Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Thursday Night into Friday - 7/11-7/12

I loved that kid!

Oh my. It was some night in the house. Celebrations! Catfights! Long talks. Tears. Jeers. Screaming. Hurt feelings. High school mean girls times ten. Where to start? I guess I'll start from the beginning. Here's the overnight escapades from inside that Big Brother House of Pitiful Pet Rats:
  • Helen and the group don't suspect Howard of the hinky vote. Helen says she doesn't like disloyal people.
  • They suspect the hinky vote was Jessie. Howard and Spencer have a lot to do with the suspicion cast her way.
  • Helen danced a lot, as did Elissa.
  • The house seems to be changing Helen. She's using the F word an awful lot as of late.
  • GinaMarie, wearing Nick's blue cap, cried hysterically on and off all night. When she wasn't crying, she was sniffling. When she wasn't sniffling or crying, she was fighting.
  • She used a pair of red shorts to blow her nose on, as well as whatever was in reach. Ew. Biohazard, I say!
  • She honestly thinks she and Nick were going to be this great couple while admitting they hadn't even kissed.
  • At over 30, she's acting about 14 and referring to Nick as "that kid."
  • Most people at 30ish aren't kids in their own minds anymore. Sure, they can be kids to me because I'm older, but ...!
  • Jeremy was the surprising one. Although, thinking of his gameplay, not all that surprising.
  • He congratulated Helen and even told Elissa he admires her gameplay and strategic moves.
  • He kept leaving his two concubines to hang out with the rest of the house.
  • He acted duly mocking of his own self for getting the boot at the first question in the comp.
  • He didn't threaten anyone.
  • While he was around during the catfights, he neither got involved nor helped quell them.
  • He was almost likeable and mature. Then I remembered he's Jeremy. Ew.
  • Then there's Aaryn and Kaitlin -- the nightmare mean girl bullies of our junior high/high school days. It almost kicked me into PTSD over the mean girls who tormented me in my teen years to watch them ... especially Kaitlin.
  • Aaryn did dumb girl stuff. She tipped over Candice's bed and just doesn't have a clue.
  • Kaitlin claimed Jessie's bed that Jessie has slept on since entering the house.
  • I still can't get the look of glee on Kaitlin's face off my mind as she tormented both Candice and Jessie. Even Jeremy distanced himself a bit from her.
  • When Kaitlin heard at one point that Candice was crying, she burst into laughter and raised a power fist.
  • Who does that, I ask? What kind of person thrives on upsetting another person just to upset them? 
  • Howard ended up carrying Candice (who was oh-so-ready for a knock-down drag-out hair-pulling claws out catfight with GinaMarie) out of the room.
  • Judd rescued Jessie, prompting cat calls from the mean girls about how she couldn't get anyone else, so she went for Judd.
  • To be honest, although Judd seems to like the female attention, he doesn't seem like he's there for a showmance.
  • Judd has moved up almost daily in my own personal hamster rankings. I don't think he'll win the show, but at least he's a halfway decent person.
  • Judd told Helen he'd like to host the next PoV comp if he doesn't play. She said okay.
  • He thanked her, "Mumble, mumble."
  • I pick on that mumbling, but he can speak up and be understood when he wants. When he's talking game low, he's so hard to understand!
  • Aaryn whined about the game not being fair. Heck, was it ever fair?
  • Amanda again told Aaryn about the racist talk keeping people from wanting to get close to her.
  • Every time Amanda mentioned the Diary Room questioning them about Aaryn's racist comments, we got fish.
  • Aaryn is in disbelief. How can people say that about her?
  • I say, "Pot, kettle, black." 
  • I do think the race issues with this cast are a horrendous representation in today's world. I live in an area where more people are black or Hispanic than white while I'm white. I have friends of all kinds from all walks of life and from several different countries. Good people are good people, no matter race, color, national origin, etc. 
  • Bad people obviously get recruited to be hamsters on Big Brother.
  • I was dismayed that after Howard carried Candice away from the catfight, he told her that he's had to be tapdancing and shucking and jiving to keep in with the others. Now, is he doing that with his talks with Spencer? I don't think so.
