Monday, July 29, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Sunday Evening into Monday - July 28-29

'tis Ramen!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Broken Dreams:
  • The girls had Nail Party #2.
  • I'm glad I'm not there. I'm so not a nail party type person!
  • Candice was the only female who didn't attend.
  • She told Andy she's never been rude or ugly to anyone in the house.
  • I say, well ... she might not have started rudeness or ugliness, but she's definitely taken a part in it!
  • Amanda told Candice they're like mother bears protecting their cubs -- she protects McCrae, Candice Howard.
  • Although she's not on the block yet (but probably will be after the veto meeting), Candice thinks Aaryn is being malicious to put both her and Howard on the block.
  • Amanda told Candice that the only reason she was after Howard is because he was after her -- game, not personal.
  • Candice claims she feels excluded.
  • Helen says it's because she's always with Howard.
  • The same can be said at time for McCrae and Amanda although they mingle more in the house.
  • Candice told Amanda that if she and McCrae were both on the block, she'd take things personal, too.
  • Amanda pointed out that all the deals Howard is proposing don't include her (Candice).
  • Helen and Amanda both told her that Howard leaving will improve her own personal game. Candice's, that is.
  • Candice told Amanda that Spencer wanted her to campaign for her (Amanda) to go and Howard to stay.
  • Helen told Candice that they -- Candice, Amanda and Helen -- could work together in the game.
  • GinaMarie continues to have delusions of her grandeur and prowess in the game.
  • @@
  • Aaryn and Jessie took a bubble bath with all the duckies.
  • They noticed one fish was dying and the others were nipping at him.
  • They were horrified.
  • GinaMarie set up a front row seat to watch.
  • Aaryn told Spencer that Candice is "playing the victim card" and that she hates her.
  • She will be putting Candice up in Spencer's place.
  • Howard continues to exile himself after his round of pleading for his case.
  • That's not helping him. 

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

Duck, duck

They're EATING him!



Petals said...

Hi Ms Jackie, Master Vincent and everyone!

I watched the nail party for a bit. It was refreshing to hear non-game talk, and see them having "fun", even Elissa. {wackadoodle or not, she didnt deserve to be treated badly or shunned, as Candice is now}
I thought I saw McCrae trying to have an opinion of his own, but I was wrong. DEMANDA put a stop to that, LOL

Happy Monday xoxo

RBennie said...

I put this comment on the previous post by mistake, so I apologize if you are reading it twice.

If I was Candice I think I would be crying all the time too. You have to get those emotions out somehow and since beating Aryan's racist ass and getting kicked out of the house is not an option, crying is at least a release. I could not believe what I was hearing last night when Aryan started with that "girl you got me saying aks". Did you see the look on Candice's face. How she refrained from grabbing that little poison mouthed brat by the throat, I do not know. I was pissed off for the rest of the show. Still am as you might be able to tell.

Sharon S said...

I think we are running out of days for our Howard-a-days. I would live for the tides to turn and for Amanda to go, but without Candice as a vote with Spencer, I think it will be too hard to get the 5 they need.

Chacha said...

After I got the info that Spencer won the veto I was talking with my husband that if Helen was smart they would target Amanda.
I can't believe that between Helen and Andy they aren't going to do it "now".this talk of its not time is ridiculous.
There may not be another chance.
All these hamsters think is votes in Jury and getting to Jury.
If they had a brain they would know that Amanda will vote for McCrae over everyone. also, do they really want amanda in jury...funny or not she needs to go now..They may never get that chance.
If Howard/Candice/Amanda on the block together which seems to be the case.
Helen, Judd, Jessie, Elissa and Spencer would be all they need.
Then McCrae, Andy, GinaMarie and Aaryn would be in the minority. Aaryn would flip quick and I believe that Gina Marie has more allegiance to How/Spencer.

meb said...

RBennie.. When Aaryn did the 'aks' thing, the whole room went silent... then like the jerk she is, she repeated it. Again, it appeared no one responded to her. How can she not GET IT!

Then was it Helen who said she (Helen) needed to apologize to Aaryn for something?? What was that about?

This year is leaving a lot to be desired. Thanks Jackie for watching for us. And you're so right. Howard needs to get out there and be seen. He's not helping his cause at all.

RBennie said...

MEB, I don't think there is anything Howard can do to save himself at this point. I think Candice is hurting her game more and more each time she tries to rally support for him. She was so right when she said trying to talk to Aryan was a waste of time. If these people had a working brain amongst them, they would take the chance they have right now to break up the most powerful alliance in the house - Amanda and McRae! So they love eachother now? After about a month?

RBennie said...

Helen is my pool pick and I really liked her in the beginning, but she's starting to grate on my nerves. She turned that talk she had with Candice into Candice was threatening her not to put up Howard and she's blaming Elissa for things that she hasn't even done. I am quickly running out of people to like on this show.

Chacha said...

Helen knows who the rat in the Helen/Elissa run HOH is.
I really want Amanda gone and wish that I could telepathically get them to do this....
To bad we can't be america's vote on who to evict.
If Howard goes do yall think he will be brought back this season?
I just think there is no time to put a player back in.

