Sunday, July 07, 2013

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - July 7, 2013

Good morning! Welcome to my really late off television topic photo post! If you're looking for a Big Brother live feeds update, the most recent one I posted is at this link. This here is my weekly reflection of the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. It has nothing to do with television. You've been warned.

I can't believe how late I'm getting this post up. I conked out after coming home from work last night, got up early to review what I missed and get the BB live feeds post up and now I'm here. Between being sick in the beginning of the week, extremely hectic workdays, the heat, the humidity ... well, I'm not at my best for sure.

On the 4th of July itself -- I always have the 4th off as my employer says no way no how will do they want to pay me double time and a half for the day (and I don't blame them; I wouldn't want to pay me that much either although I don't mind earning that much) -- I had the day off. Plainfield, because they don't want to pay their workers extra holiday pay, has the city celebrations on the Saturday after the holiday. I worked yesterday, so missed all but the set-up pre-parade. I have no desire to go to the city fireworks in the evening. It's not only hard for me to get there, but I'm leery of problems which might arise with some of the people attending. The Plainfield Police do come out in strength for the event there and it's probably safer than I think. But it's still hard for me to get there.

I decided to cap off the 4th holiday by having a nice relaxing bubble bath. I drew the water, filled the tub, then went to shut off the water. The hot water faucet broke off in my hand. Frantically I tried everything -- screwdriver, pliers, sheer strength -- nothing would turn off the water.

Fortunately, my newish landlord has a 24 hour repairs number to call. Unfortunately, the person who responded was over in Jersey City to watch the fireworks with his family. I bailed water out of the tub quickly and vigorously for over an hour and a half awaiting his arrival. Otherwise, not only MY apartment would flood, but so would the one downstairs from me. He came, used vice-grips to turn it off and put in new hot, cold and shower faucets the next day while I was at work.

My back and shoulders still hurt from the extended frantic bailing exercise. I feel bad that I ruined his family's night at the fireworks, but it was truly an emergency.

The three days I actually worked this week were just as exhausting. Wah is me. I would have taken yesterday and this coming week off for vacation if not for the fact that I'm going up to Albany next weekend for my high school reunion. So, I'm working Monday and Tuesday, off until I return to work the following Thursday (18th). It will be a mixed week of staycation and a weekend with old friends (and some not so much) and family. I've somehow worked a trip to Ted's Fish Fry, a place I miss so much living away from real fish fry places since 1977 or so, with my brother and his wife into a big family reunion of cousins from upstate NY and Vermont. That will be fun! A few of them I haven't seen since I was a young child, but we're reunited on Facebook.

Onto this week's photos ...

Patriotic lady photo IMG_8373a_zps19edd2ae.jpg
It must have been the 4th of July

Or the 6th of July as the case may be. This woman is always in this get-up, marching along with the parade. She WALKS (in high heat!) from downtown to the start of the parade a good mile or so away, then WALKS back in the parade. More power to her!

Bunny in my way photo IMG_8348a_zps8b336ba5.jpg
Move aside, bunny rabbit!

I encountered this one as I was walking to the train one morning. He was near the corner of East Front and Richmond Streets in Plainfield. I shooed him towards the lawn at Richmond Towers because he was in the patch of grass between the street and sidewalk. I must say, though, I haven't seen any roadkill bunnies. They must be pretty smart when crossing the street.


Shy bee photo IMG_8396a_zpsdf70f43a.jpg
The bee is camera shy

But I see him! (Or her.)

Mr. Creepy photo IMG_8378a_zpsc5186416.jpg
It's Mr. Creepy from the train!

He's no longer on the train. Yay. However, he was on the sidewalk on North Avenue by the train station. He stopped and stared at me, creeping me out all over again. Then he said, "Remember me?" Sheesh, it's been two weeks. I felt like saying how I can't forget him because he creeps me out so. Ew.

Parade flags photo IMG_8377a_zps44b3b33f.jpg
Parade judging stand flags

I was heading to the train station to go to work as everyone else was ready for a parade. Vincent probably wasn't thrilled with the noise from it going by the apartment.

Ready for parade photo IMG_8376a_zps7043719e.jpg
People stake out a spot in the shade early

It would be more than an hour, hour and a half, until they parade passed through this part of East Front Street in Plainfield.

Cops on Harleys photo IMG_8375a_zpse87a1ae3.jpg
Cops on Harleys

If a cop offers me a ride home again, I want a ride on one of these!

Dead snail? photo IMG_8357a_zps90deee70.jpg
Dead snail stuck on a post

It says something about all the rain we've had through the spring and first few weeks of summer that I've never seen a snail at the Bridgewater Train Station in eight years and now I've seen several. All dehydrated now and dead.

