Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Tuesday Evening into Wednesday Dawn - July 30-31

Mumble, mumble, toil and trouble

I think this might be the first season ever I've felt this uncomfortable with pretty much the whole group of hamsters in the habitrail. While the game has always been about backstabbing and deceit, it's taken on an outright evil tinge this year. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Cringeworthy Crazies:
  • Aaryn's upset that Candice is once again "buddy buddy" with Helen and Elissa.
  • Aw, that's too bad, isn't it?
  • Amanda thinks Aaryn is being too paranoid. In other words, Amanda's paranoid that Aaryn might leave her little group of minions.
  • Even McCrae is getting tired of how Amanda bullies treats others.
  • As a matter of fact, he looks more miserable than not at almost all times he's with Amanda lately.
  • As a superfan, McCrae should have known better than to get into a major showmance.
  • After McCrae admonished her for treating Aaryn badly, Amanda went and apologized to her.
  • Aaryn, not the sharpest stick in the woods, probably accepted it. It's hard to tell sometimes.
  • Aaryn is still on her anti-Candice shtick.
  • Amanda is still on her anti-Howard shtick.
  • Every time the alleged Howard sexual threat is brought up, we get fish.
  • I think that's something Amanda created to sway others against Howard. It seems very out of character for him and I find it totally unlikely. Plus, there is no evidence -- we saw him whisper something, but it didn't seem like that and we couldn't hear it.
  • If she did indeed make it up, shame on her. That's evil.
  • If she didn't, shame on him.
  • I still personally think it's totally manufactured by her.
  • Both GinaMarie and Aaryn would prefer Candice leave this week. Only GM can vote (unless there's a tie).
  • Jessie is upset that she's tried to make up with Candice and Candice isn't accepting her.
  • Jessie still comes across as some sort of annoying needy little sister.
  • That is, if I had an annoying needy little sister.
  • Jessie told Helen that she thinks GinaMarie and Judd are closer than she (Jessie) and Judd.
  • Jessie cried.
  • Helen consoled her as Helen often does ... everyone. That Mom complex must just kick in or it's in her strategy.
  • There seems like there might be some movement with the plan to vote out Candice instead of Howard. Jessie and GinaMarie are talking about flipping the vote. If they, Spencer and Judd vote for Candice to go, Howard would stay.
  • I'd prefer Amanda go, thankyouverymuch.
  • GinaMarie is SURE the MVP is Elissa.
  • My, my ... so much this season is all based on dislike for perceived and supposedly real reasons.
  • Aaryn told GinaMarie that she just "can't" vote out Candice if there's a tie this week.
  • That would be due to either her word to Helen/Elissa or fear of Amanda. Take your pick.
  • Helen thinks the vote will be split and Aaryn will have to vote.
  • Amanda said she'll make "damn sure" Aaryn votes out Howard.
  • How? Threaten to kill her like she did Candice?
  • Judd told Andy that he's getting a bit scared of how attached to him (Judd) that Jessie is getting. He said if he gets HoH, he'll put her on the block just to show they are NOT working together.
  • Of course, by now, people are realizing that they can use Andy to transmit messages.
  • Aaryn thinks that people will take Jessie to the final two because it would be a sure win against her.
  • Probably.
  • They're worried because Candice seems to know there will be votes for her to leave when supposedly the original plan was for an almost unanimous Howard exit.
  • Amanda started talking about the plan to get Candice out.
  • Her minions are shocked that she's actually thinking of it.
  • When half of them were already thinking of it.
  • @@
  • I still think Howard will go, but it just might be Candice.
  • What would be super cool would be if they all turned on Amanda.
  • But I don't see that happening.

McCrae looks miserable a lot lately

Howard-a-Day, milk does a body good

Clownie sees all, even in the dark

Why do fake blonds go on this show?

Again ... why pretend blonds?

Volleyball respite from hate


Sharon S said...

I wish they would tell them America put Amanda on the block; that would make them think more about voting her out.

I wonder if we will see McR in the DR bemoaning his unwise showmance and wondering how to extricate himself without losing the game because of it? He should tell her he is worried everyone will begin to try to vote them out unless they act like they split up.

lynn1 said...

Maybe I am just getting to be an old irritable memory challenged person but I don't remember past seasons having as many bigots, bullies and generally unlikable people.
The strategy of these players seems to be I don't like you so I will terrorize you by attacking your race,your looks, your weight, ad nausem.
I long for players like Dr Will, Evil Dick, Dan, Brittany, Ian, Renny. There is no joy in this season's BB house only mean spirited hateful people.

Jackie said...

