Sunday, August 25, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Saturday night into Sunday - August 24-25

McCrae has to know we'll mock his fashion "sense"

Here's what happened last night into the wee hours inside that Big Brother House of Devious Dolts:
  • Amanda and McCrae are conflicted over the "who will go home" dilemma.
  • Amanda would like to keep Aaryn around doing their dirty work for them while McCrae doesn't want to lose others and doesn't really like Aaryn.
  • Amanda keeps coming up with new ruses to make Elissa think Aaryn will stay no matter what.
  • Ultimately, McCrae and Amanda would prefer Elissa put GinaMarie on the block as she's extremely expendable in view of their cause.
  • They don't think they can control GinaMarie.
  • Heck, GinaMarie can't control GinaMarie. What makes anyone think they can?
  • Amanda thinks that Spencer can't be trusted at all.
  • McCrae trusts Spencer.
  • They occasionally talked about the Zingbot. Apparently it was a fat joke about Spencer and the Zingbot was mean to GinaMarie.
  • I personally think jokes at the expense of weight or looks tend to fall in with a lot of the cruel behaviors we've seen in the house itself. Not cool in my book.
  • However, I snickered when Spencer said that the Zingbot referred to Amanda's tramp stamp (tattoo or lifestyle, take your pick).
  • The Zingbot's floater comment to Andy was about a pale ghost who likes to float.
  • Judd is still sick from the comp.
  • But his head is in the game even if his stomach isn't.
  • Elissa went back to her rather bizarrely timed laughter.
  • Elissa told Judd that she tried to work with Aaryn, but Aaryn is brainwashed by Amanda.
  • Judd told Elissa that Amanda needs to go before McCraa,
  • That's like preaching to the choir. Elissa knows this.
  • Judd and Elissa giggled over the thought of telling everybody threw the comp to Amanda so she could finally win something.
  • It cracked GinaMarie up when they told her, too.
  • McCrae laughed about it when he heard them say it.
  • But Amanda seemed to actually take pause and think about it.
  • Aaryn got all suspicious seeing Judd and Elissa whisper about it, then Judd whispering to McCrae.
  • She's sure they're conspiring against her!
  • Amanda boiled until finally she went on a rant screaming expletives at Elissa and yelling that she wasted a HoH.
  • Oh, well.
  • Amanda told GM that Elissa is using her.
  • Now Amanda thinks GinaMarie is back in their camp, especially if Aaryn remains in the house.
  • I'm not so sure of that. 
  • But, then again, it's GM. Whichever way the wind blows.
  • Judd, Spencer, Andy and Elissa had a long, long talk in the cockpit room.
  • Amanda was very suspicious about that.
  • It looks like Andy is finally realizing that he might be better off with the group of free agents rather than tethered to the Amanda/McCrae train.
  • They believe, as long as they can keep GM in their camp, they have the votes to get Aaryn out.
  • When Amanda gave Judd the third degree prying for information about what happened in the cockpit room, he was very close-mouthed.
  • True, he doesn't open his mouth or move his lips when talking anyway.
  • But more so than usual close-mouthed.
  • Andy is scared that Aaryn will throw him under the bus and expose the 3AM alliance trashing him.
  • Oh, not to worry there, Andy. That's already been done.
  • Spencer and Judd are very, very tired of Amanda claiming to run the house.
  • Then change it, I say.
  • Judd thinks that they would have a better chance to get Aaryn out if GinaMarie was put up. Andy agrees with him.
  • (Of course, Andy realizes that he's an option for the block, so anyone other than him is agreeable in his eyes.)
  • I don't think Elissa will do that. She made a promise and she (so far) has stuck to her word in the game.
  • Andy and Judd have come to the realization that they don't want to be portrayed as people who did whatever Amanda dictates.
  • We have another full day of this until the veto ceremony.
  • While Amanda is safe for the week, I do think she is damaged.
  • I think she knows it, too. 
J-U-D-D in a F-E-D-D ... er, Fedora

Wake up and smell the broccoli, GM

Pop rocks or wicked witch? Take your pick.

Channeling Madonna



Anonymous said...

Can anyone really trust Andy at this point? I hope Elissa keeps her promise to GM although I still feel she is one of the vile people on earth.

Sharon said...

Elissa can still trust GM (probably), but she can't trust Judd at this point. Unless something really great happens, Elissa will be gone within the next 2 weeks. This is assuming she wins POV next week... if she's put on the block. All depends on who wins HOH and how badly they want Elissa gone before Amanda.

The guys are trying to get the Moving Company going again.
Andy is finally starting to realize that his days are numbered with McManda in control.
Spencer wants Amanda gone.
There are cracks in the McManda duo.
She wants Aryan to stay - he doesn't.
She wants Judd gone. He agrees, bu doesn't really.
McC tells the guys he wants Amanda gone soon.

With a guy-alliance surrounding Amanda, she'd be gone. So the chances are, it's looking like it will be an all guy alliance at the end... again.

Personally, I don't really care... but would prefer that the winner not be: #1Amanda, #2Aryan, or #3GM... might as well toss in #4Andy and #5 Spencer.
That leaves Judd and McC, and it probably won't happen, but I'd much rather Judd win.

Susan said...

I couldn't even watch After Dark last night. With Amanda constantly bashing Elssa, she disgusted me.

~~Silk said...

I think Elissa can trust Judd right now, and probably for the next two weeks or so, because he's going to need her athleticism and vote. After that, maybe or maybe not.

