Saturday, August 03, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday - MVP Nom./PoV - August 3

J-U-Double D

Yep, yep, yep. It's been a busy day in the habitrail. Here's what's happened so far today inside that Big Brother House of Wayward Boys and Girls:
  • I might as well start at the beginning of the day, huh?
  • Amanda and McCrae noticed Judd wasn't called to the Diary Room yesterday.
  • Just a week ago everyone was suspecting Howard of being MVP because he was called to and stayed in the Diary Room.
  • Now Judd is an MVP suspect because he wasn't called.
  • Go figure.
  • After the feeds were blocked, the MVP reveal and PoV players had been done.
  • Surprise, surprise. We voted Amanda as our nominee once again.
  • Unfortunately, that puts the suspect cap on Judd. A few think America might be the MVP, but they're all paranoid that it's each other.
  • Spencer and Judd were the two picked to play in the veto comp in addition to the nominees and GinaMarie.
  • Amanda is still suspecting Judd while others are suspecting Candice.
  • Paranoia runs rampant.
  • Paranoia, The Destoyer. "Hidden cameras everywhere!"
  • Judd told Jessie that if he wins the veto and saves her, Jessie will owe him big time.
  • Helen told Andy that they'll have to vote out Candice to keep Aaryn and GinaMarie from freaking out.
  • Jessie wants Judd to do what he can to make sure Candice doesn't win it.
  • But, in the end ... it didn't matter.
  • Jessie won the Power of Veto.
  • She has said she most enjoys the comps and she's pretty darn good at them. If only she was a better social player!
  • The paranoia and twice nommed by a mysterious MVP is taking its toll on Amanda.
  • She's already admitted in the past that she's in a bad state when she's not in control.
  • And, this is the epitome of not being in control.
  • She lashes out left and right. She tries to figure out who in the world can be putting her up. She's upset that McCrae seems more worried about the game or Aaryn's feelings than about her. On and on.
  • She told McCrae he has to stop being the dictator in the relationship.
  • She said it in front of others.
  • McCrae's actually trying to be the level head, but Amanda can't see that.
  • He's right. Her reactions are hurting her game, as well as the way she treats people.
  • Amanda told Judd and Spencer that, if it gets down to the three of them, let her win.
  • But, it was all for naught.
  • As I mentioned, Jessie won it.
  • :-)
  • GinaMarie said that she will probably put up Spencer in her place, something they've already discussed.
  • The target is Candice anyway and there really doesn't seem to be any way she'll stay this week.
  • McCrae and Amanda had all but a smackdown as she went a bit berserk. He told her that she's ruining her own game, his game, the alliance, and just about their whole world.
  • Scream, yell, scream again.
  • The PoV was a reward/punishment one.
  • Judd won $5,000.
  • GinaMarie has to wear an Elizabethan collar (the cone pets wear after surgery so they don't lick, bite at, their wounds) until Monday PoV meeting.
  • Candice has to wear a clown suit and will likely be evicted in it.
  • Amanda cried some more.
  • Andy tried to tell Amanda she needs to calm down, that it's affecting her game.
  • She cried some more.
  • Apparently Amanda called Candice "Shaniqua" today, but it must have been while the feeds were blocked. Spencer mentioned it.
  • Candice had the $5,000 at one point, traded for the veto, lost the veto and got the clown suit.
  • Judd said he was glad he didn't win the veto and Aaryn told him the five grand is much better in the long run.
  • It sounds like Amanda has to get spray tanned? Hmm. Not all that sure what's going on with that.
  • While Aaryn is pressuring GinaMarie to put Elissa on the block as that would be a vote for Candice to stay gone, it seems like she'll probably go with her first choice -- Spencer.
  • We won't know that until Monday.

Cone of Uncertainty, storm a'brewing

Pre-cone, post PoV

Amanda cries as minions look on

Candice smiles. Not much else she can do now.


Nickelpeed said...

I'm glad Jessie won. I don't know what good it is to put up Amanda when they are targeting Candice. I wish people had voted for Aaryn. I really do not want Candice to go. Crap.

Anonymous said...

Amanda also apparently referred to Candice as "the monkey"

the things this year's cast are saying, they should be thrown out!

JonMD1267 said...

I am not a huge Candice fan but I was really hoping she could have pulled it out and daved herself just to make them loose there minds. I am gald Amanda is on the block again and hope she stays on it. She is out of control. I gues none of these fools still get that they are on camera 24/7 with what they say, it's amazing how they painted Amanda as the saint when she has no problem slinging the stuff like GM & Aaryn.

Petals said...

While I am SOOOOO HAPPY that my JessieClaire won, I am scared for her. Aman de Sade will use any excuse to shred her. Jessie will be attacked again, soon.

And the racist comments were probably too much or too many for you to even mention, Jackie. Disgusting all around, and GM seems to take such effing glee in each derogatory statement.

Sharon said...

Petals - I almost spit cola on my keyboard!!!
You must lay awake nights thinking up names for hamsters! LMAO
ARYAN, DEMANDA, Aman de Sade

That group got enough "hints" from BB, but none of them have done anything that will redeem them in the eyes of fans and the media.

My hope is that Aman de Sade will feel the wrath when she leaves too. During Howard's interview with Jeff, he was much more forgiving than anyone else(including myself)would have been.

T-Town Heather said...

I'm glad that Amanda’s on the block. This is something she has NO control over. She can't bully anyone to admit they're the MVP, can't figure out who it is, and thinks America LOVES her because she’s “so funny in the Diary Room.” (So in her logic, it HAS to be someone in the house.) Also, the fact that she has the balls to tell her fellow cast mates to let her win the veto when you know if the situation was reversed she would never even consider something like that blows my mind. I liked her in the beginning but her true colors are shining big and bright. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when the rest of the cast finally decides to show her the door. I have loved every second of watching her fall apart. GinaMarie and Aaryn are unintelligent, Amanda is just plain mean.

Brent McKee said...

What I find interesting in the last couple of weeks is how rare it is to see Elissa's name bandied about by just about anyone. Oh sure she pops out of her shell to have a melt down once in a while but really she's been overshadowed in that department by drama queens Jessie, Candice and Amanda. Has Elissa become - dare I say it? does Rachel read this? - a FLOATER?!?!?

Anonymous said...

is it true that Amanda is friends with Alison Grodner? Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest of some sort?

Jackie said...

Anon - That's one of the many unsubstantiated rumors going around this year. People on the Internet post something, then the rumors go wild.

Petals said...

heheheh Sharon -

I admit that I have lost some sleep thinking about BB, mostly about how mean they are to JessieClaire. I was bullied very badly, very similarly, well in to my 20s. (I've known a few Amandas) I cried about Jessie.

But the name? Heck, they name themselves! I do like Aman de Sade, tho. No one at the CBS chatroom "gets it", but I think it is so fitting. LOL
See you guys later.