Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Night into Wednesday 7/02 - 7/03

Stupid is as stupid does

So, Momma proud of you now, Jeremy?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Disgusting Behavior:
  • Okay, since I led off with the shot, even though it's a bit out of order, I'll go there first.
  • Not that I really want to go there, mind you!
  • Just when Jeremy was starting to redeem himself a teensy bit with me, he took Elissa's cap and wiped his butt with it.
  • That's just nasty. I guess he thought of Shannon with Hardy's toothbrush and wanted to make more of a name for himself.
  • It even tops Spencer's odd flashing while going down the stairs yesterday.
  • He did get into trouble with BB for it and had to confess and apologize to Elissa.
  • He said it was stupid and immature.
  • Y'think?
  • He told her BB is dry cleaning her hat (I still wouldn't wear it!) and that he will buy her a new hat from his BB stipend earnings.
  • @@
  • He claimed to be very sorry.
  • I don't think he came across as all that sincere.
  • Elissa is concerned about his lack of respect for women.
  • Hey, he's a Mommy's boy! :::looking towards his Mom, wherever she may be:::
  • He told the others it wasn't a big deal. He also downplayed exactly what he did when apologizing to Elissa.
  • Back to the other happenings ...
  • Helen said her husband told her not to take the phone call from home if it's offered as a prize. I guess he wants her to concentrate on the game at hand.
  • Nick and Andy talked about Trader Joe's. Mmm.
  • GinaMarie thinks Candice's voice sounds "too white."
  • Say what? I'm speechless.
  • Thankfully I can still write.
  • Behind blocked feeds, they rehearsed for the eviction show.
  • While McCrae is very antsy as he'll be losing his safety, Spencer and Howard think they're smooth sailing as they get along with all.
  • Howard told the guys that Helen's workout almost killed him. It did. I saw. That Helen's one tough physical cookie. Who woulda thunk it?
  • Aaryn finally apologized to Candice about her fit over the bent hat. Candice alluded to the fact that had she actually sat on it, it would be more than bent.
  • They're all worried about the lack of beds situation.
  • The Have Not comp will solve that one.
  • Nick told Elissa he's "voting with the house." We know that means David.
  • Elissa, on the other hand, does not know for sure that means David.
  • Aaryn said that Elissa would look better if she didn't have a man's bone structure.
  • Oh, come on now. My only personal problem with Elissa's looks is that she reminds me too much of Rachel and Rachel annoyed me to no end. She doesn't have a "man's bone structure." She's not unattractive.
  • Aaryn needs to realize a pretty face means nothing if it covers an ugly soul.
  • Or something like that.
  • Helen thinks she's the only one who's not an actor, actress or model in the house. She's not that far off, but I give you: McCrae, Spencer ... who else?
  • Amanda, not knowing about the MC, wants Nick out before Aaryn.
  • In a way, she has a good point -- Nick is more popular and good in comps. If Aaryn ever made it to the end without her Bieber Fever buddies, she wouldn't get even one vote to win.
  • Amanda also said that the Diary Room has been hinting to Aaryn that David might be leaving.
  • Now, that's just not right! We've been through this before with the DR steering hamsters. Stop that, Big Brother.
  • BB must have really come down on Jeremy (as they should). He told Judd that he didn't know a HG could be expelled from the house.
  • The plan is still for a majority vote to evict David.
  • They're all sleeping as I post this.

Packing the HoH room

Howard a day screen cap



QuixoticElf said...

Thanks for all the feeds updates Jackie! First site I check in the am is yours :) And every other time I get online. lol

Chacha said...

seems like the chips are starting to fall in all the not so good places for a hamster...

Aaryn has been let go from the "talent" agency she has a contract with..
Guess her hosting days are over before they started!

Chacha said...

After Jeremy was spoken to by production you have to wonder why they haven't said anything to the other hamsters. I assume its only because he defaced private property.
I can't remember the exact story with the toothbrush years ago but do vaguely remember that it was bunky's

Terry is a Texan! said...

I think Helen is the most normal person there. She is not obsessed with herself like Aaryn, doesn't have phoney make up or a boob job.
Who does aaryn think she is telling elissa she looks like a man?
That chick is giving Texans a bad name!

lynn1 said...

I officially disown Jerm as my pool pick! He is a thug and a punk.
I will enjoy looking at Howard but I may spend the rest of this season cheering against people rather than for people. There are so many unlikable people it will be easier to cheer against them than try to find one who will go far in the game who is likable.

monty924 said...

Chacha, it was Hardy's tooth brush. Shannon (Dr. Will's showmance) used his electric tooth brush to scrub the toilet.

Jeremy didn't know BB would and could expel because he's another non-fan of the show.

Jackie said...

Yes, it was Hardy's toothbrush

Jackie said...

Jeremy is the one whose mother pushed him to be on the show. I wonder how that's working out for her now.

Chacha said...

