Monday, July 08, 2013

Big Brother 15: Sunday Night Into Monday Pre-dawn - 7/07-7/08

So pretty, so ugly

As I get this posted, most are still up. Now, I know today BB isn't going to let them sleep in. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Foolish Follies:
  • GinaMarie talked about her nose job.
  • Andy told Nick the house wants Elissa out.
  • No surprise there.
  • GinaMarie hates slackers and fat people. Um. Okay.
  • Aaryn fussed about Kaitlin and Jeremy always making out.
  • Huh. For once I agree with Aaryn about something! The Jeremy/Kaitlin bit is just over the top!
  • Aaryn pondered the thought of getting Kaitlin out of the house.
  • She told GinaMarie that Kaitlin was bullying people to vote Elissa out.
  • Um. No. That was more Jeremy.
  • Jessie thinks Amanda has a lot of money -- she must because she's Jewish.
  • @@
  • Judd asked Aaryn what she thought about putting Kaitlin up.
  • Aaryn turned that around to asking Judd what he thinks about her putting Nick on the block.
  • Aaryn told Nick and GinaMarie that she thinks Kaitlin is ruining their chances (her alliance) of winning MVP by bullying others.
  • Nope, that's not exactly why, Aaryn!
  • Amanda went around wearing band-aids on her nipples.
  • I didn't really need to see that.
  • The BB voice told Amanda to clip her mic to her shirt, then ZING.
  • Jeremy and Kaitlin went beyond making out. Great, now they've had sex on the internet. 
  • Candice told Helen and Elissa that Howard is getting too close to Spencer.
  • A little late to worry about that, I say.
  • Howard convinced Elissa that they would have enough votes to vote Nick out if she were to put him up.
  • That's not true. It would probably be curtains for Elissa.
  • Helen and Candice said Jeremy is like Evel Dick. Elissa said he isn't. She said Dick was clever.
  • And Jeremy not so much.
  • Nick asked Elissa if she wanted to make a deal to keep him off the block.
  • Elissa told him she was going to do what the house wants.
  • Little does she know, but half the house is lying to her.
  • GinaMarie cried when Nick told her he was probably going to be the replacement nominee.
  • Nick told her that they'll just charm the others into submission and he'll stay.
  • Of course, the Moving Company might have a little to do with the result.
  • But GinaMarie doesn't know that.
  • Aaryn thinks if Elissa goes, she might get MVP.
  • Keep dreaming, Aaryn 

Mumble, mumble



Petals said...

G'morning Ms Jackie!
Ewwww...they finally did it, huh? Gross.
And the same night it happened, Aryan begins making noise about Jerm should be hers (A's) partner. I predict Cat Fight!

Howard looks good in that gate, too.

meb said...

Hey Jackie.. Petals..

I'm having a really difficult time getting into BB with this year's selection of hampsters. I applaud you Jackie for suffering through the feeds, but you're getting all the nuggets to relay to us. I am reading your every word and following the comments of everybody. I haven't commented yet, but I'm hovering.

Thanks for the Howard-A-Day... I'd definitely add him to the 'throw' category.

Also loving your "Mumble-Mumble" tag... so true and so funny.

Becky said...

Jackie, thanks for suffering through the feeds and sending us the information. You are a very talented writer. You actually make the hamsters funny. Get some rest! Oh, and thanks for the HAD (Howard a Day).

Terry is a Texan! said...

Howard A day...does that make Aaryn go away?
This group is really weird

Anonymous said...

Elissa needs to listen to Judd and Amanda. Both are pushing for Kaitlyn to be put up but Helen is of course (per Spencer) thinks she has the votes if she put up Nick. Ugh, stop listening to Helen.

Jackie, I'll volunteer to translate for Judd. lol

He does talk softly compared to everybody else but I can understand him. When he was talking to Aa and GM the other day all I could hear was GM.

Chacha said...

i wonder what influence the DR is going to have on Elissa.
I fear that Nick will be going up and staying.
Also I believe that Elissa will be sequestered. She will have the chance to come back in( IMHO)

Sharon said...

Since Elissa would only be the 2nd person out, can anyone clarify if she's sent to sequester, it would be the first time it's happened this early in the game?

If she does go to sequester, it has to be because of a prior arrangement with BB, or because BB wants to throw KKK Krew into a tailspin.

(BF title is apparently long gone. Petals' new group title is much better.)

Anonymous said...

There go some more day jobs.

Chacha said...

i don't know how they pick who stays in sequester.
I do remember that Keith was in sequester for quite a while and didn't come back in. I believe that was season 13

Petals said...

Well, the KKK were the first story on my Yahoo page this morning; those brats have gone national, and not in a good way.

Wonder what other fallout will happen, with all this attention?

I hope the twist is some strange comp to save Elissa. Didn't they save Rachel in a similar way a coupla years ago?

Tami said...

I really can't get into this season. Some of these HGs are sooo offensive that I just can't stand watching.
I think that TPTB need to do something big in order to save this season. It is going down a lot quicker than usual because of the casting.

Sharon said...

Well now... it appears Jerm is getting into a smidgen of trouble with BB.

A while ago, Amanda said, "What's my boyfriend's name?" and Jeremy answered "F*ggot." Then Jeremy called to DR.

Now that nasty piece of work is back out of DR and he's suddenly "seen the light" ... and starts a conversation about the importance of gay rights.

Yeah, right. My better guess is that BB laid down the law.