Friday, August 02, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Friday Daytime - August 2

Makes Donald Trump's do look natural

Y'know, reporting on this crew of hamsters isn't always easy. While I admit to being the Reporting Queen of BB Brouhahas, these seem more evil than ones in the past. It could be that the cast is just so darned unlikable on the whole. I don't know. Here's what's happened today inside that Big Brother House of They ALL Need Medication:
  • When I last left you, we were getting intermittent fish cam and music as Amanda's yelling at Candice (NOT on camera) could be heard throughout the house.
  • Mind you, they were in the backyard.
  • Even her boytoy McCrae told her Amanda she went overboard.
  • The real kicker is that Aaryn, yes, AARYN, reported to GinaMarie that Candice was doing great in the confrontation and holding her own while Amanda made a fool of herself.
  • McCrae tried to talk sense into Amanda saying that it reflects on his game as well as her own, he can't support her if she goes wild like that, on and on, etc.
  • He also told her that she was playing right into what the others were saying about her -- bully.
  • Well, yeah, dude. About time you noticed!
  • GinaMarie said she was leaning towards putting Spencer and Candice up.
  • Aaryn SO wants a Candice eviction.
  • Although they talked of it last week, they haven't thought yet that this might be a double eviction looming ahead.
  • McCrae and Amanda continued to have a snit about her actions.
  • She was angry he stayed outside when she came in. "Why am I going to follow you if you're having a temper tantrum?" he asked (paraphrased)
  • Eventually they started making out and the temper tantrum was tossed aside.
  • @@
  • In a Candice/Helen talk, they both fussed about Jessie. Helen thinks she instigates.
  • We all know she's very needy and tends to get super-dramatic at the slightest perceived slight.
  • Later, Helen consoled Jessie who was being needy and still upset that Aaryn was invited to Helen's bbq and not her.
  • Helen blubbered. (She's admitted to using tears to guilt her children in the past.)
  • @@
  • Aaryn told Amanda that the big fight she (Amanda) had probably made her a bigger target.
  • Amanda is sure that Judd was the MVP who nominated her last week.
  • Judd thinks that if GinaMarie nominates Jessie, it might "scare her straight."
  • He's given up trying to cope with her after trying to help/rescue her all along.
  • Amanda apologized to Jessie for coming at her last night. 
  • That was the warm-up act for the Amanda/Candice Smackdown if you remember ...
  • Andy and Aaryn talked about how much they like Judd. Andy thinks it's better now that Judd is distancing himself from Jessie. Aaryn said she's probably more loyal to Amanda and crew, but honestly likes Judd more.
  • Jessie apologized to Judd for "breaking his heart" and asked for another chance.
  • @@
  • Yes, that deserved a BOLD eye roll.
  • GinaMarie told Candice she still hasn't decided on nominations.
  • Huh.
  • I find that hard to believe when Candice is the big target. Maybe I'm just too skeptical, eh?
  • As I get this posted, we've had trivia for about a half-hour for the nominations ceremony. I don't think we'll have any surprises -- it should be Candice and Spencer/Jessie on the block.
  • However, I'll post a blurb in a few hours when we get the feeds back. 

Fun with Spencer's horn

Get your minds out of the gutter! Sheesh!

Spencer, bear shirt, scares Elissa with a bug

Andy, bear shirt, tucks it in

Now Judd has bear shirt again!

I tracked the bear (shirt) last night. After the comp, Judd wore it all night until past 5am their time. Come "morning" (early-ish in the day when they finally got up), Andy was wearing it. In the afternoon, Judd had it on again. Then Andy was wearing it again as trivia started for the nominations ceremony. I might have missed it, but I didn't see it go into the laundry.


Joe in NY said...

Actually, this has been a pretty good BB summer. I've been entertained. That's all I ever ask for. I don't need to like them.

Petals said...

Well, the noms were exactly what I said yesterday: Candice & Jess. That is who Aryan, Amanda & Helen wanted, so that is who is nommed. Jess is the target of some (by I think GM wishes it were Candice)

Everyone is mad at Jessie for "trying to make a power play". Wow. Really? Shame on her! She tried to play in the game on her own! tsk tsk
With Amanda as the MVP nom, it will be an interesting POV comp.

Joe in NY said...

Jessie's crime isn't trying to play the game, it's trying to play against Amanda et al. You would do the same thing, Petals, if someone moved against you.

Petals said...

(not just gossip alert - it is on the feeds)

Last night, Amanda told Jessie she wanted to knock all her teeth out and force her to give oral sex and be raped. That among many other evil things. Why? Because Jessie wanted to vote against her.

I hope she loses her job now, check THIS out:

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for Amanda to go batshit when America makes her MVP again this week
.she will go nuts trying to figure out who dares to go after her. It would be great to be back rooted with her. I think she go homicidal on everyone. Put up all the sharp objects in the house if this happens. Just dreaming. But it sure be fun to watch

Anonymous said...

I am so over Amanda using the f### word as if it is normal. GO HOME!