Sunday, August 04, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday Night into Sunday - August 3-4

Work it!

For a lot of the night, it was more fun than usual albeit you could still cut the tension in the house with a knife at times. Here's what's happened since I last posted the happenings inside that Big Brother House of Funky Foes:
  • Aaryn claims that GinaMarie has kissed the photo of Nick so much that she's wearing it out.
  • I don't doubt that.
  • GinaMarie loves her HoH robe. She said she's never owned a robe.
  • Oh my, a deprived adulthood!
  • Candice actually rocks the Clown-itard! She said they're preparing another one for her because this one is too big.
  • She's wearing a skirt with it instead of the clown collar. She had a choice.
  • She can't wear her nose constantly as it's hard to breathe with it on. 
  • She can take it off to sleep or shower, but must put it back on before going away from bed or shower.
  • She's being a good sport about it. Send in the clowns!
  • They took turns trying to throw balls into GinaMarie's cone.
  • At one point, as the others waited for the clown reveal, the BB voice announced, "Amanda, you are not allowed." Then it stopped. So we all now know that Amanda is not allowed! She can go away!
  • Amanda's orange tanning punishment is all set up in the backyard. When she gets the signal, she needs to go in for her spray tan.
  • Amanda fussed the second time called to the booth. She has to be on spray tan call for 48 hours.
  • Amanda told Andy that they are eventually going to have to focus on Helen. Helen "scares her."
  • Andy, true mole he be, told Amanda that Helen tells him everything.
  • That's Helen's downfall. She's a fantastic puppetmaster and manipulator, but she talks too much and tells too much!
  • McCrae and Amanda think GinaMarie is totally loyal.
  • Meanwhile, GinaMarie has had discussions with Aaryn and others about how Amanda does need to go, just not the right time now.
  • This was the night that GinaMarie had promised Amanda and McCrae they could spend in the HoH room.
  • But that ain't happenin'.
  • Tanning is happening.
  • They had a bachelor party for McCrae, enhanced by a booze delivery.
  • McCrae and Andy got totally drunk and silly.
  • Elissa told Jessie that she wants Spencer out instead of Candice.
  • No surprise there.
  • But it's extremely unlikely.
  • Of course, Spencer isn't on the block yet even!
  • But he should be by tomorrow when Jessie saves herself with the veto.
  • The only person in the house who hasn't worn the bear shirt is Spencer. It's too small for him.
  • However, I think Spencer is losing weight. 
  • Not that the shirt will fit him before the season ends, mind you. But some weight loss looks like it's going on.
  • Andy got so drunk that he smoked two cigarettes. He's not a smoker.
  • Overall, Candice mingled pretty well throughout the evening.
  • Although Amanda apologized to Candice for an earlier argument, she wasn't as good a sport with her orange tan as Candice was with the Clown-itard.
  • They're all sleeping as I post this.

Proudly wearing her cone of shame

Tickling drunk Andy

There's a new clown in town

Candice rocks the Clown-itard

Lining up to see Amanda's tan reveal

Orange you glad I didn't say banana, Amanda?

Drunken Andy smoking


Anonymous said...

I am glad the mood lightened last night. Because shortly after the POV comp was over, GM and Aaryn were bashing Candice in the HOH bedroom. They were calling names and going overtly racist, Again ! So I decided to get off the computer and get away from it all for the evening. As I found myself feeling so sad about the very vile nature of the comments.


JimmyB said...

I'm catching up on some BBAD's...Jessie is a remarkably self-involved baby. I'm stupefied that she actually won something--being a complete floater to this point.

Maybe Helen should get a metal for mothering her. (or is it "enabling?)

RBennie said...

I agree with you Caroline. I watch TV to be entertained, so I'm asking myself why am I watching this show that leaves me feeling upset and pissed off when it's over. At this point the only reason I keep watching is the slim hope that the people I really despise will get what's coming to them. I wouldn't want to miss that. I was hoping that Candice would at least make it to jury, but it's probably better for her well being to just get out of that toxic house now.

Petals said...

Jimmie, Jessie is just a young lady, completely alone. Her only "friend", Judd, abandoned her to hang with the popular crowd.
She has tried to make moves, to play the game, to NOT float - and you know what happened? She got attacked!
It is so sad that Aman DeSade has so much control over this season, that when/if anyone tries to do anything against her wishes, they become Public Enemy #1.
See you at the party later, Jimm
:) (not mad at you, just defending Jess)

JimmyB said...

Understood, Petals...but she's there to play. Guess she better toughen-up & acclimate!

Sharon said...

I think Jessie is a combination. She certainly is 'self-involved' but she would like to NOT be a floater and has tried to make moves a couple of times (and shot down).

