Sunday, August 11, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday Overnight Into Sunday - August 10-11

Match made in a habitrail

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of People Who Say LOL Out Loud:
  • As you know from my last post, Andy won the Power of Veto.
  • The theme of the veto comp was "Classic Big Brother." 
  • The comp itself was named Blood, Bolts and Bandages. The players all have different colored t-shirts touting that.
  • It was one of those comps in which they had to choose to stay or fold.
  • There was a lot of candy in the comp, but they weren't allowed to bring any inside the house.
  • Knowing BB's budget dollar store games and activities, maybe they want to save it for next year?
  • Spencer seems particularly stressed after the comp.
  • Aaryn told Jessie not to worry, she's safe.
  • Hmm.
  • Truth or fiction?
  • Aaryn told Jessie if she did stay and won HoH, she could go after GinaMarie and that would be okay. After all, "GM is a sweet kid, but she's affecting my game."
  • Heh. Now Aaryn is throwing GinaMarie under that reality bus to people with one foot out of the door!
  • Aaryn told Andy that Jessie wants to put up Amanda and McCrae if she stays and wins HoH.
  • They agree Jessie needs to go home.
  • Ah, so the answer is .... fiction!
  • Andy said he won't use the veto on his nominations.
  • Andy thinks they should make both Spencer and Jessie feel safe this week.
  • He does say that Spencer is shady.
  • McCrae told Amanda she's "kind of insensitive."
  • KIND OF?!?!?!
  • Amanda thinks McCrae is just trying to start fights with her.
  • @@
  • She thinks McCrae blames her for EVERYTHING.
  • I say, as it should be.
  • Elissa said she doesn't want to go to jury with these guys. She feels traumatized.
  • As would I. I feel traumatized just watching them at times.
  • Andy told Amanda that, while he thinks he wants Jessie out this week, he feels he needs to weigh the options -- think of the pros and cons of keeping one or the other.
  • Hmm. Not like he has a vote or anything, right?
  • Amanda and GinaMarie have both tried out for American Idol in the past.
  • Yikes.
  • Right now, it still looks like the house will probably vote out Jessie.
  • Bit it's a long time until Thursday.

Delusions of grandeur

Holder of power

Holder of three fingers

Yoga in a messy room


Sharon S said...

The only good thing about a Jessie eviction is that she will be saved from the madness.

The worst thing about a Jessie eviction is that is one less person I'd like to see win over the meanies.

Sure hope McCrae gets really wise and plants an earbug with Andy before veto ceremony, telling him it is time for Amanda to go. I think the others would like that and keep him safe for a couple weeks, during which time he can build better alliances.

~~Silk said...

Kinda looks like McCrea is trying that old gambit - "I want to end this but I can't break up with her, so I'll make her so miserable she'll break up with me."

It won't work.

Sharon said...

Silk - "I want to end this but I can't break up with her, so I'll make her so miserable she'll break up with me."
That's worse than that old worn out "it's not you, it's me" routine! LMAO

If Biff breaks it off with McFly, it will be "all his fault" and she'll want vengeance for his cruelty and disloyalty to her... cause that's the way she rolls.

BUT maybe the other HGs would see this is the time to take advantage of her weakened position. She's so self-involved that she can't see nobody likes her. Everyone likes him... so much more.

~Lucy2~ said...

I was watching Investigation Discovery this morning, and guess who was one of the recreation actors on s show called "Deadly Sins"? Yep, the kid himself--Nick! I kept watching thinking I recognized him, and then it hit me. Was his profession listed as actor for BB? Maybe it's me, but it drives me crazy when these hamsters get out and find another 15 minutes of "fame." It only leads to more dysfunctional applicants. Oh well. Here's to getting rid of Amanda soon!

Anonymous said...

Sun 2:56 AM BBT Spencer talking about how he loves to watch Jessie's body move and how he would love to see her naked. NT - jww047_


Anonymous said...

I meant to say that comment Spencer made was on Jokers. I would not even write it down. I copied and pasted. ewwwww

JimmyB said...

I chuckle at the Ostrich mentality of so many viewers this season.

A houseguest says---SAYS---something that offends someone's delicate sensibilities, and they immediately want them not only thrown off the show, but fired from their jobs & (in some cases) incarcerated.

