Friday, August 09, 2013

Big Brother 15: Live Feeds Since Double Eviction, New HoH - August 8-9

Not a flattering garment!

The excitement didn't end with the show ... after all, another HoH needed to be crowned before the night was out. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of No More Frog Gigging:
  • After the feeds returned ...
  • GinaMarie kept going on and on about speaking up to defend herself (to Candice) about living at home with her mother because it's so expensive to live in NYC.
  • It IS expensive, but Staten Island is nowhere near as expensive as Manhattan or Brooklyn.
  • I'm SO tired of hearing GM say, "I'm from New York, I say what I want."
  • Let's stop that stereotype right now! She is NOT representative of anyone other than her own self. Geez.
  • Helen and Amanda said that Judd had to go because he wanted to work with McCrae and get rid of the girls.
  • Amanda is sure Judd was the MVP nominating her.
  • They all think Judd knew the game well and was good at it.
  • In her going on about Candice not even knowing what she has, GinaMarie talked about her car and room, referring to them as a piece of excrement (she didn't say that, I did). She ended her tirade with "I'm the better person. I have blond hair and blue eyes."
  • Argh. Fake blond and annoying knows no color!
  • Amanda told Aaryn she will always be safe with them and they definitely trust her.
  • McCrae actually cried. I think his Life With Amanda Show is crashing in and he realizes that the Judd eviction may have been a mistake ... especially for his own game.
  • Jessie told Helen that she (Jessie) had told Aaryn that she would never target her (Aaryn) if she saved her.
  • Um. That's not why Aaryn saved her. It was due to Amanda and Helen convincing her she had to put Judd up.
  • They're worried about what Julie said about people coming back.
  • McCrae said a jury member has never come back.
  • He's right. Except for that Rachel 24-hour return, none have ever come back to actually return to the game.
  • But I say "Expect the unexpected."
  • The feeds were blocked for the HoH comp.
  • Whoa! ANDY is the new HoH.
  • He will NOT be giving up his room to others.
  • Good.
  • Unfortunately, he will be probably nominating whomever Helen and Amanda tell him to.
  • The targets are unlikely to be Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa for sure.
  • He had to select Have Nots (using the mung beans and whatever we voted on a few weeks back).
  • GinaMarie, Helen and Aaryn were chosen. Elissa volunteered.
  • Amanda cried because she can't win anything ever.
  • Andy told her that her strategic game is flawless.
  • I wouldn't say flawless, but she's still ruling the roost.
  • Along with Helen, mind you.
  • Andy said he was hoping for a letter from his mother, but she didn't sign the release.
  • Well, she apparently did sign the release and that's who sent him the HoH letter.
  • McCrae told Spencer he thinks that he needs to start playing the game for himself. Apparently he had that wake-up call when Amanda "took Judd away" from him.
  • Aaryn got a basket of goodies for her short-lived HoH reign.
  • Andy told Amanda he will probably nominate Spencer and Jessie with GinaMarie as the back-up.
  • Spencer thinks they should just put his name on one chair.
  • They all could hear the applause when Judd left the house and thinks America really liked him.
  • So, of course, he MUST have been the MVP.
  • The backyard opened up and, as I get this posted, lots of small talk, booze drinking and cigarette smoking going on.

What have we done?

Missing Judd already

Where you go, there you are

Hmm ... I've been trying all season to read this tattoo under Amanda's right breast. Um. Okay. Weird.

The new Head of Household


Anonymous said...

WHO in the world do we pull for now???? Amanda will be heading for the bank to deposit the money and Helen will still be saying, "Its to early to get Amanda out, we'll do that later."

Joe in NY said...

I really don't care who deposits the check. It won't be me. LOL.

Helen and Amanda have run the house TOGETHER. People hate Amanda and so they convince themselves that the smart move is to eject Amanda. That is simply the petty hateful move.

Except for Spencer and Jessie, everyone else in that house has been protected by the Amanda/Helen alliance. And Helen probably still needs her as cover, although not for long.

