Sunday, August 04, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Into Sunday Evening - August 4

McCrae in a cone

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loopy Losers:
  • Just watching Helen's daily exercise routine wears me out. I'm really shocked that she didn't do better in the HoH comp.
  • Although the PoV ceremony hasn't been held yet and Jessie, Candice and Amanda are on the block, everyone is automatically referring to it as Spencer, Candice and Amanda on the block.
  • All we really know know is that Jessie will surely save herself with the veto. Even though GinaMarie has said Spencer will go up, until it's done, he's not on the block!
  • But you tell them that!
  • Elissa still wants Candice to stay. I personally don't see that happening.
  • Helen told Andy that this isn't the week to get Amanda out and that she told Jessie that.
  • She also told Andy that after the eviction this week, she's going to approach McCrae about making the move on Amanda.
  • Now, of course, Andy is a sieve to Amanda and McCrae. Helen needs to shut up and not confide in him!
  • Judd, Helen and Andy would all like to see Spencer make jury as they think he'd be a favorable vote for any of them in the end.
  • Helen said she really does like Aaryn now.
  • How quickly they forget.
  • To credit Aaryn, she has toned down a bit with the racist comments and is playing a better social game than she was before.
  • But I don't forget. Helen shouldn't, either.
  • Helen says she feels like a Mom to Jessie.
  • She thinks Jessie is really insecure.
  • Y'think?
  • Helen told her BBQ guests that she doesn't want to talk game at the BBQ.
  • Candice got her second better-fitting clown-itard.
  • Amanda got more orange with goggle marks.
  • When it came time for the BBQ, those not invited only got a glimpse of it. Spencer scooted out with the BBQ bunch, but was quickly back inside.
  • They had a giant feast and Jessie wo-manned the grill for most of it.
  • They weren't allowed to keep the grill after the BBQ was done.
  • McCrae asked the Diary Room for a clown-itard for himself. They denied it, but gave him his own cone.
  • McCrae also told Judd that Amanda has had a boob job.
  • Helen was in more buzz about taking out Amanda.
  • So Andy went and reported to Amanda.
  • @@
  • Now, this really could be a good time to take out one of the main two power players. Amanda's on the block with no veto coming up to save her. Helen, the other power player, isn't on the block and gets along better on the whole with people.
  • Aaryn isn't aboard the plan as she wants Candice out more than anything else.
  • These hamsters should stop thinking about their personal dislike for others and think more of the end plan for them in the game.
  • Amanda's starting to worry again.
  • She should.
  • Although there's a very slim chance of her going this week (at least in the first eviction), there is some serious rumbling in the house about getting her out.
  • Of course, it's still early.
  • One thing they're not thinking about is the double eviction coming up. They thought of it a week or two ago but then figured it was too early.
  • Heh.
  • GinaMarie is now considering Andy or Judd as the replacement nominee.
  • Hmm ... they're trying to think of someone who won't vote for Candice to stay.
  • I'm surprised that they're not just throwing Elissa up there.
  • But it does seem than GinaMarie keeps her word.
  • That is, if she can pronounce said word without mangling it!
  • Now she's back full circle and talking to McCrae, saying it will probably be Spencer as the replacement.
  • @@

Coneheads unite

Maybe she should go Pennywise on them!

Goggle lines

The art of drinking in a cone

The big BBQ


~~Silk said...

Re Amanda's boob job, Jillian, winner of BB Canada, interviewed the US hamsters before they went into the house. She commented on Amanda's impressive rack, and asked her if she planned to use them in the house. Amanda replied, "Of course. That's why I bought them!"

Sharon said...

After years of suffering headaches and back problems from hauling around Big Old Boulders, it's pretty hard for me to be impressed with anyone's fake BOBs. But guys don't have that issue, so I'm sure they enjoy the eyeful. @@

~~Silk said...

Sharon, now you've got me wondering if Amanda's habit of exposing herself isn't actually game play? What male would prematurely vote out the opportunity to see bouncing boobies?