It's alive! photo IMG_8363a_zps64d15085.jpg
Wait! He's ALIVE!

I unstuck this one from the post to look at it. It was really dried to the post. But, wait ... it's ALIVE! Yay! I don't think it could have unstuck itself as it's in the sun with temps in the 90s.

Aw, snail face! photo IMG_8371a_zps835b0663.jpg
Aw, isn't he cute?

I set him down in the grass. He will have a better chance of making it there.

Inside stinkhorn photo IMG_8354a_zpscea8fcfa.jpg
Inside a stinkhorn mushroom

Something or somebody lopped off the top of a stinkhorn mushroom in Bridgewater. This is what's inside. Cool.

Mushroom 2 photo IMG_8338a_zpse11ce48a.jpg
Mushroom, not stinkhorn

The mushrooms came out quickly with all the rain.

Mushroom photo IMG_8330a_zps49ae157d.jpg
Another mushroom

Then, with the heat, they turned brown, then passed quickly.

Day lily photo IMG_8336a_zpsa4dc3898.jpg
___ lily

Some years ago, I called this a day lily. Someone corrected me and said it was a tiger lily. I called it a tiger lily and someone corrected me and said it was a day lily. It's a lily. Berckman Street, Plainfield.

Morning chicory photo IMG_8323a_zpsac4dbd60.jpg
Early morning chicory

Plainfield Train Station

Afternoon chicory photo IMG_8387a_zps449561fd.jpg
Late morning chicory

The lighting was very different, thus making it look like the chicory is a different color. Same color, but nifty stuff is happening inside the blossom!

U-Haul photo IMG_8318a_zps7b8adae3.jpg
You can tell it's the 2nd of the month

I usually cut through the U-Haul lot early in the mornings heading to the train station. The second of the month, especially when it's not winter, finds the lot crammed with returned trucks. I go through there well before they open for business for the day. Plainfield, NJ

Green trees photo IMG_8319a_zpsb3fecbdc.jpg
Even the tree trunks are green

Church Street, Plainfield. I think all the rain and humidity is making the moss go wild on the tree trunks.

Bunny in yard photo IMG_8327a_zps8b2f795e.jpg
Oh noes! They mowed the grass!

Uh-oh. They mowed the grass on the unkempt lawn where several bunnies reside at the corner of East Front and Berckman Streets in Plainfield. As a matter of fact, as I took this shot of the rabbit and mowed backyard, the guy was mowing the front lawn.

Bunny's water photo IMG_8403a_zps898f5621.jpg
But they did put out water for the bunnies

Same lawn as the above shot. Several male Jamaican (or similar accented country) construction workers live in the house. They apparently noticed they have rabbits living there and put out water for them. I don't know if I would have expected that from a bunch of construction worker guys. Cool. The arrow I put in the photo points to the water dish.

Feet off seats! photo IMG_8349a_zps00d40621.jpg
Feet OFF seats! Grr!

I really wish NJ Transit would enforce their policies. Disgusting. Is there a reason people can't sit like normal human beings on a train? They must sprawl their nasty feet all over? Grr.

Don't fence me in photo IMG_8317a_zpsa0019db2.jpg
Don't fence me in

Corner of East Front and Richmond in Plainfield.

Vincent photo IMG_8347a_zps0ec40813.jpg
Vincent draping himself over a chair

If you look closely, he's very aware of the camera. This is kind of how Vincent drapes himself over my shoulder, over the bed edge and on and on. He's a draper!


Palmaltas said...

Although you had an exhausting week, you got some really nice pictures. Love the rescued snail and the smart bunnies. Not so much the creepy guy.

Petals said...

Thank you for saving little Snail.

~~Silk said...

Lily - Look at the leaves and flower stems. If there are leaves climbing up the flower stems, that's a "tiger lily", Lilium superbum. If the flower stems are bare, and the plant's leaves are a cluster of spears at ground level, that's a "daylily", Xanthorrhoeaceae hemerocallidoideae.

Jackie said...

To be honest, Silk ... I really don't care what kind of lily it is anymore. I've been corrected either way.

~~Silk said...

Yes, the two are often confused. The difference becomes important only when you want to propagate, grow, or eat them.

Jackie said...

I doubt I'll post any more photos of them, so no problem.

Sally said...

Jackie, I'm the "someone" who mentioned that the flower identified as a tiger lily appeared to be a daylily instead. I'm sorry if I offended you. It won't happen again.

Jackie said...

Nah, Sally. Long ago I posted that those were day lilies and someone told me they're tiger lilies. So I posted recently tiger only to be told day. It's not just your comment. If I ever post a photo of them again, they're just lilies. I think I'm going to totally avoid them, though.