  • Dang. I just can't believe race is such an issue! My friends and I have good-natured joking occasionally about our differences, but nothing deep malicious. I recall a discussion on the train with a black male friend about great white egrets after we saw one out the window. He said he thought that egrets were black. I asked him why they'd be called great white egrets if they were black. Another black male friend nearby said, "Yeah, it's always about color, isn't it? And they're 'great', huh?" A nearby woman looked at us like we were all crazy. But it was all just in fun. If everyone was alike, this would be a boring world indeed. Around this area, I like to think most of us cherish our differences and we all bring something to the table of life.
  • < / soapbox>
  • Candice and Jessie were told by their friends they didn't want them sleeping in the room with the mean girls (and Jeremy).
  • Helen offered to put them both up in the HoH room.
  • Aaryn told Kaitlin that the way Jeremy is acting is going to push people away.
  • Um. No. It might push the mean girls away, but he's acting the best of his side. 
  • Amanda knows it was either Howard or Spencer voting the hinky vote even though those two are trying to blame Jessie.
  • GinaMarie hysterically cried some more while saying she cooked and cleaned ... NO MORE!
  • Jeremy giggled and said he never cleaned anyway. But we knew that.
  • Aaryn told Kaitlin that Jeremy only thinks of himself.
  • Yup. And right now Jeremy thinking of his own game is doing better than them being so horribly mean and vindictive.
  • He will surely be a target, but they're both drawing bigger targets on themselves with their bad behavior.
  • Jeremy told the Mean Girls that he was disgusted with America for voting Elissa MVP twice.
  • He doesn't realize that, when the time comes that the votes don't go through for Elissa, they won't go their way. 
  • GinaMarie said that Nick made her feel smart.
  • Well, that's pretty dumb, I say. One should "feel smart" on their own merits, not with some sort of hyped-up pseudo-relationship.
  • Aaryn and her crew figured out that Howard voted with them to save Nick.
  • Unfortunately, Candice keeps telling her side that no way did Howard vote to save Nick.
  • Candice is building her own personal pseudo-relationship with Howard, albeit a bit more real (just a bit) than the GinaMarie/Nick charade.
  • Thankfully, Andy, McCrae and Amanda are pretty sure either Howard or Spencer made the hinky vote.
  • I have to give Jessie kudos for going down from the HoH room reveal quickly to jump in her bed and defend her territory from the Mean Girls. I didn't think she had that much spunk.
  • The game is getting to Howard. He broke down and cried after trying to calm down Candice for the longest time.
  • That was very sad.
  • Candice told the live feeders that whoever Aaryn's parents are, they did a horrible job raising her. Helen assured her the cameras see everything.
  • I personally would say the same of Kaitlin. While Aaryn is pretty much just a pretty face dumb racist, Kaitlin has an unbelievable mean streak and takes too much pleasure in the suffering of others. She's mean just to be mean and then laughs about it.
  • Jeremy won't defend his gals. He said they're all being catty.
  • Meow.
  • Aaryn is sure she's being called racist because she's from Texas with blond hair and blue eyes.
  • @@
  • Since Candice really really wants to sleep downstairs, not in the HoH room, Elissa and Jessie join her. Power in numbers, I guess.
  • Amanda and McCrae join them.
  • Aaryn says that because she's from the south, it's easier to portray her as a racist.
  • @@
  • Keep coming up with excuses, girl.
  • McCrae told Aaryn her gameplay sucks because she won't make an effort to get along with others at all.
  • Amanda told Aaryn that both David and Nick are gone because of her (Aaryn's) actions.
  • McCrae told Amanda about the Moving Company.
  • Helen still thinks Spencer was the vote for Nick to stay, not Howard. That's because Candice is in her ear about it and believes Howard.
  • Kaitlin made some apologies to those she yelled at.
  • I doubt her sincerity.
  • Judd told Amanda that they'll need to vote out someone, but not necessarily the real obnoxious ones.
  • Apparently he either feels the real obnoxious ones will have bigger targets on their backs or, if they make it to the finals, no one will like them enough to vote them the winner.
  • Have I said Judd might be the best playing hamster in the habitrail?
  • Howard lied to Helen again about the vote.
  • Helen told him she doesn't like liars.
  • I say, "Hey, it's BB!"
  • Jeremy and Aaryn talked about karma.
  • Yeah. Really.
  • All are in bed now.
  • What a night. Gotta say, the best live feeds in years!
  • RIP -- The Moving Company, age 2 weeks.

