Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Daytime 7/02

Too sexy for his shirt

Many "news" sources are picking up on the hate speech by some hamsters on the live feeds. Although I don't really think it's a "dumb" show -- I enjoy the behavior studies myself -- I do agree with a lot of what is written in this PBS article. I also think that, with the economy being the way it is, it shouldn't be all that hard to find an older bunch of folks to make for a better mix. There's a lot of laid-off people who could use a $750 a week stipend!

Remember ... the show starts at 9pm ET tonight! The blog party will be ON.

Anyway, here's what's happened so far today inside that Big Brother House of Silly Children:
  • Judd, Howard and Spencer talked about the immaturity level of the young'uns.
  • But, later in the day, I really enjoyed Helen and Howard's talk. Not only did they come across as adults, the conversation came off as intelligent and insightful.
  • When Spencer and Judd talk, while they're definitely not Bieber Fever, they more like a couple of good ol' country boys.
  • Nothing really wrong with that, mind you. But it often swings around to the misogynistic.
  • Spencer talks about smoking marijuana a lot. I doubt he's talking medicinal. I don't know how his railroad would react. While they say he's a "conductor" for the show bio, he's actually an engineer if he drives the train. Around here, they random drug test engineers. 
  • Surprise, surprise ... Jeremy actually tried to console GinaMarie to make her feel better and less homesick.
  • To give him a bit of credit, he has seemed sincere in his interactions with Helen after he blew up at her the other night.
  • Then Amanda cried. She thinks she's blown what she had with a boyfriend pre-habitral due to her lust, er ... relationship with McCrae.
  • @@
  • It's like it's just dawning her that they're on national television, not to even mention the internet worldwide.
  • Jeremy has no love lost for Elissa even though he's showing his soft side to GinaMarie.
  • Howard and Helen had an extensive backyard workout. He did all kinds of athletic crunches and such. Then they ran laps. Helen wore him out. But, then again, he did more exercise before the laps!
  • If Helen is in an endurance comp, my money would be on her.
  • Aaryn thinks it's funny that so many people have been on the verge of breakdowns.
  • Wait until she has one!
  • It still looks like David will be evicted tomorrow.

Sleeping in the Have Not Room

All that and a chip ... on his shoulder


Sharon said...

Thanks for the run-down Jackie.
I've been trying to keep track of things going on in the house today, but this is such a boring bunch. Looking forward to the show tonight. Doubt we'll see any of the nastiness that's taken place though.

Off topic... kind of.
WHY do the major channels have such a craving 'need' to schedule 3 popular shows overlapping on the same dang night? sheesh

Tonight's overlaps are SYTYCD,BB, and AGT. I can only record 2 (or watch 1 while recording 1), so I'll just have to watch AGT online tomorrow.

Petals said...

I don't feel very good. I want to be at pool, but in real life I am feeling kinda icky.

Sharon said...

NOOOOOO Petals!!! The party isn't the same without you!!
Hope you feel better soon.

Sharon S said...

Sorry you don't feel we'll Petals. I hope you recover quickly.

Thanks for the shirtless muscle shot of Howard! Lovely, just lovely. :)

SueGee said...

Hope you make it Petals!! Thanks again Jackie for the update on the hamsters. I took this week off at the last minute (big transit strike) and almost wish I had signed up for the feeds -not! BBAD was enough for me, unless we have an entertainer in there like Evil Dick or sock puppet shows LOL.

Jackie - have you heard anything official about a day change back to Sun Wed Thurs from CBS? I saw that on FB. Might solve some of the conflicts on what to record.

SueGee on the Left Coast

Jackie said...

Next week it goes to Sunday 8pm ET/PT, Wednesday 8pm ET/PT and eviction back to Thursday 9pm ET/PT. I figured I'd start announcing it tomorrow so people are less confused.

Wintermute said...

A $750/week stipend? I have what I'd consider a pretty good job, and that's close to what I clear weekly. I should try to get on next season. Close to my current pay, and all I gotta do is not be out-hamster'ed by a hamster half my age? I could do that, I think.

Double Standards Bug Me said...

Every season there have always been men making extreme, misogynistic remarks. Women on quite a few seasons have been verbally and or physically bullied by men. And almost always this behavior has been chalked up to strategy, entertainment, or deserved because the victim of it is annoying.

Evil Dick, Hayden, Ragan, Boogie, and so many others have said some really horrid things. But few out here on the inter webs ever got seriously worked up about it.

What makes the remarks coming from the cast this season different? Is it because it is directed at race and sexual orientation instead of gender? Or is it because the remarks are coming mostly out of the mouths of women instead of men?

The things said by Gina Marie, Aaryn, and Kaitlin are offensive certainly. But no where near the ugly vicious things said by soooo many men in seasons past.

Sorry to pontificate but it seems to me in the real world the same thing is true. Paula Deen is being wiped off the map for admitting to long ago using the N word. But men like Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump, and that DJ a few years back that refereed to a female college basketball team as "Nappy Headed Ho's" all still having thriving careers.

I am not saying women should get away with saying offensive, racist stuff. I am just saying they should not be demonized for doing what men are not only not demonized for, but some make whole careers out of. Rush Limbaugh gets paid about 40 million dollars a year for hate speech. Paula Deen meanwhile has lost everything...because of one word.

PDX Granny said...

Double Standards Bug Me, you may not see this, since it's on an older post, but I have to say you make some very good points. There's a lot of that "Boys will be boys" attitude. It doesn't make it right, but so many accept it because that's what they're used to. Things won't change until more people speak out, letting it be known that some things are unacceptable regardless of who says them.