Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Thursday Overnight into Friday - July 25-26

And Elissa cried

Okay, so Aaryn won one HoH with Jeremy and now she's won one of the comps that's more luck than anything else. Yet, all will bow down to her this week. I SO could not be in that house! Here's what's happened since the live show ended last night inside that Big Brother House of Bouffant Blonds:
  • Elissa cried.
  • Due to her PoV play last week, she can't play for PoV this week.
  • Amanda assured her that she's not a target and won't go on the block.
  • "But Aaryn HATES me!" Honk, honk, cry, cry, honk, sniffle.
  • Helen met up with Aaryn in the storage room. She said that Elissa is starting to affect her own game and it might be time.
  • Aaryn told Helen she'd honor the deal she made with her and will do what she decides.
  • Helen thinks Elissa told Candice of the deal.
  • Meanwhile, Candice told Howard of the deal made for the others to pick the nominees.
  • Spencer told Aaryn he'd vote however she wants if she keeps him safe this week.
  • Aaryn admitted it was luck this week -- she didn't really want to be HoH, but at least she knows she's safe.
  • Elissa cried.
  • Amanda continued working her anti-Howard gig.
  • She told Aaryn that Spencer and Howard were planning on sending her (Aaryn) home this past week and they changed the vote under pressure.
  • She just might get her way and get him on the block this week.
  • Helen is turning more and more on Elissa. She's telling everyone in their little group -- Judd, McCrae, Aaryn and Amanda -- about Elissa telling Candice of the HoH deal with them naming nominees.
  • GinaMarie would like to see Candice and Howard go on the block.
  • Elissa cried.
  • Ah, the plot thickens -- Helen told Candice not to tell anyone it was Jessie who told her (Candice) of the HoH deal.
  • Helen told Candice that everyone in the house wants Elissa out (as per her behavior the other day) but no one can let her in on it due to her freak out.
  • Helen said that if Spencer and Howard go on the block, she'll do whatever she can to save Howard.
  • Y'know, Helen is confusing me. She wants Elissa to go. She wants Spencer to go. Wait, no! Keep Elissa a bit longer! Keep Aaryn longer than Elissa!
  • I think I'm getting dizzy.
  • GinaMarie said that Candice's voice hurts her ears.
  • Huh. On the feeds, it's Jessie's voice which makes me cringe.
  • Aaryn said whoever told her the juiciest secret would get to host the PoV comp. Judd said she had promised him the task. Amanda won.
  • Elissa told Amanda she never said anything to Candice about the deal and thinks it might have been Helen.
  • In the HoH room, Aaryn once again has the Clown of Terror.
  • Aaryn told Jessie that GinaMarie treated her horribly last week when it looked like she was going to be voted out and Kaitlin would stay.
  • Hmm. She's right.
  • Aaryn told GinaMarie that she's happy that both of them will make jury at least. It must be coming up after next week.
  • While she probably won't put GinaMarie on the block, will we?
  • Aaryn revealed to GinaMarie that she's actually a psychology major, not a business major like she told everyone.
  • I don't think I'd want her to be my psychologist!
  • At midnight, the Have Nots could chow down. And they did.
  • They noticed that without Jeremy in the house, all the food last longer.
  • Elissa told Andy and McCrae that she (Elissa) never said anything mean about anyone in the house.
  • She then continued on with a rant against Aaryn.
  • Yep, she's scared Andy and McCrae enough that they'll never trust her.
  • They're sure she's insane.
  • Howard and Spencer want Aaryn to put Elissa and Helen on the block.
  • Elissa and Helen want her to put up Howard and Spencer.
  • Aaryn will put up Howard and Spencer.
  • It seems like, out of the two, Spencer will be the target.
  • Although it would make more sense to break up Candice and Howard.
  • To me, anyway.
  • To me, it would make more sense to break up Amanda and McCrae.
  • But they never listen to me!
  • We'll we what happens ... 

