Friday, July 05, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Before the Dawn 7/05

I trust no one, yet I smile

What's up with those hamsters? I mean, what kind of hilarious hijinks have been going on in the habitrail during the late night hours? Read on ...
  • Aaryn told Andy that they can't trust Jessie because she went down and immediately told others what was said in HoH room.
  • Of course, little does she know, but Andy does that as well.
  • Aaryn said she's thinking of putting up Elissa and Candice because "no one likes them anyway." Her worry with that choice is that Elissa would win PoV.
  • The live feeds were blocked for about an hour as the hamsters had their little 4th of July party.
  • It must have been some party.
  • Jessie was crying.
  • Amanda was crying.
  • Jessie seemed to be crying because she feels alone.
  • Amanda was crying because people think she's with Elissa and Jessie apparently was trying to worm her way in with McCrae "after Amanda leaves."
  • I don't know. They're all whacked!
  • Jessie told Judd she wants to leave.
  • Why?
  • Because she isn't getting love!
  • Say what?
  • That's what she said. My, what a needy little gal.
  • Spencer, Jeremy and Aaryn once again used slurs for homosexuals, targeted towards Andy.
  • But Andy didn't hear them. We did.
  • Amanda and McCrae have decided to try to play both sides of the house.
  • Yeah, that always works so well!
  • While Aaryn seems to be thinking of going with noms which would cause the least friction (in her mind) -- Elissa and Candice -- Kaitlin thinks she should target those who voted out David.
  • Mind you, they're not really sure who voted him out. They only think they know.
  • Howard and Candice spoke with McCrae, Spencer and Jessie about racism they've from both white and black folks.
  • I don't think the talk was quite with the right crowd, the ones who need to open their eyes.
  • Elissa and Helen talked. Elissa thought she would come in and play strategically, but the mean crowd won't let her. She's wondering if it was worth even coming. They said BB loves the Rachel connection, the fans apparently like it, but the house doesn't.
  • Things are still going around in circles.
  • I'm thinking it's almost certain Aaryn will put Elissa on the block. But I have no real idea who the second will be.
  • It won't be Howard.



Terry is a Texan! said...

Good Morning Jackie and thank you for the Howard picture......
This group of hamsters is a crying bunch!

poodlepam said...

I taped BBAD last night to see all of the hoopla and almost every word these children say is bleeped out. Not one of them speaks without profanities and you really need closed captions to understand Judd. When he's whispering it's unintelligible. sigh

Andrea Johnson said...

Thank you Jackie for all you do. I have AT&T so no TVGN and no BBAD :(.
If not for all this racist and homophobic slurs, I think we would be delving more into the mess that is Jessie. Girl has some real issues.

Becky said...

Jackie, thanks for keeping us updated. What a mess, girlfriend. I admire you for putting up with those freaks. I would be slitting my wrists with a dull knife if I had to watch them and, if I had to be in the house with them, some throats would be cut!

I had hoped that Spencer would be a nice guy that I could root for to win -- but alas, it is not to be.

I keep thinking about the Paula Dean situation. Paula was raised in the deep south during an era when racial and homophobic slurs were not uncommon. Times have changed and the past has come back to haunt her. Can you imagine the fall-out that will follow Aaryn for the rest of her career and life? No one other than the Klu Klux Klan will want her representing them.

Now, to close on a happier note -- thank you for giving us Howard a Day. He is more than a pretty face. He is a beautiful spirit.

RBennie said...

Adding my thanks for the Howard pics. My only problem with him is that he is tight with Spencer. I agree with what Andrea Johnson said about Jessie. She reminds me so much of Danielle from last season. It seems she is used to being the prettiest girl around, and getting all the attention, and can't handle being rather low on the looks totem pole in the BB house.

Sharon said...

I posted this on the other thread, but I'm still contemplating the issue and wanted to see what everyone else thinks.

Something registered in my brain last night... and don't know why it took so long.

Spencer continues to spout hate speech... like calling girls cu*ts and Andy a fag*ot/queer and even referred to him as a girl tonight. Jeremy uses much the same terms, along with saying McC got Jew'd, They are both just plain nasty.

BB watchers see all this, but they aren't receiving the same kind of public and employer condemnation that Aryan and GM are receiving?

Don't get me wrong... those girs have been hateful and I really can't stand them, but Spence and Jeremy are just as hateful and nasty.

So, my question is...
Why are the men not receiving the exact same results as the girls?
Is it that gag-worthy male/female double standard?
Boys will be boys?

uncartie said...