Some are happy

Some are glum

She's worse than Aaryn, methinks


HoH basket goodies

Territorial battles

Catfight! MEOW!


Petals said...

Jackie, I was PTSD, too. I was bullied, tormented all thur high school. I WAS JESSIE. and it broke my heart. Thank goodness for Judd & Amanda rescuing her.

I was sure that Aryan would be removed, based on the Shaniqua imitation when she attacked Candice. What did you think of that?

It was very hard to watch, but even harder to turn away, as my stomach wrenched. So you & I have that in common - it made me feel scared & sick.
Do you think there will be any repercussions on Aryan for what happened? I mean, Howard & Candice were both broken down crying b/c of racial tension brought on by AryanNation. How can BB continue to ignore (hence condoning) her behavior.
ACK - I need a cleansing calm day today.

Jackie said...

She was called to the DR and remains in the house. I'm a firm believer in karma. I recently found out that a mean girl who tormented me in school was killed by being dragged into a machine at her workplace. I wouldn't have wished that on her, but she tormented so many. A really mean boss did something incredibly stupid and ended up in jail, now has a felony record. What comes around, goes around. Even if not thrown off the show, this will haunt their futures.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Rachel went into the house to clean up her BB reputation. She said she couldn't get a job and no one would hire her? Obviously that's something that Elissa knows and could warn them about, but I'm sure she's letting them dig their own graves. And I don't think they'd listen to Elissa anyway. Helen and Elissa did these girls a favor by removing their man-candy distractions from the house so they could play and maybe win, but they're so distracted by the man-candy they don't see that. What a bunch of dumb (mean) girls.

ORKMommy said...

Sorry I wasn't at the party last night, I ended up watching the show on DVR about 20 minutes behind. With the Nick ouster we have to say goodbye to Witt, MikesGirl, Brian, poodlepam and Brenda. Better luck next time guys!

These silly girls aren't there to play a game, they're there to play with boys all summer and be on TV and get discovered and have a glamorous career in modeling or acting. They watch shows and see couples like Amber/Rob or Tristan/Ryan or Rachael/Brendan and they think they're going to find their one true love too. They don't stop to think about all the girls who've gotten played on these shows or the ones who nobody remembers once the show has ended. They also don't stop to think about all the bad press the 'bad guys' get when they're on these shows either. What a bunch of ninnies!

Susan said...

It was fascinating television on after dark last night! It showed the results of hateful racist remarks. I felt so bad for Howard and Candace. I think Aaryn will need a bodyguard when she leaves the house. I agree, Jackie; Aaron was pathetic while Kaitlyn was evil. I like the way Amanda tried to tell the mean girls that they were gossiping about everyone (incl each other) behind their backs.

IAgirlsmom said...

Weren't both David and Nick MVP picks? That's kind of an interesting game changer this season then. Seems like the MVP pick has less chance to work the social game since they find out right before the POV.
I wonder if Aryan had said anything racist/derogatory since she was called in to the DR.
Last night's show was awesome and looks like the live feed were too. Thanks Jackie as always for the awesome recaps and all the commenters for all the insight.

Petals said...