But I'm not sure Helen wouldn't be best served by sitting next to Amanda at the end. Most of the jury will NOT be fans of Amanda, starting with Candy. Hard to say. A lot of game left. But there was certainly no need for the two core groups to turn on Amanda earlier than this.

Petals said...

Andy is the least detestable of the "power" group. And Helen. Then Jessie of course is my fave for an underdog story.
Helen lies, manipulates,etc. But she does it so much more smoothly than Demanda. Huge diff. Helen's game resembles Dan's. Demanda's just resembles...Biff ("think, McRae, THINK!")
{who got that? Anyone? Buehler? I'm sooo dating myself}

Witt said...

LOL...I knew exactly who you were referring to, Petals...but I am a movie geek who trades lines with my brother by text all the time. He'll send one to me, no reference/context, and I have to respond with another from the same film. Our thread is over 200 and I don't want to delete it because it's so funny to read. :)

Jessie is the only one I'm rooting for too. Andy being HOH is the same thing as Amanda being HOH, she'll just pull the puppet strings.

I shake my head every time the houseguests go in the DR and say, "Sadly, I must evict..." They are being told what to do and not voting how they should. Everyone too worried about retribution and no one votes their conscience. So many people were crying over Judd leaving last night...then why did you evict him????

Witt :)

JimmyB said...

I think Amanda goes the moment Helen decides she goes--if at all.

Helen sees Amanda as perfect cover for her; a great target who is perceived as having power.

It's very possible Helen wants her for F3 or F2--the path to win. She's playing an excellent game, so far.

I'm not happy that Judd is gone, but Helen must have seen him as a big threat.

JimmyB said...

The other side of that is: If Amanda is really smart--she'd orchestrate a Helen eviction asap.

Tami said...

I agree Petals. Amanda and Helen are both manipulating the game...but Helen is nicer about it.
Helen does it with kindness and encouragment, Amanda is very heavy handed and mean about it.
As a viewer, I would rather see a 'nice bully' get far in the game than a 'mean spirited bully'.

Witt said...

Exactly, Jimmy....she'll start saying Helen is "shady" and up to no good.

Witt :)

P.S. I was absolutely appalled at what Gina Marie said to Candice on the way out the door about her mother. That was so low...

Sasha said...

"Low" is the perfect way to describe GM. BTW, can someone please tell me why GM was carrying on and crying in the show last night? Was it over Nick's hat that she so prominently displayed? That's just a joke, I truly didn't get why she was crying. She is SUCH a case.

It sure was interesting to watch last night but I SMH over this crew. Seems like Aaryn's horrible behaviour is now forgotten (she's still a very mean girl); GM's seems overlooked or something and Amanda's is tolerated. I don't get it.

I'm not saying evict them for it (although I'd love to see them go...along with Spencer)but how do people overlook that stuff?

Petals...last night at one point all I could think of was "sheeple". You are so right!

Thanks, Jackie. Watching the feeds for us this season seems like punishment you don't deserve!

JimmyB said...

I think GM should have been warned by the producers...On the spot; to shut up immediately during the Candice speech.

That's a behavioral problem much worse just "talk". My opinion on this does not reflect positively or negatively on Candice. I don't think he was playing a good game at all--but I wanted to hear her speech, and she had every right to be heard.

GM is a true nutcase with a criminal mentality.

JimmyB said...

* "she"

Sorry--Battery low on keyboard :(

RBennie said...

I have so much to say that I don't know where to start.

Where does GM get off speaking during Candice's speech? Julie should have cut her off immediately. That was Candice's time to say whatever she wanted to.

Every time GM announces so proudly that she's from NY, I just cringe. Let me say here and now that NY renounces all responsibility for GM. I am a NYer born and raised and have never run across anyone even remotely like that piece of work. I have zero sympathy for her "learning disability". I don't think she has one. She's just plain, old, ordinary stupid.

I don't feel badly for Judd being blindsided at all. He deserved it. He was handed the perfect opportunity to get rid of Amanda and instead chose to protect the main person who wanted him gone.

What was all that weeping about after he left? If so many of them truly did not want to evict him, then why did they? Oh yeah, Amanda said to, that's why.

Aryan looked like she was about to go into cardiac arrest last night. It must be really stressful being a tool for Amanda and Helen.