Petals said...

There have been rumblings of evicting Demanda, but it gets shut-down quickly, like they are afraid of her.

GM (for "GUTTER MOUTH") says "axed" all the time - Aryan surely got it from her.

AlbGlinka said...

Re: Aaryn's "axsed" statement last night: remember that the producers edit the televised show. I'm sure it went over like a lead ballon, but I sometimes suspect that not all of the reactions, especially when accompanied by heavy-handed musical accompaniment, (fwaa-fwaaas) are 100% in sequence... On another note, I never knew that axsed was considered a dialect pronunciation, I want to learn more about that. Candice is obviously very bright and a speech therapist so I assume she knows what she's talking about. Just my Monday Morning Musings... Keep up the great recaps, Jackie!!!!!

Chacha said...


axed is what alot of southerners say.I am from New Orleans as well as Candice its our dialect. I will say it isn't correct and not all people from here say that but i do it alot.
I am from New Orleans as well as Candice.
We say it all the time. Most poeople say that and we actually have a song called "they all axed for you"

Anonymous said...

"CBS is full of you know what to allow that racist pig (Aaryn) to contiune to demean Candice the way that she does. I will be glad when Candice and Howard are gone so the humiliation of those two can stop. No one in the history of this how has ever been treated with such disrespect. I guess Helen has forgotten about the "GO COOK SOME RICE"

AlbGlinka said...

Chacha: I'd love to hear that song :-). I did some sleuthing on Google and this one person wrote that ax was used in Old English, that Chaucer used it, and that it could be heard in parts of England, as well as in the American South. This would imply that it IS a dialect pronunciation like many others, even if "correct English" uses ask. I wonder if Aaryn has ever heard of Chaucer?

AlbGlinka said...

Ps: the quote from Chaucer used the spelling "axe".

Petals said...

Chaucer was cool.

Until today, I could take or leave Helen. But now she is messing JessieClaire, and that angers me. She is planting stories so that Aryan & Jessie turn on one another.


monty924 said...

Yes, GM uses the term more than Candice ever has, but it's just a dialect pronunciation as Candice said. Aaryn first targeted Candice for it in the backyard, but she's never corrected GM that I know of.

Helen is good at planting those seeds in there, but some of them are on to her. Just don't know if they'll take the opportunity at some point to get rid of her. Surely someone will.

Anon (3:15): I'm not sure if Helen has ever heard the "go cook some rice" comment or not. She does know about Aaryn's slurs though and she's holding onto a target for the reason most BB players do. If there's a bigger target in front of me, why not keep them? It's a legit BB strategy.

Howard's on the way out this week and it's partially (actually a whole lot) his own fault. Like it or not, he did try the hinky vote and stayed loyal to the MC longer than any of the others and he's now paying the BB price for it.

Petals said...

Anon 3:15 ~
I totally agree with you, about Howard & Candice getting OUT of there, the sooner the better. They have been treated terribly. Candice is super-intuitive, and I know that she is aware of what they are saying behind her back.
She can feel the disdain.
And they call her fat, stinky, lazy...I mean, that is so effing mean! GM is really worse than Aryan there - GM is always going for the "fat".

monty924 said...

Petals, it may be the best for their own mental health, but they both signed up to play for half a million dollars. I would think that they both want to stay.

I think this is the same anon who posted this a day or two ago.

Sharon said...

It's too bad that any of us would have to think that players should go... just avoid more of the slurs and bad attitudes.

I agree that Howard did create some of the problem for himself, simply by shutting himself away. Even when the MC was still active, 'watchers' were saying, "Where's Howard?" If it wasn't for Howard a Day, we might not have known he existed!

At the same time, Candice was pretty much shunned and demeaned right from the get-go. With everything continued to happen, they simply shut themselves off from everyone (except Spence). Although, it doesn't appear that joining in would have helped their situation.

As much as I was glad to see Amanda try to talk with Candice last night, Amanda did contribute to the slurs and attitude... whether she wants to recognize it or not! Elissa & Helen joined the convo later, in a belated attempt to reach out to Candice. Amanda and Helen spent the most time trying to explain how and why the game is going the way it is, but (IMO) their concern is too-little / too-late.

I can't help wonder what Julie will say to each of them... as they leave the house.

~~Silk said...

I know a lot of large dark men (I'm dating one), and they are acutely aware that that it's easy for them to look intimidating to some people. They know that it can be literally dangerous for them to display anger, even if it's just a look in their eyes, so they often work hard to avoid any situation where anger is stoked. I believe that's why Howard keeps to himself or with just Candice so much. He's not sure he can keep the anger from showing. He may or may not be aware of it - it's a response ingrained since childhood. "Stay cool, don't engage, no way you can win if you do."

Sharon said...

Silk - I know what you are saying, and agree 100%. Howard is not only large and dark, but he's very muscular. If he wanted to, he could look very intimidating. Obviously, he's aware and doesn't that to happen.

Can't help wishing he could explode, just once, and tell a few what a$$wipes they really are! Too bad it wouldn't do any good, and would actually hurt his cause.