Thanks Monty- I couldn't remember the exact scenerio.
I get that Jeremy is a non show watcher and his mother should be ashamed..
Lynne1- i agree about rooting to get people out instead of people winning.
You know its crazy, i think that Evel Dicks antics were hillarious! but these kids are horrible.
i still laugh when thinking about the pots and pans and then dick waddling around making fun of Amber.
I am hoping that Jeremy will implode like the Hantz guy from last year...and be gone QUICK!!!

Chacha said...

the HOH blog is up

Petals said...

"Howard-a-day", LOL

See you guys later. xoxxo

Petals said...

{{{ChaCha }}}}

big hugs to you for the best news of the day.
I was stunned to hear that Aryan had hired an agent prior to entering the house. Geeminy, she really does believe that BB is some sort of c-level launching pad for "talent"? LMAO

Petals said...

Jerm is truly repugnant. Plus, he is just inbred-looking, IMO. His eyes are too deeply-set. He has a Cro Magnon thing going, ick!

Chacha said...

petals- i almost spit my coffee out my mouth with the BB is a launching pad for C level talent..
I truely believe the only few to benefit from BB is actually
Rachael(who is sometimes on a soap opera), and Jeff and to some extent Jordan,for doing the BB interviews which aren't that great, he really isn't the smartest tool in the shed.
I guess I can add Jessie, apparently he is some type of wrestler.
Can anyone think of anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I really don't like anyone in this group this year but Helen. It's hard to watch unfortunately!

gaylos said...

Hi Jackie, just one little suggestion. Is it possible for perhaps you to create a post that you can continually update with the "nicknames" for certain alliances/houseguests? Sometimes if I miss a post, and then just read the latest, I'm confused as to who is part of the "Bieber Fever" or what "MC" means. What DOES "MC" mean? Lol!

Sharon said...

Chacha - I guess one could say Boogie achieved fame... for various reasons.

Perfect, Jerm gives an apology that really isn't one. Mama apparently didn't spend much time teaching Jerm right from wrong, or any manners either. Heck, she proabably thinks "that's my boy, he's such a charming and funny guy, and every gem out of his mouth is witty and cute."

Spencer has fallen in my eyes too... considerably.

There aren't too many to like this season. Most could use a good b*tch-slap.

Jackie said...

I think Dr. Will has had the most success -- his medical practice and his reality show. Season One winner Eddie McGee went onto a short-lived indie movie career, then faded.

And, gaylos ... sure! I think they mentioned both alliances on the show. The Bieber Fever core group is Aaryn, David, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Jessie. The Moving Company core group is McCrae, Nick, Howard and Spencer. Nick strays spying on BF, but I think his loyalty is with MC.

Chacha said...

i didn't link Will in with that because he was a dermatologist before the show but "Dr Tatoff" started after.

Boogie- achieved being a scum(imho) he has been sued and has other people put up money. but its his name that gets the attention in the Geisha Group.

Sharon said...

To be clearer, I should have said, "Boogie, for various 'unsavory' reasons.

I guess we could say Evil Dick achieved some fame, but really, only with the BB crowd. I would get a kick out of seeing him on Survivor or AR.

Petals said...

Hey - pretty Jamie from Season 1 has a pretty good makeup line, IT Cosmetics. She is on QVC, too! I've purchased a coupla things from her, the mineral foundation has good coverage and the brush is phenomenal!

So there is another success story. But she does not credit BB for her success; she was a Junior Miss or Miss Alabama or something.

Chacha said...

Sharon- ED is notorious in the BB world.
Petals- atleast she has another claim to fame.

I think all of these houseguest don't remember Dallusionelle from last season. they will be villified as much as she last year. Even though i didn't like her last year, apparently she has gotten her degree in nursing.

Sharon said...

Delusionelle was a strange girl and not easy to like, but I don't think she would qualify as a mean-girl. Desperate, self-centered and naive, but nothing she said or did holds a candle to the girls this season.

Brent McKee said...

I actually like Helen and Elissa. Helen is the most level headed and one of the most intelligent of the group - not that that would be too hard - and Elissa is refreshingly not like her sister. Although I suspect that Rachel would have cried a bit and then made Jerm's life in the house a living hell if it had been her cap (particularly if it said Brendan on it!). On the whole though, most of the people cast this season are provocative jerks.

Chacha said...

sharon- i agree with that but maybe i am just thinking of the way she was so high on herself

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that Aaryn would talk like that knowing camera's on 24 hrs. It shows that these young kids have no brains

Sharon said...

Anon 3:47
Out of all the people in the house, there's only a few who have ever watched the show. Some only a few times, and some have never watched the show - ever. The Bieber Fever group is particularly clueless (about more than just cameras). They were told cameras are on in all the rooms. For some reason, they don't seem to realize the ALL the cameras are on 24/7 and nothing is missed.

One example is Amanda. McC knows the cameras are on all the time, and will even catch the "under-cover actions' in darkened rooms. But she doesn't think he's correct and keeps pressing him for more "action." @@