stay.
  • Amanda thinks that Aaryn will do whatever she says.
  • Oh my. 

Oh, no! Kidnapped?

Setting a trend

4, 3, 2, 1

And Candice cried ... again


Sharon said...

4,3,2,1 ... is that GM with the Albert Einstein hair creation?

Jackie said...

Yes, it was.

Sharon said...

Amazing ...
Makes me wonder why a person will get up in the morning, "fix" their hair and dress themselves like that.... look in the mirror and somehow manage to think, "da*m, I look good!" LMAO

Anonymous said...

Just a thought...Judd was looking pretty dang good sans shirt..If Howard does go Thursday maybe you could do a Ju doubled d a day :-)


Sharon said...

Cheryl - I like that!!!
JU dubble D is my favorite this season anyway!

RBennie said...

If I was Candice I think I would be crying all the time too. You have to get those emotions out somehow and since beating Aryan's racist ass and getting kicked out of the house is not an option, crying is at least a release. I could not believe what I was hearing last night when Aryan started with that "girl you got me saying aks". Did you see the look on Candice's face. How she refrained from grabbing that little poison mouthed brat by the throat, I do not know. I was pissed off for the rest of the show. Still am as you might be able to tell.