While nobody else can see Amanda needs to go now, she does... and has tried to get people on-board last night. The first time, someone told Amanda and the rampage started... and I suspect that will happen this time too. Nobody with any guts... bunch of chicken-$hits happy to just make jury. @@

Ninboh said...

I understand feeling bad for Candice but she is NOT a good player, nor is Amanda. You can't win this game when you are blowing up at ppl unnecessarily. Elissa screwed up too and she's benefitting from the fact that Candice and Amanda made themselves less likable. McCrae should secretly align with Judd for F2. Amanda will be picked off soon especially if the UNFAIR MVP twist continues.

Judd, Andy, McCrae and Hellen are playing reasonably well. Aaryn is playing decently too. She managed to do damage control in there and aligned herself reasonably well considering her original alliance was completely picked off.

Ginamarie, Spencer, and Jessie are bungling their way through each week.

~~Silk said...

I've been thinking about the "what Howard whispered to Amanda thing." Keep in mind that Howard didn't know the mikes wouldn't have picked up what he said, or that a lipreader couldn't have figured it out, or that there could have been mikes hidden in the walls for that matter. I think he would have assumed that what he said would be heard by the feeds watchers.

On Amanda's side, she knows durn well that NONE OF THE HOUSEGUESTS would have heard what Howard said, and we can't clue them in, so she could tell them that he said anything she wanted, whatever served her purpose (which could include hurting Candice), without fear of correction.

So, yeah, I fully believe she made it up.

Petals said...

Silk, add to that the fact that she (Demanda) is also the most sexual HG (in the house, anyway). Running around in panties only, with bandaids on her nipples, etc etc etc...
How does she expect anyone to believe that SHE of all people feels sexually threatened. LMAO

Hopefully, these scared sheeple will unite against this tyrannical she-devil.

Petals said...

PS, Silk ~

She has thrown-up the incident to McRae, several times. Always in the context of "you didn't defend me", "you don't care about me", blah blah

Maybe the whole production was more about her using it a a control knob for McRae rather than something against Howard.
When the alleged "threat took place, she didn't go to DR, she went to McR & Judd. THEY told her to go to DR/prod.
She is a manipulative, sinister guttersnipe.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your post Ninboh. Very well put. I agree with everything you said and you expressed yourself perfectly.

Anonymous said...


Really? Amanda runs around in her undies, so it's laughable to you that she feels sexually threatened when someone comes up and manhandles her with no invite?

I'm pretty sure that with the screen name of Petals- you're female. Stop slut shaming other women who act differently than you!

Men hate Amanda because she's strong, and some sad women seem to hate her because she's strong, too.

What the hell is wrong with a woman being "sexual" ???

~~Silk said...

Anon - one of Jackie's rules is that we don't attack each other. I'm old enough to remember the '60s and '70s, when a man could get away with rape if the woman wore the wrong clothing, or had a "reputation", so I understand where you're coming from and the intensity of your emotion. But that can be said without attacking Petals.

Petals said...

Anon - I'd love it if you could give me the time/cam of the "manhandling". You can't - it didn't happen.
And as for "slut shaming" (eww), Amanda does quite a good enough job in shaming herself. So thanks :)

Sharon said...

Anon 5:29 - Granted, everyone has a different view of what's acceptable. IMO, it's an error to mistake Amanda's behavior as anything as simple as "a woman being sexual."

As you say, there's nothing wrong with "being sexual," but Amanda's sexuality is nothing less than exhibitionism... in front of all the HGs, with 24/7 cameras rolling. She's exposing herself like she's performing in a Las Vegas strip club, and in ways that have not made McC exactly comfortable either.

All of her actions have been recorded, on camera, with publication made possible by her poor 'sexuality' decisions.

I give Aman de Sade and McC a 1 in 1000 chance of surviving as a couple outside the house... and that's giving generous odds.

Tami said...

If the HG were smart (alas they are not), they would get rid of Amanda this week to take out one of the power players while they can. (And she can be sexual without running around practically naked.)
I really believe that everyone's game (especially McCrae's) would be improved without her.
I am not admiring anyone's game right now. Some are playing better than others but they all have big problems in their stategy.

Petals said...

Sharon, last night she opened her hoodie to show the boys her nipples. Guess she was just being friendly?
Girl Power! (haha)
Tami - there have been rumblings in that direction. I hope it happens!
Orange you glad you aren't
Aman de Sade?

My WV is feeeeel

Sharon said...

Helen's game would be the best... if she could ever stop running her mouth. Unfortunately, I don't care for her style.

Judd and Jessie are my favorites now. No real reason other than they are the 'cleanest' players.

Andy is ok. He's playing both sides of the fence... kind of playing Ian's role (to some extent) this year.

If it's not too late already, and if Aman gets gone, I think McC might play a pretty good game. He has a better sense of getting along with others.