~~Silk said...

I'm really wondering what that veto comp must have been like! Judd apparently threw up during it, required oxygen after, and was not well for a while.

~~Silk said...

In prior years, hamsters won trips to a red carpet something-or-other, or an opening, or whatever. So far these guys haven't even got a movie. Is it too soon? Or is the budget too small.

Sharon said...

Silk - I think Judd is borderline... with Elissa, but like you say, only to a point. He REALLY wants Amanda out, so that's his saving grace. He's still one of my favorite people and if he doesn't win the game, I think there might be enough people to vote him America's Fav.... unless Breanchel's crew overloads the voting again.

I'll be curious to see what it was too. So far, they haven't given any clues other than Judd got sick. Makes me wonder if it was something spinning that threw his equilibrium askew.

Sharon said...

Maybe budget... but I somehow doubt it. Perhaps BB is trying to soothe the public's ruffled feathers by not providing specialty goodies?

~~Silk said...

Hmmm. Good thought, Sharon. Spinning would explain the hamsters' complaints that Judd's vomit is all "over the back yard".

[Ick story - you know that carnival ride that has swings that rise up and spin around the center pole? I was watching it at a county fair one year when an 8-year-old rider got sick. He must have hit 50 people.]

Sharon said...

Or it could have been the heat of the day too. Getting overheated can do the same thing. From reading on another site, sounds like they maybe have done a lot of running back and forth... so overheating is a possibility.

Sasha said...

Regarding veto, several hamsters have made reference to how hot it was dut to some kind of "canopy" or "cover" or something that was erected by BB. So overheating is likely and who knows, maybe combined with something else about the comp.

monty924 said...

It was the rolling balls on two sides and the first one to 250 won. If they dropped their ball, they started over at zero. Everyone but Amanda dropped the ball at some point. GM almost caught back up with Amanda before she won it.

They all talked about a screen or tarp being over the back yard and commented on how hot it made the back yard. No breezes to cool the yard down. Amanda also said she didn't have to run back and forth like GM for example because her legs were longer (longer stride).

~~Silk said...

BB can't afford a few fans?

David said...

Uggg. I had really hoped Andy had finally been woken up to McCranda and was serious about working with Judd/Elissa/spencer but it was not to be. He is still their loyal follower. He was just lying as usual last night. I am glad that Elissa is so far not falling for it even though he has managed to convince Judd and now she has Judd in her ear telling her to put up GM.
I am really disappointed in how much of an expert lier Andy is. I am seriously torn on who I would want to go now between Andy and Aaryn. Andy is freaking out that Aaryn will out his lying to Judd before he can now that he thinks the plan to get GM on the block has failed.

Anonymous said...

I love Amanda! She is obviously the most intelligent HG and it is freaking everyone out. They vacillate between fearing her and dissing her, and their behavior is offensive. I believe her feelings for Mccrae are quite genuine and it also seems like he really likes her. I adored his, "first rule of chess is to protect your queen" comment to Helen. What a guy! Most of the time I tune in just to see their plotting (yes, plotting, she is not pushing him around, are you guys even watching?) and their making out. I hope they show up on Amazing Race in the future. They are awesome together and he is lucky to have her. That elissa says she didn't have plastic surgery is preposterous. I guess she is not counting the three vials of lip filler as plastic surgery (the rest of us do). He face is not as pretty as Aaryn's and that is the real reason for her dislike of that poor girl. Elissa says the most judgmental and upsetting comments about the other HGs and it is disturbing that this is not being recognized by the BB viewers. I can't be the only one who sees the big picture. One more thing that drove me crazy was that Jessie claimed she was the prettiest HG and that the rest of the ladies were just jealous of her. At first that made me angry, but now that we know her a little better, it is really just pathetic. If her heart was as big as her butt and her ego we would have a nice girl (at most a 6), but her personality really brings her down to a 4. Sorry to be nasty, but I am sick of all the Amanda bashing and wanted to step up for the girl!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32 i guess you are Demanda friend, i do believe she and Mcsloth are good for each other. You cannot see that she is a evil bitch? Obviously something is wrong with you. Well like Gm says she must have gold in her vagina because she talks about having sex with many different men every week and even talk about swinging and bieng pregnant before the show. A-man-duh is a nasty bully

Anonymous said...

I am actually a psychologist and I don't think there is anything wrong with me. I also don't know Amanda, but would be happy to be her friend. She has good friend qualities (i.e., extremely loyal to people she likes, even in a competition, quite bright, hilarious, tells it like it is, and doesn't take crap from anyone. I would think she is fun to go out with and there would most likely be a lot of free stuff :)

It sounds like you don't approve of premarital sex. I hope you are practicing that policy yourself before judging. I think premarital sex is okay, so I have no problem with her having such relations before marriage. I did, and the majority of the human race does, so I think it is hypocritical to be on her case for that reason. Good for her for trying relationships out before closing the deal and getting divorced later. I also do not think she is jealous of Elissa. I think it is the other way around. Maybe E should have played the field a little more before settling on the "older" man. She even said other people don't find him attractive - and publicly announced she thinks her brother in law is the "most attractive" (WHAT??!! look out Rachel you might see E and your hubby on Springer one day). I think she envies A as is seems like A was holding out for true love. Sorry we disagree.

Petals said...

Anon 11:32.

Wow. That is hilarious! You had me going there for a minute.



Anonymous said...

Anon 11:32

Another Pysco.