Yes, Jax - I too believe in karma. But what worries me is that Aryan's reprehensible behavior is not being addressed outside the DR (and for novice viewers, it appears that she is getting away Scot-free).
It saddens me to see a strong Christian man (Howard) broken-down to such a state. I give him total props on how he was able to manage his temper.
The BBAD was sickening to watch. For you guys that didn't see it, there aren't words to describe the sinister things that were said by the KKK krew. Jackie summarized, broad-stroked it. Jokers added some details. But if you could've seen the sneers, heard the tones, seen how Kait (yeah Jackie, OMG!) sprawled across Jessie, even lying across Jess's feet, claiming the bed HERS. ugh. *gulp*
I prayed, thanking God for helping me live through the bullying & berating I experienced. Now I am just worn-out, and afraid to see what will happen next. *sigh*

On to more light topics:
Ork, guess who showed-up last night at the pool?? "ANYONEBUTJANELLE"
Remember him? LOL

Andrea Johnson said...

Wow! GM, Aryan & Kaitlin make the means girls from my high school look like nuns. They were awful to Jessie and Candace.

GM with Nick's coffee cup, hat and Chapstick. Chapstick, really? Is that how she's going to get her Nick kiss - slather some of his Chapstick on? Ans exactly how long did she cry? GM also said he didn't like f-bombs and then threw one out in her very next sentence. And did anyone catch her placing a tampon in Spence's bed - said it was because he was a p****.

Aryan is self-delusional - no other way to describe her, well other than klanBarbie. Said to give the money to Jessie or Elissa since no one will hire them. And that America will see what is really happening. Yes, Aryan, yes they will.

Kaitlin is mean for the sake of being mean. Nothing else to say about her. Just nasty.

This girls are mentally unstable in various ways. Scary. Guess no psychological screening were performed by BB.

I think Judd said it best: They're the most disgusting people I've ever seen in my life.

Andrea Johnson said...

I have avoided going on the live feeds because I thought I would get caught up in the minutiae of BB and stay up half the night waiting for something to happen. This season, something is always happening, especially last night. It was absolutely awful to watch. Had to take a shower afterwards - felt so dirty. It was that bad. These are some really evil people and whether or not they are kick out because of their behavior, once they are out of the pond and back in the sea of life, I cannot imagine the difficulty they will experience due to BB house behavior. Although it will bring little comfort after all the racism, homophobic comments, bullying and intimidation (all the elements of an after school special minus pregnancy - watch out Kaitlin), just desserts will be kinda nice.

Petals said...

Well-said, Andrea

Anonymous said...

That fight with Jesse and Candice was brutal and all over Youtube.

I was surprised that McCrae told Andy and Judd but it's good that he did. I just hope it doesn't bite him later in the game.

I loved Judd's comment about GM (after over 5 hours crying) "She should have just went to The Bachelor" then mumbled "wouldn't take her". He was fired up last night when he went into that room with the girls to rescue Jesse.


Andrea Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrea Johnson said...

I just don't know how Jackie does it Petals. They would have to lock me up in a rubber room, wearing a fashionable jacket that buckles in the back!

Jackie, you have my sincere thanks for doing this so I don't have to go on the feeds to find out what's going on.

Chacha said...

I watched BBAd and then was up another hour watching the feeds.

Aaryn is delusional.
The best to me last night(paraphrasing here) was she doesn't care if she goes home, she will make 500,000.00 easy when she gets out of here.
She really has no CLUE!!!!!

When Candice was talking to Helen and Elissa in the bathroom about going to an all white school, she is partially correct. I attended the same High School, many, many years prior but but she is correct, the school is mostly caucasian kids and the minorities are treated differently.
It must be hard on her and have to wonder sometimes if it is harder for biracial children.

Anonymous said...

I just hope they don't make it to jury. Then time will pass between their racist behavior and when they have to deal with it.

Lili said...

Several points. I posted some days ago about the many, many incidents of men on BB using gender based derogatory terms against women. And women getting verbally and physically bullied. And never has any of it gotten the kind of attention and backlash that this seasons racial attacks have.

I only wish misogyny was treated as seriously as racism.

Some one discounted my premise of physical bullying. But it happens, and it is not limited to incidents of the guy who held a knife to a women's neck years ago. Or throwing ice cubes and water at Jenns head, or physically keeping things away from Jenn etc.

I saw it on BB After Dark last night. When Jessie went down from HOH and got in her original bed. Kaitlin got on the bed but then after a short time got off when Jessie repeatedly asked her nicely to do so.