Sharon said...

Nah, they'll enjoy the eyeful she's so willing to provide... and then dump her when the time is opportune.

Right now, I'm having a hard time understanding Judd's loyalty to Aman/McC.. to the point of throwing Jessie under the bus, and then backing over her several times! I always liked him, but I'm finding that disturbing.

~~Silk said...

Me too. He used to be protective of her. I guess he's feeling threatened. The old thing about running faster than your buddy when the bears attack. (Bed time. Bye.)

meb said...

Silk said: The old thing about running faster than your buddy when the bears attack. LOL Silk... I've never heard that expression before... so true tho.

I just don't get the mind set that 'it isn't time to get rid of Amanda yet'?? Why would anyone think that. You mean it's better to vote Candice out than Amanda? Right.. because Candice is such a threat. They voted out Howard because??? Play the game people!

JimmyB said...

The talk with MacRae should be: "Vote our way or you're next".

That's how the game is played.

Joe in NY said...

They are playing the game Me. You can't thin your numbers too soon or you'll find yourself in the minority. Amanda may annoy you but she hasn't undermined or voted against her alliance. Howard and Can ice are not part of that alliance. If they toss out Amanda, McCrae is a free agent who with Jessie, Spencer, candice and maybe Judd would then be the power group.

Like it or not, it is too soon for Helen et al to vote her out.

Witt said...

I totally forgot about the second eviction! I'm not sure, however, that anyone in the house quite has the guts to openly nominate Amanda for eviction in the second half of the show, since if it doesn't go as planned, they'll be attacked for the next week. They would need the votes in their pocket first, but since they won't know it's coming until Thursday, that won't happen.

Watching Amanda last night light into Jessie made me incredibly uncomfortable. It's like the mean girls in school picking on the nice girl who accidentally smiled at the wrong person.

This would have to be planned in advance (WITHOUT telling Andy!) but I don't see that they plan that far ahead. You are so right, Jackie...Helen needs to move NOW and Aryan has to get over herself and her Candice problem. END GAME, people!!

Witt :)

Witt said...

P.S. During Amanda and Jessie's conversation, I did have one laugh: Amanda was saying that Jessie always wants to draw attention to herself, and Jessie replied, "ME??? Um, Amanda, you're in your UNDERWEAR!"

I think McCrae is really getting tired of her antics and the whole "You don't defend me" nonsense. For all we know, he may lead the charge of the "Get Amanda out" wave.

Witt :)

Witt said...

I caught some of the previous discussion on the earlier posts, and just wanted to say:
Don't be sorry for having an opinion. Just saying. You are always very honest, straightforward, and clear in your thoughts, which makes you a great poster! XO

Also, thank you for sharing your personal experience about the bullying. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Also, sharing that must have been difficult because that was so intensely personal and has had such lasting effects. XO again

Witt :)

RBennie said...

I loved Jessie's line about Amanda's underwear too. I thought Jessie came out on top in that argument. What bugged me the most was Andy and McCrae just sitting there. Either break up the argument or walk away and leave them alone to hash it out. The two of them looked ridiculous sitting there. I guess Andy had to stay so he could report back every word that was said to those who might not have heard everything, LOL. I just can't understand why anyone talks freely in front of him. I would clam up every time he walked into a room. Ginamarie's nomination speech was so irritating. Candice, I think you are a beautiful girl, but a tattletale rat? Is this woman really in her 30s?

Anonymous said...

I just have to say I laughed so hard last night at the nomination speech. When the camera went to Judd and then Amanda and Elissa I thought that was just so funny. I watched it 4 times. GM is a few quarts low. She did not mean for it to be hilarious but it was.
Candace and Jesse should have laughed too.

Petals said...

Sharon - you took the words outta my head re Judd. I am so disappointed in how he is treating Jessie.
Judd is behaving like the farmer kid that finally gets to hang-out at the cheerleader's lunch table.
I don't mind if he wants to cozy-up to Aryan, but why step on Jess while he climbs the social ladder?