Becky said...
Can you imagine the fall-out that will follow Aaryn for the rest of her career and life? No one other than the Klu Klux Klan will want her representing them.
Who wants to bet that she will immediately blame others,or chalk it up to it being a "game"?

AlbGlinka said...

I so want to comment on the racial/ homophobic/ anti-semetic slurs! (yes, I still watch BB and still enjoy your blog, Jackie!!!). The good thing about this cast is that it's a great reminder of how much ignorance still exists in the US. I almost think that the casting crew deliberately set this up for ratings...

Sasha said...

Oooops, @Sharon, I posted my response on the last post, meant to be here. Won't completely repeat myself (don't want to be TOO annoying) LOL but will say I think you have a good point that the media does not seem to care as much about the slurs against females :(

Also, I do believe Jeremy has said he's unemployed but someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

@uncartie - I think Aaryn does blame everyone else for everything and I'm sure you're right that she'll blame others.

The incredible arrogance of most of these hamsters boggles my mind. And Aaryn has quite the huge does of it.

@Jackie...thanks for ALL you do!

Sharon said...

So... looks like America's choice for the Have Not's is Liver and Lima beans. No problem for McC, he's already happy over both. Helen is happy with the lima beans; no so much with the liver.

Personally, I don't care for liver, but admit it 'can' be edible if it's not cooked down to shoe-leather (like mom used to do, lol). Wonder if they can throw in onions for flavor? probably not.

Chacha said...


Yesterday Spencer said he worked for Union Pacific.
I have looked at there site to send an email to the top officials and can't find any. Their executives are Men, women, Whites and Blacks.
I wish I could find where to email all of them.
i have looked at other threads at other sites and haven't seen anything there.
I believe this needs to be brought to the attention of Union Pacific.

Lima Beans and Liver for have nots.

Chacha said...

i found Union Pacifics facebook page and sent a message to them.
i am sure that nothing will come of it but had to get off my chest how I feel about Spencer working for them.
I imagine that they have all races and ethnicities working for them and had to voice my opinion.
I have to wonder why the women have been fired but nothing of the men in the house who are getting away with this.
I understand Jeremy didn't have a job coming into the house.

Chacha said...

so Judd is basically being threatened by Jeremy about the vote.
If Judd was smarter, he would go to Aaryn and let her know what jeremy said about knowing David was going to be voted out so they can get him out.
If he is gone I believe the house would be much different.
Oh I hope Elissa is POV winner and watch them all crumble...

Anonymous said...

Spencer is Union so it's gonna be hard to get him fired.

For the girls they were in a more marketing kinda jobs. Would you want GM to coach your girls in pagents. As for Aaryn she would be used in print adds for companies and no company is going to want her to promote a brand.

Andrea Johnson said...

Sharon, in the stories I read so far, both male and female houseguest were taken to task but Aryan has caught the brunt of the fallout. My belief - it's her looks. If she had Howard's attitude and personality - she really would be America's Sweeheart. She a gorgeous girl. Unfortunately, what's underneath stinks to high heaven! She has been the focus of this fallout because the media can't seem to come to terms with the combination of the two. They are confused that someone so pretty is so ugly.

Sharon said...

Andrea - nice to know they've all been "taken to task" but that's only BB scolding them.
Unfortunately, we see little to nothing in public news media about the GUYS being so offensive.

Listening to BBAD, or read various blogs, the slurs have continued, and it's just as bad as before. So the warnings obviously haven't curbed their nasty mouths.

Either these hamsters are completely clueless and think:
... the "task" doesn't apply to them, or ... they just don't care.
Anyone want to place bets on Don't Care?

JimmyB said...

I'm astounded that people here think they should play God with other people's jobs just 'cause they're jerks. Jerks who do not represent the brand of a company; they're just employees.

Absolutely ridiculous and remarkably arrogant.

Sharon said...

Jimmy, How these people will be treated by their employers is totally up the employers. When they get out of the house, I actually hope they will be learning a valuable lesson, but not have to pay for a lifetime... just because they are being incredibly arrogant, nasty, and stupid.

What I'm completely astounded over is:
1) BB gives the offenders a verbal spanking and the brats are literally thumbing their noses. Ignoring instructions/correction from BB production is incredibly arrogant.
2) The double standard. While the women are being condemned in multiple areas of the media and fired from their jobs (even if they don't know it yet), the men appear to be skating by with no real bad press from the media.

I only ask these things because it DOES appear to be that good ol' boys double standard.