Now Andy is HOH. Can we please catch a break here! Yet another week of Amanda being backseat HOH.

I could continue to rant on and on, but my fingers are getting tired.

tbc said...

Back to the Future

RBennie said...

I almost forgot - did Helen really tell Aryan she was Janelle? As Candice would say, please do not put Janelle's name in your mouth! Does anyone else think that they let Aryan win that HOH so they could use her to get rid of Judd and keep their hands clean?

Joe in NY said...

Not sure who the main person behind the Judd eviction was. I'm guessing Amanda. But I think Helen just put the first bullet in Amanda by going along with that. After all, he was part of the Alliance Formerly Known as The Goof Troop. Amanda may still make it to the end, but it just got harder because she doesn't have good numbers. Even if Andy is actually loyal to her and McCrae, that's about it. Spencer, Jessie, GM are as likely to work with Helen as not. And Helen has a much more solid relationship with Elissa and Aryan.

Honestly, both Helen and Amanda need to continue to work together for another eviction or two. If they turn on each other, the power in the house ends up with Spencer, Jessie and GM!!! Imagine that? The Nerd Herd rides again.

Joe in NY said...

Yes, RBennie, Helen did say that. Of course, she was just stroking Aryan and Aryan is the one who compared herself to Janelle earlier. Excellent psychology by Helen.

No way did they let Aryan win that. It would have required way too much coordination between too many people. And you had too many people who really needed the HOH (Jessie, Spencer in particular).

The one thing I'm not sure about: was the plan to backdoor Judd in place all along or did it evolve during the double eviction? Did the hamsters, who expected the double eviction, have a plan in place to backdoor Judd if the opportunity presented itself? It sure seemed like the original nominations were quickly negotiated after Aryan won. Do any feed watchers know more?

Honestly, if the whole Judd backdoor was put together in 10 minutes on the show that may well be the biggest move in BB history. I mean, that was a lot of organization and planning to pull off in 10 minutes of haphazard meetings.

RBennie said...

Joe, my guess would be that since that had finally caught on earlier in the day that the double elimination was coming, the backdoor Judd plan was hatched well beforehand.

I'm sure you are right about the Aryan's HOH win, but I just thought it was weird that like 6 of them all got the last answer wrong.

JimmyB said...

I'd say Helen telling Aryan she's "Janelle" is simply strategy.

Helen is one smart cookie.

RBennie said...

Helen is my pool pick and I really liked her in the beginning. She is certainly playing the game well, but I just can't stand how two-faced she can be. I know it's part of the game, but I don't have to like it, LOL. One thing I am looking forward to is seeing who strikes first in the inevitable Helen vs. Amanda showdown. I guess Helen may have already taken the first shot by getting rid of Amanda's ally Judd the Stud (with Amanda's help no less).

JimmyB said...

For about one second, I thought Aryan was going to evict Helen based upon what she said.

RBennie said...

It really is sad that this batch of HGs and really the last few batches have played the game with fear instead of guts and heart. Although I quite enjoy Aryan being afraid, it was kind of sad that someone could win HOH and POV and not enjoy one single moment of it.

Witt said...

Tbc: I know...great movie. :)

monty924 said...

Love the 'Back to the Future' reference, Petals. So TRUE!!

I miss Mumble Mumble :((

monty924 said...

Joe, it was a plan all along and Judd wasn't surprised by it. He walked Andy and McCrae around two rooms and showed them where all of his 'things' were, what drawers, etc. so they could pack his stuff up 'if' he got evicted. He knew the MVP whispering was directed at him.

Anonymous said...

My dream would be to evict Helen next with a back door. Someone will come back into the game and it will probably be Candance for the sympathy. I hope not. I don't need to see her sleep all the time. I hope its Judd as of now.
Pandora's Box

RBennie said...

It would be a waste for Judd to come back. He would foolishly go right back to the alliance that threw him under the bus.

Petals said...

I was too exhausted last night to see if Biff & McFly did their nightly "celebration". I know that Andy slept in the HOH bed (rare, usually the winner must give-up that privilege to Biff).