Contrast that with Jeremy. Jeremy gets on the bed, quite near Jessie. Jessie asks him nicely over and over to please get off her bed. He refuses. For a man, who knows a small woman like Jessie has no physical recourse against his strength, to impose his physical presence on her, in her bed, against her repeated pleas...That is a form of physical bullying. You do not have to be touched to be bullied. You have to be intimidated. And Jessie was. And Jeremy should be ashamed. Especially when not what an hour before he witnessed Kaitlin and GM and Aaryn gang up and verbally attack and humiliate Jessie.

And then there is Judd. He is my Pool Guy. Am loving him. He was very instrumental in getting Nick out, he is sharp, strategic, and unlike 99% of all BB players when he witnessed a woman being bullied he stepped in. He didn't just see around and watch like all the others watched Jenn and Rachel and etc get screamed at.

Judd has got character AND good game.

Anonymous said...

As time goes by, I'm liking Judd more and more also. I also thought Howard did a good thing by pulling Candice out of there. While it may have looked like he was giving in to the mean girls, at least he knows his own temper and that he wouldn't be able to sit there and watch them bully Candice and get angry. We're all getting angry and we're not there. I can't imagine having to watch this in person!

Petals said...

I see the girls being FAR worse than the boys this season, as far as bullying. And Kaitlin did NOT get up from Jess's bed until Germ came in to take her place. She was snide & evil, laying across Jess's feet.

IMO, Jessie was FAR MORE bullied, threatened, berated & abused by the FEMALES. Period.

Chacha said...

Lili- I agree with all that you say.

Its interesting, on Jokers there was a post about how CBS is opening themselves up to a lawsuit by the houseguests for what is going on.
IMO- I think these hamsters sign away any rights but I can't state that as fact.

I do feel that CBS has to do something and do it quickly. Just putting it out there that this is going on isn't enough.

I also believe that this is going to drive down future viewership which in turn will drop more ratings which will lead to canellation.
This is my summer enjoyment and it is hard to turn a blind eye.

Petals said...

Personal note:
As a once-pretty girl, I experienced unbelievably bad treatment from women, far worse than ANY treatment from the men. I have also been on the other side; I have said & done such shameful things that some nights, I can't get to sleep (prayer helps).
IMO, women are just more evil, capable of far more sadistic behavior than men. Because we have more emotional depth, we harness deeper levels of evils, same as we achieve higher peaks of joy.
I have no agenda, I represent no organization or movement. JMHO

Chacha said...

I know that everyone has said and done things they aren't proud of.
I wasn't really a mean girl, but push me a little and i "pop" off.
I work in the customer service industry these days and it is very hard not to say some mean things sometimes to people.
When I was a child i went to a private school until junior high.
I guess you could say i was sheltered from alot of hate.
I can tell you when I went to public school I had to toughen up because people were mean. The only thing I could use is my mouth. It has gotten me in alot of trouble sometimes because my lips seem to move faster than my brain.
The saying, open mouth insert foot is something i had to do alot.
But I will say this. I do not think I have EVER spewed out hatred like the weasels in this house have done.
An example was in high school, there was a girl who i was a Witch to, she is now my mail carrier and we talk everyday and have lunch once a week. I have apologized for the way i treated her. i never even realized how i had hurt her feelings.

Andrea Johnson said...

Lili, I don't disagree. I think we sometimes identify more with what we (or family and friends) have experienced. What the guys (primarily Germ and Spence) have said about the females in the house is reprehensible. And Jeremy also brings the intimidation factor as well. But the Kcrew is not only adding intimidation to their game they have upped the mean girl scenario much further than I thought would be possible in this game. In, addition they have added racism and homophobia to their arsenal. And women see that and are transported back to the terrors of high school.

It's not that what the men are doing is not bad, it that what the women are doing is far worse, IMHO.

Lili said...

I am not saying women do not bully, I am saying there have been 1000 more incidents on BB of men doing it to women vs women doing it to women. But the men did not receive a tiny fraction of the ire that is now directed at the three female bullies in this house.

