Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday into the Evening - July 30

Oh,no! Jeremy!

So sad. The big flying beetle the hamsters named Jeremy (as a tribute, naturally!) self-evicted at the Big Brother House earlier today. Otherwise, it's been yet another day of confrontations, scheming and unhappiness. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Spools of Lies:
  • Aaryn told those who rule the house that GinaMarie said Spencer and Howard were campaigning to get Amanda out this week.
  • She said that "they" said that once that crew goes, then go all the peripheral players until it's just Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Helen as the final four.
  • I personally kind of want to say, "So what? It's Big Brother. The nature of the game is to target people you want to beat and be the last hamster standing."
  • But, no! It's like this is some kind of grand machinery working against them that they never suspected!
  • @@
  • Interesting ... before BB cut to fish, Aaryn mentioned that (while in sequester) they didn't allow Elissa to watch Rachel's season. They always let the sequestered people view a few seasons while they're in exile.
  • They think that Judd (a) is MVP, (b) might be related to a past hamster, (3) might be flipping to join Spencer and Howard.
  • Aaryn's worried that if there's a tie this week, Spencer will create a scene during the live show.
  • Aaryn thinks that if Helen is at the end, she will win.
  • Probably.
  • Amanda thinks Helen wants to be in the final two with Elissa.
  • Maybe.
  • Amanda wonders why Judd referred to her and McCrae as a "power couple" and why people think they're running the game.
  • I don't even have a witty retort for that one.
  • Andy told Judd they should tell Spencer last minute that it will be Howard voted out. (I think he knows it already and is just holding onto the dream it might be Amanda or even Candice instead.)
  • When Helen asked Judd why he snapped at her yesterday, Judd told her he was actually mad that Howard was "pulling on heartstrings" to stay.
  • Helen told Judd that Elissa is bad for her game and she will have no problem voting her out when the time comes. She also said Howard does nothing for her game.
  • They all can't believe how slowly they're going through food since Jeremy left. He ate more than several people. Amanda mentioned he never watched the show (before sequester) and his mother sent in his application package as she's a fan.
  • Then we finally got some drama ... Amanda and Spencer smackdown! Well, no fisticuffs, but lots of words between the two!
  • Spencer told her she was a bully.
  • She said he was a liar.
  • Back and forth, up and down ... and nothing got resolved.
  • I was just happy that someone (anyone) called Amanda out for what she is.
  • Spencer definitely wants Candice voted out instead of Howard, but obviously knows that's not what Amanda wants.
  • He'd prefer Amanda get voted out but knows the followers will continue to follow.
  • Now, I'm not a Spencer fan. He's kind of a creepy disgusting guy. But I give him kudos for TRYING to shuffle the house.
  • Spencer said Howard has all but given up and is talking about self-evicting.
  • Amanda said her approach to the game isn't winning comps, but building relationships.
  • BWHAHAHAHA! McCrae is a strategy? Build relationships by being a controlling so-and-so? I scoff her strategy!
  • Well, I should take back my scoff. It's working for her.
  • For now.
  • Then the drama continued with Keepin' It Real with Candice.
  • She lit into Spencer for campaigning against her.
  • She ranted about him leaving if she stays in the house!
  • Wham! Rant! 
  • Done and over.
  • Then Howard defended his actions saying that if he couldn't be who he is in the house, he'd rather go.
  • He claims he isn't self-evicting, but that's how it is. He will not compromise his own goals.
  • All of this is making Aaryn feel very secure with her relationship with Helen and Andy. She said that they (Spencer, Howard) think she's an outsider because she doesn't show her cards.
  • Little does she know, she's way low on their totem pole.
  • Helen told Candice her speech was great today. Gosh, that Helen gets around.
  • McCrae told Andy he thinks Judd already tipped Spencer off that they were voting Howard out and that fueled the confrontation with Amanda.
  • Um, NO. Spencer, creepy as he is, isn't dumb to the game.
  • Aaryn and Amanda think that Candice's rant put a bigger target on both her and Spencer. Her as in Candice herself.
  • GinaMarie told Aaryn she agreed with Howard about the four people running the house -- Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa.
  • I'd actually say it was two -- Amanda and Helen.
  • Amanda insists that Howard threatened her sexually.
  • We have no evidence of this on the feeds. None at all. He whispered something to her and her reaction was laughter. We couldn't hear what was said.
  • She's telling everyone he said it and thinks she should tell the producers.
  • Hmm.
  • GinaMarie said Asian people are called "gooks." Spencer (of ALL people) corrected and told her that's bad.
  • I'm just in shock at the idiots in the house this year! And, IDIOTS isn't a slur. It's just nuthin' but the truth!
  • Aaryn wants Howard out as, in his speech earlier, he referred to her as an Indian and not a chief.
  • So she thinks she's a leader?
  • Oh, but now she hates Candice again! She said Candice lied to everyone about her being a racist and told Amanda to confront her about it.
  • To her credit, Amanda denied that Candice told her to confront Aaryn about the racist talk.
  • So, now it seems she wants Candice out.
  • Mind you, Aaryn only votes in the case of a tie.

Rampant Roots

At least he stood up to Amanda

Those pants need to stop. Right now.

Uh-oh ... Keepin' it Real with Candice


Save the drama for your mama!


Anonymous said...

I think Howard might end up feeling relieved to be out of this house , away from the bigots and away from the paranoia and the mean streak so many are displaying. I almost do not care what happens as long as Candice makes jury and survives one week longer than Aaryn or Gina Marie, the main bigots. I just want to see Candice make jury since Howard will not.

I really do not care who wins as I am finding most of them quite unlikeable.


monty924 said...

Jackie said:
I personally kind of want to say, "So what? It's Big Brother. The nature of the game is to target people you want to beat and be the last hamster standing."

Yep, that's my feeling all the way around. :))

Anonymous said...

Jackie said:
I personally kind of want to say, "So what? It's Big Brother. The nature of the game is to target people you want to beat and be the last hamster standing."

Yep, that's my feeling all the way around. :))


Anonymous said...

All I want is for the next HOH to please put up Amanda and Helen and say at the end of nominations. There are two queens in this house. Lets see who is the stronger of the two. Let the war begin.

RBennie said...

I have never liked Spencer, but he just went up a notch in my book for standing up to Amanda. It's about time somebody called her out.