Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday into the evening - July 17

What a rebel!

Why is Jessie a rebel? After she got quite a bit of sleep in the backyard, BB finally reminded her that sleeping is only allowed in the bedrooms. Sleeping on those airplane seats in the Have Not room just isn't all that relaxing.

Here are today's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Rabid Rodents:
  • Spencer put more pressure on McCrae wondering about his choice for nomination since McCrae lied and said he himself was the MVP.
  • Judd thinks he might have succeeded in getting GinaMarie to throw HoH tomorrow.
  • That said, tomorrow's HoH isn't anything they can either throw or not throw. Online we had to vote who'd be most likely voted as different "royalty." 
  • I personally thought it was poorly put together.
  • Judd and McCrae think it's disgusting that Howard uses his religion as part of the game.
  • Amanda added in his religion AND race.
  • Amanda thinks Howard tried to make Aaryn look like a racist when she flipped Candice's mattress.
  • Um, that wasn't what's caused the racial issues with Aaryn, Amanda.
  • Amanda wants either Howard or Spencer out next week.
  • Hmm.
  • Judd advised GinaMarie to vote with the house (Jeremy) so she won't be on the outs with people.
  • Jeremy is still trying to squirm, worm and deal his way out of eviction.
  • That ain't happening, Ego Lad.
  • Spencer actually ran laps around the yard today. His trampoline experience must have scared him into it.
  • Andy thinks Kaitlin will win the next MVP because girls who win their showmance always get sympathy.
  • Um, no.
  • I don't think Kaitlin stands a chance at it.
  • Kaitlin tried to work on GinaMarie to keep Jeremy by saying they won't last long in the house with Aaryn there.
  • Heck, Jeremy would boot them both to save his own butt.
  • Andy tripped over a loose board on the bathroom floor. When Aaryn said the house is a hazard, I thought, "in more ways than one."
  • Judd and McCrae are worried about Jessie and Spencer getting too close. 
  • She needs a buddy, y'know! And Spencer's more than willing to use her.
  • Silly needy girl.
  • Kaitlin tried to convince McCrae to vote out Aaryn instead of Jeremy.
  • Silly desperate girl.
  • I still think it's bye-bye Jeremy without a doubt.


Finger miraculously healed, eh?

"This house is a hazard."


Andrea Johnson said...

Wow, that Amanda sure is a pot-stirrer. She has her hand in so many messes, its a wonder she can keep it all straight. But she started with the Shaniqua thing and it ruined it for me.

Helen, oh Helen. Just have no idea when to keep your mouth shut. Can't believe you shared your alliance with Germy. Trust me girl, and Dr. Phil will tell you too, that benefit of the doubt thing is for the birds. Some people just don't have a good side.

Speaking of Dr. Phil, is he available for a consult? GM is in dire need of a reality check before she heads off the deep end. Just a matter of time before BB will fit her for a strait jacket. It was funny at first but now it's become uncomfortable to watch.

Aryan, hopefully is the next to go but it think Amanda has plans for her. If she can get out Spence and Howie next, that leaves her, MC, Andy, Judd in their actual alliance and Hel, Elissa and Candace with maybe Jessie. Kaitlin and Aryan now become very useful pawns for Amanda. She has really thought it out. Next steps depend on who gets HOH next.

JOEY said...

JOEY want to know:
Can we get Antibiotic treatment after the germ defliction?? we sure did suffer from that BAD RASH, hope he not contagous.KATILIN now has what ever he had .
Boy, I sure wouldn't want to be in that house of hazards

Laura said...

Are the feeds down or something? I cannot figure out how to get in there tonight. I have not had a problem before now. Now all I have is an option to try for free and put in new credit card info.

Terry is a Texan! said...

Amanda irritates me..not that she corrects Aaryn, that needs to be done...but the way she acts like her word is rule.

Anonymous said...

Caissa say..

wait, what..stop that
Jerm, Aryan, Kait, GM need to go in that order. GM, heh, one might think I"d want her to


MrsWatersJr said...

I wonder if they've looked under the floor board for a golden veto ball? Just saying doesn't seem like BB would just let the board stay that way when they can lock them all in the BY and fix it.