Witt - *smiles* thank you so much. It is true, about bullying staying with me. And I didn't even mention the worst of the things that happened. A small town is worse, and the BB house is the smallest town of them all. I hope Jessie & Candice can bounce back.

Sharon said...

Watching the Jessie fight with Amanda, and Jessie actually coming out on top, indicates (to me) that she might be a little stronger than we are giving her credit. Amanda doesn't like anyone she feels she might not be able to control (like Howard).

As far as Judd, his relationship with Jessie fell apart when he was told it was causing trust issues and hurting his game. You are right there... he's acting like a country boy whose gone to the big city for the first time, and wants to fit with the in-crowd. Unless he's being smarter than we think and simply not telling anyone about his big plan. Nah.

Donna in Alabama said...

Does anyone know how the second eviction will go this week? Will they throw in American's MVP nomination for the second one? Will they have us vote Wednesday night for that MVP?

Petals said...

Sharon - LOL @ "nah" (I think his loyalty to the deSade faction will be Judd's downfall)

Donna - 26 days!

Donna in Alabama said...

26 Days!! I have got to get my new little granddaughter an outfit ready!! LOL

Sharon said...

Petals - I think his loyalty to the deSade faction will be Judd's downfall.

Yup, he's cannon fodder.

~~Silk said...

POV ceremony is finished. Jokers says Spencer is the replacement for Jessie. So it's official; Candice, Amanda, and Spencer are on the block.

Sharon said...

Jessie wants out Amanda.
Elissa wants out Spence.
GM really really really wants out Candice. GM, and her attitude, is a piece of work.

Sharon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JimmyB said...

Certainly, a time will soon come that Helen will orchestrate an Amanda eviction--I'm a little confused why that time isn't now. (I don't think maCrae is a big issue).

The best alliance in the house--such as it is--is Aryan/Helen. The irony is that Helen attempted to form it earlier, and Aryan turned her down. The alliance benefits them both.

Sharon said...

Jimmy -
I don't think McC will be a big issue either. He's starting to realize she's hurting his game, but hasn't been able to give up the "perks" yet. @@

I don't think Helen is concerned that Amanda will actually win anything. All of her time in HOH has been on someone else's watch.

IMO, the comps this season have been performed by Clutz vs Inept. Whoever is the least clutzy or inept wins. LMAO

IAgirlsmom said...

I understand the reasoning that someone (maybe Joe from NY)mentioned about Helen thinking this isn't the week to get out Amanda...But, every time they vote out someone not in that group - don't they lose a vote for her eviction when the time comes? For example - Candice this week and Howard last week. Those are 2 less votes to get rid of Amanda when the time comes. I wish they would consider that and I wish they'd quit telling Andy anything.

RBennie said...

That's the thing that's driving me the most nuts right now too. They have to have figured out by now that anything you say to Andy goes immediately to Amanda's ear! If Jessie woke Andy up at 4 a.m. to talk about evicting Amanda and she found out about it, who told her? Andy!

~~Silk said...

Judd, although still snuggling with Jessie to influence her vote, is now snuggling with Aaryn, who has suddenly gone after him in a big way and has told him he's not to be nice to Jessie any more.


Petals said...

Silk, Judd has lost my support & respect. He is now McJudd, Male Prostitute. LOL

lynn1 said...

McCrae and Judd need a big dose of salt peter to get their minds off the girls and back in the game.
I quit watching BBAD because I am tired of the soft porn show it has become.

Sharon said...

Lynn - Like you, I don't watch very much of BBAD anymore. Might watch a few minutes, but when the nasty sniping and other stuff starts to happen, or when deSade is the centerpiece (again) for the evening, I'm outta there.

There's just not much to like about anymore in the house anymore. Jessie's the only nice one now, but looks like she might be out next.