And while some women may have great capacity for vicious verbal assaults, it is primarily men that use all the heinous gender based hate words as weapons as well as their greater physical size and strength to intimidate. Especially out here in the real world. The ratio of male violence toward women is astronomically higher than incidents of women being violent toward men.

Anywho, Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GM will surely feel the consequences of their actions. But I predict it will all be back to business as usual on this season and the next ten to follow that men will not suffer the slightest bit of consequence for their acts of misogyny. And there is really something deeply wrong about that reality.

Petals said...

yeah, past season have been men on women bullying. General bullying.

This season, as Andrea (and everyone) pointed-out, the women are just VILE beyond belief. I had a sinking feeling that they would target Jess and they did.
And they stopped whenever anyone else came in the room (Candice, Amanda, Judd). But when it was the KKKkrew and Jess, they bared those fangs and let tear on poor Jess.
Yikes. I felt so bad for her. I know she wanted to cry, like I did.
I have to stop checking this post. I'm about to go home for the day where my gorgeous & sweet husband is waiting with our precious son. I will try to enjoy the afternoon, but the residue from last night's blood bath has left a sour taste in my mouth and a huge pit in my stomach.
You guys have a great day, I'll catch-up with you later!
PS to Ms Jackie ~ I was having a problem with the link for PayPal, when I was trying to contribute to the pool fund. Just FYI, it was glitching. I'll try again later. :)

Anonymous said...

After reading everyone's comments and watching the show, I am very grateful that I was brought up in a city and an environment that is very diverse (San Francisco). I never knew racism existed until after I graduated from highschool. I mingled with people of different ethnicities, races and religions. I am 100% honest when I say that when I met someone new I never saw a color I saw a person. I truly hope that these house guests pay for their actions once they leave the house. But most important, I want them to eventually learn from all the hurt they have caused the house guest and even viewers from their actions and horrible words. Thank you to all who post and to you Jackie. I read your blog all the time, but I rarely post. MC

Dramahold said...

I thought that Jeremy was also harassing Jess by not acting on her reasonable request. Jeremy may have handled hits actions better than the mean girls, but he has not redeemed himself. He needed to get out of the bed when she requested. Just because he wasn't loud and hysterical does not excuse the action. It actually seems more deliberate and destructive than the mean girls stupidity.

Howard seems truly conflicted. And he seems more loyal to Candace than I originally thought.

Judd is a good guy. He just needs to move his lips when he talks.

Sharon said...

This whole season of BB is an exceptionally sick train wreck. I'm feeling a bit like a "looky-loo" .... slows down my car to look for all the blood and bodies. :(

From the posts here, I realize how very lucky I was in school. Of course, this was 50 years ago. I know bullying happened even then, but it wasn't on the forefront. Maybe the extent of bullying wasn't quite as bad, or maybe it made a difference that schools/teachers were allowed to have more control over negative behavior.

Sis and I were 2 years apart and, although attractive, neither of us "qualified" to be part of the IN crowd, and never tried to join them. Instead, we chose to be friends with those (like us) who were either on the fringe or left out. We are Caucasian, but most of our friends were Hispanic. We were never involved in school activities... other than choir. Heck, neither of us had a car or the $$ to go anyway.

We also didn't have a TV until I was in 10th grade, so we weren't able to talk any of the shows all the other kids were discussing. We read books from the library, and somehow never really thought of ourselves as being under-privileged. Our outside entertainment was church choir practice (wed night), church on Sunday, and then the church youth group Sunday evening.

We would not be 'normal' in today's society!!

FA said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some people are actually not only not ashamed of being racist, they're proud of it.

And racists can get plenty of support from their fellow racists: just observe the George Zimmerman trial. Note that his mother was one of those that was very proud (by her own words) of being racist.

But I think Aryan is truly not even aware of her own racism, so I doubt she's proud of it, just completely oblivious.

Chacha said...

just watched the Live Chat on CBS.COM with Jeff and Nick.

Apparently they aren't allowed to touch on the racism topic.