And they schemed

Still pushing the Howard Out Agenda

So nicely coiffed



Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie, Master Vincenzo, and everyone:)

Well, as much as I am not an Aryan fan, I do give credit where credit is due: She may actually honor the HelEl deal.
GM is actually more vile than Aryan - with her trashy mouth & butchery of the English language. Plus, the gnome never mentions an opportunity to make a racial jab. Urgh!

Anonymous said...

As long as they leave Helen in the house, no one else is going to be in power. That's who Aaryn should target...

Terry is a Texan! said...

You are right Petals, no one ever really give Vincent his due...Top of the Morning to you Vincent!
I of course dislike Aaryn but Im shocked Helen keeps turning on Elissa......I would say get out Howard or Spencer....I voted for America MVP to take out wouldn't that be lovely?

Sasha said...

Hi All, sorry I missed the party last night! I couldn't believe when Aaryn won HOH but I was way too late to comment. Loved reading all the comments here, though.
This group of HGs confuses me. Oh, yeah, and the racial slurring/ homophobic/ misogynistic and anti-semitic ones disgust me.
SO disappointed in Amanda. I actually expected she might be a good player and more strategic and be aware of a professional image to uphold. Boy was I wrong!!
LOL@myself--after so many seasons of BB I'd think I'd know better!

~~Silk said...

I am annoyed that Helen makes such a big deal about others lying, but she lies to anyone and everyone whenever it suits her.

~~Silk said...

Re Helen, yeah, lying is the game, but even to us (the cameras) she acts like honesty is paramount. I wonder if she's even aware she lies.

Sharon S said...

I believe I'm going to through my 10 MVP nomination votes to Amanda. I want to see McCrae really play the game again. And, I don't like bossy. (Helen is next on my list!)

RBennie said...

I'm horrified but not surprised that Aryan won HOH. It seems to always happen that whoever is in the most jeopardy (usually the person I most want to see go home) wins HOH. If she is smart (very questionable) she will honor her deal with Helen. This HOH win can only keep her safe this week. Elissa is acting so strangely. I was rooting for her, but now would not mind her going home.

Becky said...

Good morning Jackie, Mr. V and all. I blessed Amanda with all 10 of my votes.

WV: Entryto -- entry to where?

RBennie said...

I did too Becky.

Witt said...

I'll be doing the same, RBennie and Becky! Time to come down a peg, girl.

While I TOTALLY didn't want Aaryn to be HOH, I'm fairly astounded that she's planning to go through with her deal with Helen? (Whose mood changes, by the way,"Elissa's my friend!" "Elissa must go!" are giving me an upset stomach.)Time will tell, will have to check back later to see who she nominated!

GM, Amanda and Spencer...with Amanda going next. That's what I'd like. :)

Witt :)

Chacha said...

I voted my ten votes for Amanda as soon as I saw Aaryn win.
I don't like Aaryn at all.
Amanda needs to be knocked down a peg or two.
I wonder if Amanda is the third nom and doesn't come down will the house flip and vote her out. Probably not but they have all talked about it in the past.

With us being the MVP again this week i have a feeling that we will have another week of is she isn't she MVP.

Petals said...

I split my votes, 6 Amanda, 4 GM.

Sharon said...

I split my votes also: 7 for Amanda, 3 for Spencer.
Can't stand either one of them, but while Spencer is disgusting, Amanda manages to be both disgusting and over-the-top pushy.

I'm really torn. Wish Aryan could have been on the block this week, but since she's HOH, that won't happen. So, I'd like to have Aryan out next time. Then I wouldn't mind seeing Elissa go, GM, and then Helen. Just as long as Aryan and GM aren't in the final 3.

Anonymous said...

I want to be entertained on BB. I am glad Aaryn got HOH. I will be happy to see Elissa leave, she is very disrespectful and mean. she is so jealous of Aaryn...a natural beauty...not full of duck lips and botox.!!
The house will be so boring without Amanda even if she is a bit over the top. A house with Howard, Spencer, Candace, would be very boring...and with Spencer...vulgarity.

ORKMommy said...

Hi all!

Sorry I missed the party last night. I watched the show on DVR delay so I stayed away from here so I didn't get any spoilers.