I think a huge part of the casting problem is that so many of this season's cast were recruited, not applicants. Plus, the MVP twist was ruined with the Elissa, Rachel's sister, twist. They should have seen that one coming. Without Elissa in the house, that might have worked as planned -- best players would be voted MVP. But, then again, they'd still have this horrible casting woe.

Chacha said...

I do agree with what you are saying.
Maybe they need new casting andn Robyn(who seems to do the casting) needs to be recasted....

On the MVP side, I actually like it but do agree they did it on purpose for Elissa to get it in the beginning.

I read an article with Julie Chen and she even agreed that they didn't realize Elissa wasn't going to be like her sister so it changed the dynamic.

the link is below, it is intersting what Julie says about Aaryn...

Sharon said...

Aryan started all the BS, and then GM joined in. They don't know they've both lost their jobs.
But what I can't figure out is why Aryan is taking all the public heat now, even though GM continues on.
Why isn't Amanda getting heat too? She has said things just as bad (some worse). She's tried to get Aryan to stop, but then Amanda turns right around and does or says something just as bad. Is Amanda so privileged that she thinks none of it applies to her?

Curious minds want to know...

Chacha said...

i have said this before with previous seasons. they believe what they want and hear.

Aaryn - this entire week she has said that Candice made up all of the racist comments that she "supposedly said".
We all know she said them but has convinced herself she hasn't.

Amanda- Howard is a bully and liar. She is the bully but is convinced she isn't. Again we have all seen this.

In all of this Spencer has said horrible things which i wont repeat but he doesn't say he didn't say such things. Unfortunetly he has backed up what he says.

Anonymous said...

The game will always be better with BB fans being cast. Its never going to work when they go out and get gorgeous people for thier looks....which is what they did. Judd, Helen, Amanda, Andy are all gamers. Where did they find Jesse?? She does not play the game...Floater royal!!!

Anonymous said...

GM is being portray by CBS as an illiterate idiot, while Aryan is being portray as the mean girl leader...and a huge racist.

I sincerely hope CBS address GM's bigotry more. She is worse than Aryan on that regard on so many levels. Lovable fool she is NOT.

Petals said...

I agree with Jackie - this is truly a very uncomfortable season to watch. I've watched (and blogged with Ms J & Crew) from Season 1. There has never been this much ugliness.
I can handle lying, alliances, sneakiness, deception, etc. But This season is different.
The bullying has gone to a different level. The threats have turned sinister & evil (and MOST have been made by Amanda, with GM coming a close second). The language is more crude & foul than any season I can remember.
Amanda absolutely made a false-but-very-serious allegation against Howard yesterday. Thankfully, it seems producers listened to the tapes (they can hear even when we cannot) and of course found nothing in the form of a sexually violent threat. Howard was not even called to DR , and I think he is completely unaware of that entire near-disaster. When Amanda mentions it to her sheeple, we go fishing. CBS is being very careful to not let this bleed, b/c it will ruin an innocent man.
Make no mistake: Amanda is smart- in a sick, twisted, evil genius kind of way. She knew waited for the perfect opportunity (their whispered exchange)to shoot Howard outta the water. Then she gave the heads-up to her girlfriend (McR), and headed to DR. After DR shut her down, she shed her cover-up and spent the next few hours in teeny lace panties, no shorts.

The actual thing she claims Howard said is, "When we get outta here, I'm gonna f*** the sh** outta you; you're so f***ing hot".

Really??? Amanda with her crass manner, with her flat butt, with McRae dangling from afrorementioned flat butt 24/7? How on Earth did she really expect ANYONE to believe he said that? Or even thinks it? I mean, there is Jessie, Aryan, and pretty Candice, plus Helen?!?

The DR knows the truth, and most of the feeders do, too. Amanda is dead to me in this game. So is that ineffectual, emasculated little girl McRae. I'll not type either of those names again.

I'm still rooting for Jessie, Judd & Andy.

Witt said...

Petals, I haven't enjoyed this season either. The last one I disliked as much as this one was the Nerd Herd season (Cappy, Ivette, etc) but they were never spreading out and out lies regarding personal behavior/integrity, just gameplay. And that doesn't even touch the racist, homophobic, misogynistic comments that have become such an ugly part of this summer.

I will never believe Howard ever said that, and I'm glad that the producers could see that it didn't even warrant a DR visit for him.

The screen cap of Amanda and McCrae is very telling. Her eyes are bulged out, obviously yelling at someone about Howard, and McCrae is all shades of misery, seemingly saying, "How did I let it get HERE?"

Yeesh. Thank you always!