At the very end he said we have had a lot of tweets about what was said in the house and we don't need to talk about that.

Wonder is CBS wont let Jeff talk about it.

Sharon said...

Chacha - as much as I liked Jeff (with Jordan), he was guilty of a couple of homophobic rants in the house, so he realizes it would be like pot/kettle.

JimmyB said...

Sharon--If I recollect, that is correct. But I think he also (at least) acknowledged his misstep and picked his knuckles back off the ground.

Aryan's will still be dragging.

Witt said...

I do not, and never will, understand people who have a need to inflict pain on others at their own enjoyment.

If Kaitlin would actually LAUGH and give a fist pump when someone is crying because of something that she said, that is so awful. I know this is Big Brother, but REALLY??? WHO EVER TAUGHT YOU THAT THIS IS OK??

I never met my maternal grandmother, but my mom said that one of her favorite sayings was always, "There's no excuse for poor manners."


Sharon said...

Have not comp - Yellow team lost.
Red was Candice Elissa Andy Spencer
Blue was Kaitlin Howard McCrae GinaMarie
Yellow was Aaryn/Jessie/Judd/Amanda.

Elissa said she's going to eat all the guacomole! LMAO I suspect that is payback for the KKKrew making a big deal of drinking all the choc milk.

In any case, they better keep a close eye on Aryan. She feels so entitled that she will food-cheat at every opportunity, and since BB hasn't really punished her at all for anything else, she will do this too.

monty924 said...

Bwahahaha! Feel bad for Jessie, Judd and Amanda. Aryan... not so much. Can't stop chuckling :)))))

Lili said...

Such a contrast between two men in the house that are aprox the same age....

When the mean girls attacked Jessie their responses could not have been more different...

Jeremy said I heard it all go down but what was I supposed to do?


Judd who stepped directly into the fray and gets Jessie out and away from her harassers.

Moments of this season are like something out of a movie. Kaitlin and Aaryn epitomize two classic pretty girls in a horror movie who feel entitled and terrorize anyone and everyone for the fun of it. Any minute I expect them to perform some sort of weird candle light ritual involving chicken blood and the hair of a virgin and summon a demon to help them in their evil machinations.

Judd is more like the quiet best friend of the female lead who is dating a hot guy before she finally realizes Judd is the love of her life.

I don't know, are we ready for Big Brother the Musical?

Sharon said...

Monty -
Too bad 1 other person is missing on the HN list - ugly mean Kaitlyn. I REALLY wanted Aryan and Kaitlyn both on Slop. I would like it to be GM as well, but ok that she's not. She's just so easily led, and I really think her elevator doesn't go all the way up.

Sharon S said...

I just looked at Joker's....looks like original report was wrong and Aaryn is not a have not. I would so rather she and Kait were over an of the others.

Chacha said...

Helen is having her HOH pow wows with each houseguests.
Talking with Howard and she knows he is lying.
I think she is going to put him up.

Petals said...

LiLi - LMAO!

Oh darn, I was really liking the idea of Aryan being a have not, but you were right, she'd have food anyway.

Joanie said...

Something I don't understand, these days most workplaces have policies in place regarding the type of behavior on display from the house guests. In many cases the verbal assaults alone are grounds for termination. If the house guests are not employees of CBS, are they employees of the production company who pays their stipend? Or are they considered independent contractors and therefore not subject to the HR policies of either CBS or the production company?

Anonymous said...

Lili --

I think the musical has been done. Do you remember "Poor Judd is Dead?"

Lili said...

Does anyone have theories about Howard's game play because I do not get it.

Why did he vote to keep Nick? Was he being loyal to the MC which is over? Is it more important to discredit Amanda by lying about the vote than anything else?

He seems to genuinely care about Candice. He seems aligned with Helen etc. But he lies to them soooo much.

Is he over the MC and now truly aligned with just Spencer because Spencer is the only one Howard seems to speak truthfully with. I mean today he lied to Helen in the same sentence he said he would not lie to her anymore in.

Why have an alliance of two when if he was more upfront he could be fully aligned with McCrae, Amanada, Helen, Ellissa, Andy, Judd, Candice, Jessie and Spencer?