Adios to DKNYNC, Jillian's mom, BloggyMom and Billy. Unfortunately you're out of the pool because of the Kaitlin ouster. At least now you get to root for who you want!

Pool update:

Aaryn - QuixoticElf, Isabelle, April Weaver, Donna in FL
Amanda - Petals, JimmyB, Barb S., PDX Granny
Andy - Nickelpeed, jessica Underwood, Patti, Brent McKee
Candice - Terry is a Texan!, Shannon (purrbal), cloverandthetwins, Michelle C
Elissa - theresa jordan, Caela, jo, Ninboh
GinaMarie - Merrlee, Jackie, Cheryl, EileenM
Helen - Dr_Celine, Sasha, Buzzmaam, RBennie
Howard - Glenn, Jennasmom, ORKMommy, Aya
Jessie - Margo, Janice from GA, Pearlgarden, Dave B.
Judd - Lili, GueGee, Karen in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio, Marlol
McCrae - Tammy, gaylos, Chacha, Joey
Spencer - Becky, monty924, Chris (chrob61), Carrie

Kaitlin - DKNYNC, Jillian's mom, BloggyMom, Billy
Jeremy - Tami, JonMD1267, lynn1, Delee, JOKATS
Nick - Witt, MikesGirl, Brian, poodlepam, Brenda
David - Sally, DebbieD, Sharon S, SSW

Delee said...

All of my votes went for Amanda too. Aaryn's noms will be interesting whoever it is, as the numbers dwindle it is harder to not offend someone!

Lili said...

If this board is any indication it sounds like Amanda has a good chance this week of being America's nom. That would be good news for me because if Aaryn does put up Spencer and Howard I think Spencer has an excellent chance of leaving.

Am tired of Spencer creepiness re women. And he and Howard are a super strong alliance. The only other alliance that solid is McCrae and Amanda. So if Helen or Judd want to win they have to break up those two at some point, and it should be H/S first.

If Helen or anyone else in the house focuses on getting Eliisa out this time because they find her annoying it would be a waste. She only has the power of the people who pull her into thier own alliance. She does not seem to win anything or make great decisions on her own...go after the power guys, get Spencer out, he games 24/7!

ORKMommy said...

I used all 10 of my votes for Amanda. I wish they would tell the HG's that America is the MVP. I'd love to see the fireworks when the MVP nom is announced and whoever it is realizes that America wants them out of the house!

Kathy said...

I don't know if I am sorry or not but I gave all 10 votes to GM. She is just a mean horrible human being who believes and truly thinks that she is absolutely adorable. People have very short memories here and are forgetting all the hateful things she has said and done. Amanda is right behind her but was not so deplorable from the beginning. Both need to go but GM and Aryan ASAP.

Chacha said...

i agree about Gina Marie but after hearing Aaryn and Amanda this afternoon talking about stabbing and shanking Candace I am glad I threw my votes on Amanda.
Amanda said everytime that Candice throws out anything that is Racist she will say that Candice is an antisemite for talking about Amanda. I have yet to hear Candice say anything that is half as bad about Amanda then what the mean girls actually say

Sharon S said...

Cha-Cha, I peeked at Jokers awhile ago and was sickened by what Amanda was saying. I am SO glad I voted Amanda. Probably it will be Elissa, but I'm so hoping it is Amanda.

JOEY said...

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Astoria Girl said...

GinaMarie's voice hurts my ears! She talks like a truckdriver and is crude and shows no class. How she got into the beauty pagent field is beyond me. And the constant references to Nick, as if they were a couple. She only knew him 2 weeks, for Pete's sake. I wish she'd stop going on about being a New a New Yorker, I think she's an embarrassment to the whole state! I voted for her to go home since I couldn't give my votes to Aryn...the two of them are cruel and ignorant and should be ashamed of themselves for the things they've said and the way they've treated Candace & Howard. Can't wait for them to come out of the house and find out they've been fired from their jobs. Amanda & Spencer should get fired too for the things they've said as well.