A very unusual season, truly. Sad & difficult to watch.
I am actually sad that Jessie was saved, because she must endure another week of torture.

Sharon said...

I watched BBAD last night, but couldn't stay awake to watch BB (at 1:00AM).

McC is REALLY unhappy that Judd is gone, and deep down, he's blaming Amanda. She was trying to comfort him last night, but he kept saying he would be out soon and his game was ruined. My impression was that he'd have loved to tell her to get the heck away and leave him alone. But he knew better than to do it... woman scorned and all that.

Also, it might not happen, but there were female rumblings of evicting Spencer instead of Jessie.

Petals said...

Sharon, I got a vibe of those rumblings, too. Elissa would love an all-girls group at the end. Of course, she is a secure woman, she & Helen. Biff, Aryan & that other nasty one are the insecure "other chick" haters - they want to be the only girl in a room full of men. (IMO, natch)
How sick & sad is it to see a "man", McFly, so beaten-down? I mean, he has really thrown-in the towel, man. He looks like a kidnap vitim, underfed, hang-dog, sluff-shuffling around in pajamas all day.

Petals said...

From Jokers this morning:

Fri 9:35 AM BBT: McCrae talks of a dream he had, half was prison & half was BB.

Uhm...paging Dr. Freud, I say!


Sharon said...

Petals - I just saw that too. lol
Aryan joking that DR asked her how she'd feel about a player returning and it went to feeds.

She said she was joking and they were all laughing... but I think she had them convinced for a bit (at least Helen). Then Aryan got called to DR again.

Want to place bets they really did ask about that, and she probably got in trouble for spilling the beans?

uncartie said...

I think Aaryn was trying to throw the HOH competition and won by accident.

Helen continues to work her magic. This AM she apologized to McCrae while explaining to him that it was better to see Judd go now than have to choose between Judd & Amanda later.
McCrae then agrees with everything she said.

ORKMommy said...

Pool standings are in! This week we said goodbye to Team Candice with Terry is a Texan!, Shannon (purrbal), cloverandthetwins and Michelle C and Team Judd with Lili, GueGee, Jaren in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio and Marlol. So, who are you all gonna root for next?

Aaryn - QuixoticElf, Isabelle, April Weaver, Donna in FL
Amanda - Petals, JimmyB, Barb S., PDX Granny
Andy - Nickelpeed, jessica Underwood, Patti, Brent McKee
Elissa - theresa jordan, Caela, jo, Ninboh
GinaMarie - Merrlee, Jackie, Cheryl, EileenM
Helen - Dr_Celine, Sasha, Buzzmaam, RBennie
Jessie - Margo, Janice from GA, Pearlgarden, Dave B.
McCrae - Tammy, gaylos, Chacha, Joey
Spencer - Becky, monty924, Chris (chrob61), Carrie

Judd - Lili, GueGee, Karen in CaliforniaHer, Ed in Ohio, Marlol
Candice - Terry is a Texan!, Shannon (purrbal), cloverandthetwins, Michelle C
Howard - Glenn, Jennasmom, ORKMommy, Aya
Kaitlin - DKNYNC, Jillian's mom, BloggyMom, Billy
Jeremy - Tami, JonMD1267, lynn1, Delee, JOKATS
Nick - Witt, MikesGirl, Brian, poodlepam, Brenda
David - Sally, DebbieD, Sharon S, SSW

On a side note... Since the beginning of the season I kept thinking Andy looked like someone I recognized. It's been driving me nuts for weeks and last night on Project Runway it dawned on me. He looks like a young Jesse Tyler Ferguson from Modern Family! Am I the only one who sees it?

RBennie said...

My husband, who doesn't watch the show at all, looked up at the screen last night and said that guy looks just like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. He was talking about Andy. I almost choked on the water I was drinking, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear my head...about "nobody but Rachel coming back, but only for 24 hours". Didn't Amy come back???? I think she did.

JimmyB said...

I dunno if anyone posted this, but it's hilarious. A guy reviewing BB15.

WARNING: Very explicit language!

Anonymous said...

Yes. just did my research Amy Crews from Big Brother 3 came back into the house.

