Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Wednesday into the Evening - July 31

A thrill a minute

What's been happening inside that Big Brother House of Hate?
  • Nothing much today, nothing much at all.
  • They've been on indoor lockdown since 5am for the building of the HoH comp in the yard.
  • Helen did a lot of housecleaning, including cleaning the mirrors in the house.
  • BB thanked her.
  • Other than Helen, no one was up before 1pm (their time).
  • Gah.
  • Last night's discarded Save Howard Plan by Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie caused more unrest while Candice thought that others were scheming to evict her.
  • And, Andy's trying to throw the blame for all the rumors on Judd.
  • Needless to say, in the house of discomfort, there's even more discomfort.
  • So, they napped some more.
  • Aaryn is positive that Judd is the MVP.
  • Helen told McCrae that Judd wants to evict him once they hit jury, figuring McCrae would vote for him to win.
  • Andy wants Judd out.
  • Things aren't looking too great for Mumbling Man.
  • But, at least he's not up on the block.
  • This week.
  • Aaryn really thinks it would be better for her own game for Candice to go home instead of Howard.
  • Where are Candice and Howard?
  • Exiled together napping, cuddling and talking all day.
  • I'd say that's not helping either of them. But they do seem to have more problems when they try talking to people in the house.
  • They think, as I do, that tomorrow's HoH comp will be an endurance one.
  • Yet they nap most of the day and probably will be awake for most of the night.
  • The big excitement of the day so far has been Jessie Drama.
  • She hid under the covers in one room and refused to talk to anyone.
  • Everyone except Howard and Candice even tried an intervention telling her they love her and it didn't work.
  • Knowing how she's been about seeking friends, I bet she actually smiled under the blankets.
  • "They like me! They really like me!" -- credit to Sally Fields.
  • But, nah.
  • She finally told Andy (alone) that she was scared to talk to anyone because everything always gets so twisted.
  • So, there's the day in the house. 
  • It sucks to be them, huh?

A bible and a banana



Napping Howard-a-Day

Clownie never naps


Anonymous said...

I feel for Jessie... these disgusting houseguests seem to enjoy sucking any joy out of each other.

A game is a game, but cruelty that is celebrated is horrible, imho.

Thank you for the updates Jackie!


Anonymous said...

I am just now watching tonite's episode. Oh my dreams have been crushed. Howard reminds me of that fine A$$ man who drives you nuts for lack of brain power. . Sigh.... why does he talk in circles like that with the hamsters? His diary sessions aren't like that. My crush is crushed!

Sasha said...

Am I the only one who feels kind of sorry for Howard, at least after watching tonight's episode? I know he has no real social game but I guess I just think that compared to most in there, at least he seems like a decent guy and doesn't spend all his time trash-talking least as far as I know.
And somehow he managed to hold his tongue/anger with all the racist comments. I don't think I could do that. Oh and of course, no more Howard-a-days. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sasha he is an awesome man of God. As a believer I agree with him that this is God's plan..whether or not we agree or understand it. So we should not feel sorry for him. What an example he has been to the world to show people how to take the upper road in times of adversity. He will get his reward in due time.

But Guurrlll I hear more Howard a

Nickelpeed said...

Dang, I hope they vote to get rid of Amanda. I am so tired of them targeting Howard (even though he spun his own web) and Candice.

Anonymous said...

Howard an "Awesome man of God"?? He has lied, swore on the Bible with the lies, drank, Used God's name in vein several times. Just saying , lots of lip service to me.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Actions speak louder than words some time. That is why the house is against him. Talking in circles leaving every one to just scratch their heads.

Anonymous said...

When did Howard swear and lie on the Bible?A) He swore on his religion, not the bibleB) When he swore on his religion he did not lie, he said he swore he voted with the house. The house=majority, majority voted David out, Howard voted David out therefore Howard did not lie and voted with the house.

I don't know about the drinking but different sectors have different opinions about drinking. ... don't know his.

Hopefully he is repenting during his prayers. I know I have fallen a time or two. ...

That is bad enough I will give you that but that is why he has said this game is compromising him and his beliefs. Maybe the internal conflict is why he is coming off as shady. ..who knows. ..

Will be interesting to see if Candice can recover because he did bring her game down a bit.

Anonymous said...

See and hear lots of things on "after Dark". Just saying...........