Sharon said...

Right on Petals!!
What "she" said about Howard yesterday was completely out of line, an it could have ruined his life outside the house.

When she came out of DR, she wasn't looking happy and sat by herself at the hottub for a long time. I think Producers must have called her on the carpet for it. You KNOW he never said those things because he was never called to DR. Probably wise because I think he might have "lost it" over something like that!

After the initial shock and passing the word about, nobody mentioned it again for several hours. Then "she" tried to bring it up again a few times... and we got fish.

My opinion, not that it counts, is that DR needs to be a little stronger with several in that house... especially that very ugly little person.

All the HGs must sign all kinds of releases, so I don't know if it would be possible for Howard to take "defamation of character" action against her when he leaves the house.

Sharon said...

Witt -
McC won't do it, but the best thing he could do is go behind her back and encourage everyone to vote her out. I sincerely doubt there will be a prayer for that 'relationship' outside that house. If he sticks with her, he needs his head examined!

Sasha said... had me laughing and thinking "how clever" with "Amanda and her sheeple". However, please consider that by using "girlfriend" and calling McCrae a girl in order to insult him is misogynistic in its own right. While I may not entirely disagree with your overall point, I think you might reconsider your method and it's implications. JMHO, of course. And I'm respectfully of the opinion that women being misogynistic is no more attractive than men being so.

monty924 said...

*peeking in between hands over face*

A couple of things. We don't know if he said it or didn't say it. Evel Dick made some very public loud and in your face sexual threats (pretty violent threats to a gay man) to Dustin, and BB didn't intervene there either. Words are words and verbal threats have never been a reason for sanction unless someone is threatening to kill someone. Wait, Amanda did that too with a sharpened butter knife, but I digress. McCrae has told Amanda that's she too aggressive and needs to cool it. Sadly, he seems to have fallen in love with her, I know, wth, but he has. McCrae is a gamer and a super fan. He's playing the game with the side he picked. Nothing wrong with that. JMO

I'm not certain that Howard didn't say it. He hangs around with Spencer all day and Spencer is a well known misogynist in there. I've watched him laugh at Spencer's comments. Doesn't mean he did it or didn't, again. If, and I do mean if, he did say that or anything close to it, he could have been messing with her head in the game just as ED did with Dustin.

On to happier thoughts... I can't wait for tonight's POV comp and the MVP reveal to see the look on Amanda's face when she goes up as the third nominee. See you all later. Less than 3 hours to go. :))

Anonymous said...

I don't watch the show day and night, but from what I've seen, Helen seems very underrated in this game. She is the only one who can pull together an alliance that lasts and accomplishes anything. And when a situation needs handling—especially racist ones—she steps up and does so adroitly.

Even if she sometimes talks too much, I still think that she's the only real player on the roster. So far, she has really outclassed and outplayed everyone else in the house.

monty924 said...

*that she's

Brent McKee said...

Jackie, when you wrote, "McCrae should have known better than to get into a major showmance," you forgot one thing; sometimes men don't think with their brains. McCrae was presented with a very good looking young woman with large breasts (or at least the biggest in the house) who is also both well off (outside the house) and willing to "be" with him (inside the house). Most single men - particularly single men who look like MacCrae and have his limited prospects - would jump at a chance to "be" with her, at least for a while.

Anonymous said...

Monty~~~Well said. I agree with everything you said. Sadly, some of the houseguests are not sweet and gushy like Helen, but I still feel that Spencer is the most disgusting houseguest ever to be on the BB program. I think some of the things he does he should get called out for.....(sitting in the bathroom with sunglasses watching girls shower and dress).

~~Silk said...

I think that there's a less than .1% chance that Howard said what Amanda claims, but IF he did, might it have been an attempt to ensure his own eviction, thus saving Candice?

Sissy said...

all I'm going to say that if Howard does leave on Thursday, I will miss the Howard-a-Day pics. I see that people are saying that they have never seen this much racism as we do this season. If I remember correctly, the season with the Nerd Herd and Janelle, Howie and Kaysar, a few people were talking about Kaysar and his ethnic background. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

monty924 said...

Silk, I think there is a much larger chance that he said 'something' along those lines but I agree that he probably did it to save Candice, and/or mess with her head in the game. JMHO

Petals said...

Sissy - yes, Kaysar prayed several times a day, and he had a hookah as well. While his religion was NOTED, it was never mocked. No one ever called him "camel jockey" or anything like that, if that is what you were asking.

Kaysar & Janelle are my all-time favorites.

Anonymous said...

fake blondes might be redundant, at least on this show