Gimme a break. These are the same people most of us deal with on a daily basis. Pretending they don't exist accomplishes...what exactly?

I do consider it to be fake outrage & just as much a problem of the viewers themselves.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think they should evict (rescue) Jessie this week, send her to the lovely jury house where she can enjoy the rest of summer with the relatively likable Candice and Judd, Then they can lock the doors to the BB house, cut the feeds, ship in a supply of MREs and forget about those nasty, prejudiced, mean-spirited people.

Sharon said...

Each season, there's a minimum of 2 crude/disgusting or rude HGs, and each time, we are offended and want "those people" gone. This season, our sensitivities have been offended with the combination of people making crude and/or racists comments, and the constant bullying.

In reality, Spencer is just like crude and disgusting HGs that have ben on BB before, and he won't be the last. Jeremy made plenty of crude/offensive remarks. Remember icky Boogie? Let's not forget the HG with his personal "jack shack"... that was pretty disgusting too (and he was pretty outspoken about what he was doing).

Spence is certainly not my cup of tea and I could never be attracted to "his type," but I worked in restaurants (30+ years ago), and had to deal with plenty of men just like him. It was a business, so I had to 'work around' greasy comments like that, but it didn't I had to date them... or even socialize with them away from the business. Jessie volunteered to be stuck in BB and she has to 'work around' the various situations too... for now. Just like me, she doesn't have to deal with him outside the house... that is, IF she doesn't want to!

Personally, I think the one to worry about is GM, with her Nick fixation. He might have to get a restraining order!!

Anonymous said...

To each his own for sure. Frankly I like Amanda because she is playing a game and Aaryn and GM are entertaining. So...I guess thats what makes the world go round.

JimmyB said...

"He might have to get a restraining order!!"

I'm guessing that's already taken place. He must be dreading the finale.

monty924 said...

I agree with your 12:23 post, JimmyB. I try not to take this silly obsession of mine as personally as some of the more rabid fans out there. Emailing employers, contacting police, etc. is just as hateful as the things that have gone on this season in the house.

Have to share a funny status update from Evel Dick's facebook page:

"Is it just me.... or does Andy look like the love child of howdy doody and Mr. Spock (with those pointed ears)?"

Thought we could ALL use a chuckle today. :)))

monty924 said...

And regarding Nick and GM, he has stated publicly that he IS going to take GM out on A date when the show is over. After that, I'm assuming he will move on... but none of us know.

Sharon said...

Monty - Nick might follow through on the date, like he promised. But after watching the continuing insanity, he has to be dreading it. Maybe enough to decide he'd rather try and avoid any possibility of a stalker situation. For all the talk about how needy Jessie is, GM is just as needy.

GM was telling Spence all the good stuff Nick would say to her. Spence replied that he knew because Nick would come tell them about it and then laugh. She got mad, but her anger was more likely directed at Spence. After all, she would never accept that Nick, the love of her life, would do something like that to her.

monty924 said...

He had every reason to say what he did in the house. He didn't have any reason to say what he did outside of the house other than if it is true. I think he will take her on a date and then maybe run like the devil is chasing him, LOL!

Petals said...

Lucy - Yes, Nick has his SAG card, and has done several bit parts. He also has a YouTube channel, e-Asylum, with several videos.
Amanda is also a fledgling actor.

Give me to the good old days of people just wanting to do the show b/c they enjoyed it & wanted to win the prize.

JimmyB said...

That does seem like a blatant conflict of interest.

"Reality" means something else in TV land.

BJ said...

Silly Hamsters- How many past hamsters have extended their 15 minutes? Maybe Jeff. I can't even remember the names of most of the hamsters.

Anonymous said...

What can I say. This bb15 group have bored me and disgusted me. The funny part of this whole thing is they all seem to think they are great. I myself can not wait until this is over and they come out and see how most of us felt about them. Andys ears crack me up.

Susan said...

I hope whoever cast this BB gets fired. What an awful group. In years past, there was an alliance we rooted for, and one we hated. Now, they change alliances like they change their outfits.
I liked Amanda at first, then she showed her true colors. Then she latched on to McCrae. She is vicious in her attacks, and ignorance is no excuse with her, as it is with GM.