RBennie said...

Very explicit indeed JimmyB, but if you weed out all the f-bombs, he pretty much has them all pegged to a T.

RBennie said...

I remember Kaysar coming back too. Then he foolishly let one of those nerd herd girls win HOH and she promptly sent him home again. I can't be the only one who remembers that. That's what really set Janelle off against them.

Nickelpeed said...

OMGosh!!! Andy is the head of household???? Just great. He'll do whatever the others say. UGH!!!

Sharon said...

JimmyB - Does that qualify as a rant? LMAO
I think the only one he liked was Candice (and kinda Spence now), but really doesn't like any of them. @@

Sharon said...

Nickelpeed - Andy has wasted no time saying he would be putting up Jessie and Spence. He also says that if one of them wins POV, he'll put up GM and she can go home. I think he'd backdoor GM instead of sending Jessie out... so he wouldn't have to listen to GM rag on about him backstabbing her. @@

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I find that there is entertainment going on. Good or bad its sure making everyone talk and the ones left don't lay in bed all day long. It would be sad for certain ones to leave because they provide all the drama which I like.
Just so Spencer leaves.....I am fine with whatever happens. Its TV and I will forget about everything a couple of weeks after the show ends.

lynn1 said...

@ JimmyB... I am still laughing at the youtube clip you posted. That guy was hilarious. I actually laughed til I cried. I even got a few new lines to use the next time I go off on a rant.
Thanks for sharing.

Jackie said...

They didn't come back "after jury" <-- keywords being.

Chauncey said...

OMG, just watched that clip. Freaking hillarious

JimmyB said...

Glad you guys liked the clip--I just had to share.

I'm gonna keep watching for new ones...Just the expressions on his face are worth it.

Sissy said...

I used to like Helen, now it seems like Amanda AND Helen are running the house. Now that Andy is HOH, Amanda will not go up and no more MVP. It looks like Amanda just may make it to the end and if its her and Aryn, I may not even watch the finale (just kidding, it will be a finale just like when we had Allison and Jun or the one with 2 of the "nerd herd"in the finale).

Lili said...

Gonna miss my pool boy Judd, did not like the way he treated Jessie, that was all so creepy and awkward and unnecessary. But that aside he was kinda fun, very strategic, and pretty personable.

I hope GM goes this week. Then we can see who can rally the most troops Amanda or Helen. My guess is Helen.

Tho both Amanda and Helen have modeled some unpleasant former male HG tactics...Amanda is a mild ED and Helen is a mild Dan it will be interesting for once to see women dominate the end of season. Usually by this time there are almost no women left, and those that are are just Britney in her first season.

Thanks to Ellissa and the whole MVP twist the three strongest men went first. Unprecented in BB history. So , tho I do not care much for any of the remaining people, I am looking forward to for once women dominating the end.

Sharon said...

Of the remaining women, there are only 3 that I don't have major issues with...

I think Elissa is low-key, and more clever than we gave credit. She feeds each person a nugget here and there, even Helen. I can almost visualize her dusting off her hands as she walks away... with a sneaky little grin. lol

Jessie is smart and figures things out (much like Candice), but too needy and that's what is going to do her in. If the women would only listen to her...

Helen has been playing the best least nauseating game and has been able to play to their weaknesses. I just don't happen to care for her or her gooey-helpful (while I stab you in the back) style.

Anonymous said...

I believe Helen is just like Aaryn, Gm and Demanda in real life, she will be turning on Elissa soon and Andy looks exactly like a rat that he is.

Sharon said...

Helen thinks she's playing it safe and keeping people on her side... until SHE is ready to eliminate. She keeps trusting Andy and telling him everything. She has been playing it too safe and has no clue Amanda wants her BD'd right after Jessie.

As far as Amanda is concerned, everyone else is to be used and then discarded... except for McC. And there's no guarantee she won't dump him either.

This is the weirdest group ever.

Anonymous said...

Someone told Amanda that she is so tan she looks black and her remarks was now she looks like a slave, i think Amanda and Gm are both racist and belong in the mental hospital and Aaryn is racist and needs psychology help