Anonymous said...

Jackie says:
"My friends and I have good-natured joking occasionally about our differences, but nothing deep [or] malicious."

I have no reason to doubt Jackie, but I suspect that (like most people, bigoted or not) Aaryn would think and say the same thing about herself. That could be the lesson we witnessed last night, and possibly the lesson for the season. One person's "good-natured joke" can be another person's insult.

Jenna said...

I grew up in the military, lived everywhere, all over usa and overseas. Most everyone I went to school with were of mixed races, never thought anything of it. That is what "normal was and still is to me". Everyone shopped at the px wore the same shock came when my dad retired and I was in a public school for my last two years....that was culture shock...u were judged on how u looked, how u dressed, who u hung out with, where u lived. I am thankful for how I grew up. My point is this... Aaron appently grew up or is growing up where their is no diversity....having kids myself, they r little sponges they pick up on everything good and not so I would have to also assume because all this racial talk falls out of her mouth so naturally that she grew up around this kind of behavior as well. Aaron being blonde/and Caucasian and attractive she has never been judged for the way she looks on the outside. She doesn't know how that hurts she doesn't know what being judged in a negative manner feels like. Well when she exits the bb house she will know how it feels for the first time in her life she will be judged on her innerbeauty...she will know how it hurts and she will be held accountable for her hurtful words and actions for a very long time to come.... hopefully it will shake her enough that she will change the way she judges others.

Nina said...

Just a thought. Howard may be a handsome hunk etc., but from what I am reading and seeing on my TVGN channel, I have a feeling that he is very insecure and appears to be afraid to be confronted or tell the truth in this BB 15situation. Like I said he may be a handsome gentle Giant, but the prejudice in that house is very intimidating to anyone. He comes from a history of this kind of treatment. JMI at this time anyway

Anonymous said...

Howard is very easy to like but he does not give up anything personal It just feels like he isn't what you think he is. Whatever. Maybe he is just smart...who knows.

Andrea Johnson said...

Lili, you crack me up! I could totally see them performing a ritual sacrifice. Too funny!

Joe in NY said...


They are not employees of CBS. They are paid a stipend probably on a 1099. Whether they are considered independent contractors or games how contestants is a question for a whole lot of lawyers.

Sharon S said...

Howard said in one clip that he is trying to keep his temper. My guess is that in his experience, people don't change. He came to focus on the game, and trying to challenge or "fix" the KKK Krew would be pointless because there is no way to get through to people like that in just a few weeks in such a microcosm.

I'm mad that he's letting his game play interfere with my ability to admire him as much as I wanted. His lying is hard for me to take!

To whoever asked above, he and Spencer split their votes - from what I understand, the purpose was solely to try to blame someone else for not following through. That's not working for them though -- they should admit to it and move on.

uncartie said...

Jessie & Candice vs The Racists [UNCUT] 112,000 views already since it was posted today.

How much more is CBS wiling to put up with?

Jackie said...

Anon 7:25 -- There was nothing good natured or friendly joking about Aaryn's comments.

JOEY said...

JOEY and I share in all of you, your feeling that you posted.
JOEY feel it really deeply so much that it worry me how it is effect him because of how he has been through this same treatment. and now , we are leaving our home to go some where else because we live in the area where the g.zimmeron trial and the place where it all happen is and there are so many stranger people showing up, we are afraid what will happen next. but please know that if we are not on, we feel for all of you and hope that you will not let such cruel evil people effect you as it did JOEY last night. it is the first time and will be the last time, I will ever see him that effected by something like that. I guess it really flash back to what he live through, he truley was hurt growing up in ways I heard from his mother that is really awful to experiance, it so shock me what he went through, but this quiet shy, careing, loving man,who's always so strong and gentle, turn to such tears after last night, I think he need to go away from here to clear and talk about his hurt,
Thank you all for posting your thoughts, feeling and true insights in life, we all are always in need of a learning experaince and now this is one to heal from it and not let it damage your heart.
Thank you